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This is a mulitplayer level at Echobase on the ice planet of Hoth. There is the classic hangar, the sickbay, and many other familiar sites to enjoy while death matching. This level is intended for 2-4 players and requires a Pentium 200 w/3D card or higher.


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Download: Hoth Rebel Base
File Size: 1.62Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Jason Adank
Downloads: 4007


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 5
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BD_5000Posted: 07/19/00 16:55   Report Abuse
I love your level Jason! Way to go! The next level you make how about in Egypt! And make it HUGE like this level! You can put in secret tombs and that kinda stuff!


JediTF2Posted: 08/19/00 05:27   Report Abuse
This is a great level, with the various familiar scenes and object, such as the war room, main hanger, Millenium Falcon, even the Outrider, if I'm correct. It is large, with twisting corridors and extensive ventilation shafts, and has a few traps and handy force fields. Overall: Good level, but kind of buggy.


RagingSaiyanPosted: 11/28/00 03:13   Report Abuse
Wow, just wow can describe this. It has a few "random features" in them, but tolerable if you think about how great this level is. Like said above, familiar sites, and excellent item placement!


DakkonPosted: 01/06/01 00:56   Report Abuse
BD 5000, you asked if the guy who made the twin volcanoes level could make an Egypt level!


Jason_AdankPosted: 01/12/01 00:39   Report Abuse
Thank you all for giving me such supportive reviews of my Hoth level. Its been almost 2 years since I first posted it on the web, and I've been really thankful for the support I have gotten. My main goal was to get the basic (and known from the flicks) rooms and areas correctly proportioned because I was almost offended by some other "Hoth" levels that I hoped were cool. Sadly I know its a bit buggy, but It was a project that just seemed to be never ending, and JED was giving me some heartache about it, so I just finally wrapped it up and called it good.

These days I'm making hi polygon 3d meshes for rendering, and I'm making short little AVI movie clips with them. I'm no longer making 3d levels for MP gaming, but I still like to check out if anyone's using my first real 3d project. Anyways, I thank you all again for all your support! Maybe I'll put another level out sometime in the future:)
(probably be a different game engine tho)

Jason Adank


Cloud StrifePosted: 03/11/01 15:23   Report Abuse
Yet again another level with familuir scenes and exelent gameplay. You should make a level in the death star!!!


WhiteNightPosted: 11/21/01 00:09   Report Abuse
I've had trouble with Patch Commander getting the level loaded in. Anyone else have that same problem?


ReneePosted: 02/15/02 18:43   Report Abuse
Woah. Only thing the level lacks is a mess hall. Its huge! And well done, too. I gave it a ten


Neo_oSiriSPosted: 09/27/03 00:20   Report Abuse
This level is great. Great Designing and very accurate to the movie. I suggest you make a hoth rebel base sp level (hopefully).
I would be niece to be han solo and have save princess leai and the others. 10/10


Leia_O. SoloPosted: 12/16/04 02:26   Report Abuse
This was realy fun level was to rp on. it does best with the Super Star Wars Patch.I loved this level it had great graphics and its the best hoth base i'v seen.I only have one sugjestion...Downlad this right now!


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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