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A small Level based around my views on the Assassin's Guild in the Discworld books. It comtains loads of traps, and all areas are based around the central courtyard. Although it does not contain lighting (next version will) it is great for both LAN and Internet play. It can get laggy on slower machines in the courtyard area.

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Download: Assassin's Guild
File Size: 125k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Andrew Ingram
Downloads: 847


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 1
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rshotgunPosted: 08/29/05 20:58   Report Abuse
I myself, am not particularily familiar with the book this is based from, but as a level, this isn't really that good.

First off, there's no lighting. This is actually mentioned from the author, so at least he gave a little foresight. To go with the lack of lighting is several blocky rooms, most of which are identical, containing power cells, bacta tanks and the like. Some of the traps looked quite deadly, but traps don't exactly speed up the gameplay.

The item placement was in some places, tolerable, but in one of the classrooms in particular, it's horrid. Six power boosts in a tiny room? One is enough, and it might as well be hidden well. The concussion rifle could be a bit hard to obtain, but one must assume that Force Pull would negate this entirely

Not exactly great, but not terrible, 5.


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