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A fairly large level comprised of underground, cavern-like interconnected rooms. Mostly all of the lighting is colored so a 3d card is a must. There is a way behind the waterfall and up to the ledge in the lava room if you can find them. The various rooms consist of: a main cavern with a healing shroom ring and a waterfall with pool below it, a chasm, a lava room(if you fall in lava expect damage), a psychadelic crystal room complete with wierd background noise, a room of ledges reached by teleporters, some scaffolding in the dark above the shroom room for sniping, a room of snow and ice--ice monoliths make a delightful maze--slippery top on the big one, overlook for sniping in the lava room, and a sniper overlook of the ice/snow maze. Interesting sideline stuff--the level is big and probably should be played with 8-16 people. In order to handicap that I made the healing sound of the shroom ring global as a spotter and the teleporter sounds are global also to help you find your victims. Oh and the healing shroom sound dopplers if more than one person is in the ring healing, a bit annoying, but helpful in identifying numbers in the shroom ring.


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Download: Caves of Mystery
File Size: 195k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Eric Goodrich aka MrE
Downloads: 1061


Score (0-10): 9
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Cool CatPosted: 11/09/00 22:51   Report Abuse
Nice work Mre. I like the healing mushrooms. the teleports were a great touch.


Cid HighwindPosted: 03/25/01 15:27   Report Abuse
This is an amazing level, in which I play all of the time. It is almost as good as some of RedXIIII's levels!!!


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