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Kyle was woken up by the sound of Jan opening the door to his small quarters. She turned around and Kyle slowly opened his eyes. "Oh Kyle, you look a state! What time did you get to bed this morning?" Kyle tried to sit upright, failed when he saw it was only 7 o'clock and slid back down. "Ohhh. about 4 I think. Still hazy... I think I was out on he surface, at that bar called... oh forget it. I knew I should have slept on The Crow. These quarters are so small even a Selonian water beetle would find it cramped." Jan, Kyle noticed, was a little more glum than usual. "What's up Jan? You've usually rattled off your life story by the this time usually!" He asked. "Oh, nothing. The commander of this station says he has some work for us, and seeing as we are staying here free of charge, I think you better see what the guy wants. Sounds like a mission." Kyle sat up and grumbled something about "chilly asteroid air" as Jan walked out. He got up and out of bed, pulling on his jacket and boots, clipping his Bryar to his belt. "I better go see what this joker wants."

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Download: Operation: Fortra
File Size: 4.1Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Jensy
Downloads: 3159


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 9
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MandalorianPosted: 07/15/00 19:30   Report Abuse
You level has no way out, if it does its really well hidden, i can't get past the bomb thing, plus your walls are walk through able, which isn't to cool.

If there is something i am missing please get to me at slugger1280@hotmail.com


JennyPosted: 07/16/00 22:14   Report Abuse
I dunno what you're yappin' about pal. Walk through walls?! Here is a walkthrough: http://www.geocities.com/the_central_uk/jedi/walk.htm Bear in mind that the Spaceport level has an unfixable bug in it, making it impossible to finish for some. Just press "t" and then type "wamprat"


SlingsRatPosted: 11/23/00 21:36   Report Abuse
Lost interest REAL fast!


DarthBosskPosted: 11/30/00 23:25   Report Abuse
This series is well-designed... but a little bit strange. First off, you only have 10 health and 10 shields, making the levels more difficult than they should be. The purpose of this is probably to create a more realistic simulation, but I don't play Jedi Knight for reality and I doubt others do. Second, the spaceport level is totally screwed up; the designer needs to fix that design error and re-release it. Third, Mr. Fortra's house is "just a little bit" too heavily defended; I doubt that the Empire would supply a mere commander with 20 stormtroopers, 4 AT-STs, a bunch of officers and commandos, and an AT-AT, and those flying AT-AT pilots with super-rapid fire rail guns (or whatever). Most of all, playing "Operation: Fortra" just plain wasn't any fun. This level had potential but...


CE_ST_Kir_KanosPosted: 04/06/01 01:57   Report Abuse
In the second to last level there's an invisible Kell Dragon either that or just the sounds the SUCKS!!!!!!!


DarkestKnightPosted: 04/12/01 20:04   Report Abuse
Good level. Although I had trouble when I got to Fortra's place, I liked it. I give it an 8.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/13/01 03:34   Report Abuse
Well, I dont know why but I havent liked this level pack a lot...textures were ok, plot too.......maybe it wasnt my night. and I dont like when you dont have your lightsaber or force, and hyle isnt my favorite character.


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 08/01/01 05:18   Report Abuse
- good plot
- ladders
- the last level kicks butt!

- shields and health were 10

- after exploring the levels, I found only minor glitches. Then again, I wouldn't call walk-through walls minor. And there's either an invisible Kell Dragon or messed up sound in the second to last level.

- I liked this level pack. A good storyline.

- A good hour and a half of gameplay. Download and try it out


Star_GhostPosted: 03/29/02 15:19   Report Abuse
Ghost's review:

Architecture: Fairly decent, didn't notice any walkthrough walls....

Gameplay: That Kell is hiding down there... I have seen him before... anyways, also decent... unfortunatley, why cant I beat the second to last level? There is nowhere to go...

Final Comments: I give this a 7 because it gave me something to do and it wasn't all that bad.


ConnemaraPosted: 10/22/03 13:27   Report Abuse
I give it a seven. It was pretty amusing, some original architexture and decorations, also some original puzzles and so forth. The plot was pretty blah, but oh well, it was pretty darned good all the same.

My only problem was first of all, I could not find a way into Fortra's palace, second of all, your walkthrough page no longer works, and third of all, the ending was a little too abrupt. But for the most part, I liked it.


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