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Being a small level, Chorax should provide some speedy gameplay and destructive fun, with the soldier personality in particular. Every weapon, save seeking rail charges and the carbomite gun, can be found, which adds to the ferocity of the level. There is basically one large major battle zone split into two halves (a top and bottom floor, separated by a large staircase, reminiscent of "Cargo Ship"), but the rest of the level is tight and narrow. Two dangerous one-way cave areas reward a player with a concussion rifle, but it is very easy to become trapped if another player dominates the higher ground. And finally, items are plentiful, thus playing with vast amounts of players is encouraged.

Chorax Smuggler Depot was originally released in May of 1999, but many changes have been made and this revision will be the final.


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Download: Chorax Smuggler Depot
File Size: 764k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: DK_MST3K
Downloads: 760


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 1
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