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Story based on the Star Wars movie A New Hope. It will be part of the SWTC ANH episode, although it may be modified for that time. Luke is the main character and his odds are harder than what he thinks.


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Download: Beggar's Canyon
File Size: 1.84Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Kaminari
Downloads: 2668


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 16
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AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:37   Report Abuse
Everyone loves to play a level that is a reconstruction of a familiar Star Wars scene. I liked this level a lot, but it doesn't fully follow the plot of ANH. Download this anyway, it has some nice architecture and of course, cutscenes!!


DarkJediPosted: 07/11/00 21:20   Report Abuse
Nice level. You'll have a hard time finding R2 though, it is worth a download. Try it out!


dragonstryfePosted: 07/20/00 02:22   Report Abuse
This is an fair level in my opinion. Has anybody thought of making a TC of the original 3 episodes(ANH,ESB,ROTJ) that follows the whole plot? Would be cool...


littlebobbiePosted: 07/21/00 18:57   Report Abuse
Yes they are making a SWTTC as well as TPMTC. The closest level to completion is Echo Base from The Empire Strikes Back. The Vader Vs. Obi-Wan from ANH futer is currently being discussed.


rowdyharmonPosted: 08/13/00 04:42   Report Abuse
This is a very fun level and will be the first level of SWTTC. The only problem with it is the fact that R2 is impossible to find.


GwyainthPosted: 08/15/00 22:21   Report Abuse
R2-D2 isnt all that hard to find! Anyways its the main objective. So what do you expect. Oh and the levels great keep up the good work!


Kieran_HornPosted: 11/04/00 20:09   Report Abuse
this is a cool level. a bit confusing though. i got lost in the desert and wound up back at home. :) wierd


VengaurdPosted: 05/06/01 18:18   Report Abuse
so anyone wanna tell me were r2-d2 is???


probableturnipPosted: 06/06/01 19:34   Report Abuse
I loved this level! Get it you will too!!!!


Daft_VaderPosted: 09/08/01 21:38   Report Abuse
Judging by the comments, it doesn't sound like anyone has found R2-D2. You want to know where he is?

Well, I have to admit, finding him was a great challenge, but it can be done. THere is a lite sort of natural tower at the end of one tip of the map. It has several three meter wide entranceways. Once, inside kill 2 tuskens, then jump lower down into the cave,until you find agroup of about half a dozen sandies. Butcher them, then proceed onwards once more, until you stumble upon R2. The level ends with a rather poor cutscene that doesn't coincide with the movie, but its still worth it just because you found the unfaithful R2! All in all, a good level, with a nice speeder cutscene and an excellent outdoor environment.


bopswaPosted: 03/20/02 15:42   Report Abuse
this level looks much better than jedi knight begger's canyon levels!


cbPosted: 12/07/04 16:10   Report Abuse
Although this level is very difficult to beat, the level of detail makes it worth playing right through to the end. There is atmosphere, something very important in my opinion. If a level doesn't immerse the player and give that "I am there" feel its not as fun. This is a level that delivers.

I give it 10/10!


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