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First level in the new Emperors Reach series: "Force Training on Coruscant" You play a Dark Jedi who has to complete various tasks for Darth Vader. Improved JK Dark Troopers, including ones with sabers!

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Download: Force Training on Coruscant
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: David McHale
Downloads: 3969


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 11
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MorrisPlytePosted: 06/22/00 00:27   Report Abuse
Kudos! Great level, challenging gameplay.

(Except defeating Vader. Heh-heh.)


The TrackerPosted: 07/10/00 17:24   Report Abuse
This was an excellent training level. I loved it but that elevator drop surprised the first time and killed me. Gotta love that lightning sabre.


finity1Posted: 07/12/00 03:16   Report Abuse
I love this level-I think it has good plot, and the fighitng is very fun. Challenging!

p.s. Why is vader beaten so easily? hmm, strange.


ObijonPosted: 07/16/00 09:48   Report Abuse
Quite challenging, those enemies are no joke!Great fun, but no walk in the park!


MandalorePosted: 09/27/00 01:14   Report Abuse
I thought this level was pretty good but like the others say it is no walk in the park. Great work.


Black KnightPosted: 12/30/00 17:10   Report Abuse
Good training level.


The TrackerPosted: 01/14/01 02:20   Report Abuse
I loved this level I went onto other sites and found the next few in this series. I have to say this guy has talent.


ShadowcatPosted: 03/10/01 06:13   Report Abuse
I love this level. It toke me awile to kill the Dark Trooper with the Gun.This level is full of surprices!


CommanderKrillyPosted: 04/28/01 03:30   Report Abuse
I loved this level, the cutscenes are good and the story-line and layout are pretty good to. Only thing is I thought it had a bit of a sudden ending, nevertheless it was cool!


SWfanjoshPosted: 06/18/02 23:22   Report Abuse
not bad level~~

(p.s just force jump to the area where the shuttle is and youll already be done with vader hehehe)

(o yeah. Who says "Kudos" anymore lol


MasterJediLukePosted: 08/17/02 13:57   Report Abuse
It's good but short.
btw he says Kudos


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