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This is a patch that let's you play as a Predator in multiplayer, with cloaking, wristblade, and more. The Scout and Soldier are also modified, the soldier getting a power shield. The Predator can't use standard weapons.

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Download: Predator Patch Beta
File Size: 1.5Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Rulefreak
Downloads: 2510


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 9
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tomtrekPosted: 08/12/00 19:16   Report Abuse
A good mod, but the cloak is too easy to see


DaemonPosted: 08/20/00 12:26   Report Abuse
Well I'd just like to point out to the guy who commented above that the cloaking isn't meant to be completely invisible, if you had seen the movies predator 1 and 2, you'd know. but all in all, a good mod.


TR_GagePosted: 08/23/00 14:40   Report Abuse
Good MOD, I like it alot. For the guy who commented that 'The Cloak Is To Easy To See,' it didn't make him completely invisible in the movies, why would it here? Anyway, good job.


tomtrekPosted: 08/24/00 16:04   Report Abuse
Yes I know that in the movies the Pred wasn't compleatly invisable, but at leat he was hard to see, espesaly when he was standing still. This, however, is easy to see as its just a see-through man. But hey, who am I to complain?


DARKLORDPosted: 10/04/00 20:24   Report Abuse
For all of you above who want to be completely invisible, download the 'Super Star Wars' patch. The soldier can become completely(not just see-through) invisible. There are also many other new items to use for all the pers.


MM_FortePosted: 10/26/00 05:59   Report Abuse
I used it for MOTs and the only things that seemed to work were the disk,fists,flips,and zoom goggles.Nothing else worked even though i assigned a key and had all items and weapons and forces to see what it was like and it said things like "hook" at the top when i selected it but when I used it it did nothing.The hook,grapple,cloak,and the rest did not work.Tell me what I did wrong.


JaimePosted: 11/08/00 23:54   Report Abuse
its excellent.

i like the semi invisible cloak. i wish i didnt show the stars though. the hook was cool so i can hang and hide in kfy levels.


TFK_border24Posted: 02/23/01 02:23   Report Abuse
Hi, I would just like to say: Great MOD! it was a blast to play, one of the best mods out there, but I really wish you could make one for single player, that would be even better, other than that, great mod

( how about that sp mod?)


robPosted: 03/26/01 05:23   Report Abuse
i gave this mod a 7 because some of the things in it didn't seem to work the power shield for example didn't work and i don't think you can spell destruct (there is no k)also it would be nice if you could get more that one disk because flash bombs are hard to come by


Commander 598Posted: 04/01/01 22:47   Report Abuse
Now all we need is an Alien and a Marine and we've got Aliens vs Predator(Minus AvP's graphics and atmosphere of course)


Predator WannabePosted: 04/01/01 23:20   Report Abuse
I have a question. I've looked through all the characters with this patch, and yet I can only get the blue predator, not the both. Can someone tell me what to do? (by the way, GREAT MOD!!!!


DarthBosskPosted: 05/08/01 21:49   Report Abuse
A weapons MOD for MotS?! {clap-clap-clap} I'm getting it NOW!!


MunkYPosted: 08/04/01 01:00   Report Abuse
Very cool mod. I absolutely LOVE the sound effects when you have the infrared vision on, it's totally freaky. The cloak was okay but I didn't like the stars, it makes you too easily seen. The skins weren't so good, they could've been better. Also the wrist blades I liked, and the plasmacaster was just a conc! Anyway I think it's pretty cool


clonePosted: 12/11/01 17:40   Report Abuse
how on earth do u set up this patch?


DJ_Master_Posted: 02/20/02 12:59   Report Abuse
i rate this mod 10 outa 10 and im making a mod aliens vs predator ultimate showdown i can convert the avp2 skins to JK no questions how but i dont know when i will get it done im a big fan of predator and the marines the aliens suck and BTW they will be able to climb walls and predator will have all the moves he has in both films so look forward to the mod


RavenBlade_53Posted: 03/16/02 18:59   Report Abuse
Congrats, great mod. Wanna have a really fun time? Go play it with Rbots for MotS, and those Bots won't see you when you're cloaked. 10/10, I've been waiting for something this cool.


Kurt PlummerPosted: 02/28/04 05:01   Report Abuse

It /sounds nice/. But with a 56K modem, unless I can go single player or do some kind of 'ladder-as-practice' level to fool my offline machine...

IMO, the best (gameplay) invisibility system is one which 'lags' rather than 'specular shifts' against the background.

This being one of the strangest elements of the Predator movies in that, to a trained military eye, this 'great hunter' was nothing if not CONTINUALLY obvious against his chosen 'hide me' background.

Look at a scene, preferrably a dark one with darker objects or a bright one with hard silouhettes interspersed with open-air blanks of background.

BLINK HARD and 'memorize' the object locations in your mental movie theater.

Now have someone shift one of those objects, open your eyes and in the 'flash of brightness' the darker shadows should be pop-out obvious as to what is different from before.

This is because most biovisual tracking systems first gather bright-dark, then specular shift (motion patterns of 'glint' that are overlapping photons at different rotational phases) and ONLY then, color and shape.

The predominance of 'blurriness as camouflage' against dark backgrounds (literally at dirt level) or 'sky holes' of (focussed to infinity) intense luminancy makes the Predator not less but MORE likely to be seen, IMO. If only because he has to shift positions to get out of the area before the natural 3D shape ambiguities resolve.

All of which shows a _very poor_ understanding of the stalk.

If you want a great stealth suit, make it something which 'glows and then settles' like the JK/JA Imperial systems in providing true invisibility.

As a protective VCSEL sheet-AMLCD or similar 'poncho' of cloaking matches the intensities and polarities of the background to a flexible 'thin film, side projected' image overlay, perfectly.

So that ONLY by movement (as the suit loses focussed track of specific background reflectance vs. own travel patterns as the cloak swishes around) does the suit again fade into visible.

THIS would reward the player who can set an ambush 'with intent' (short LOS, tight quarters) to force a close range fight.

Even as it makes the Marine or Alien which fights against him, more apt to use 'shoot where he could be, not where you see him'.

Along with overwhelming numbers and intelligent routing techniques to force open or bypass chokes. While very fast 'open country' movement rates that require the Predator to give chase without cover can also be employed. Particularly where they require the beast to leave foot/dust prints or move over noisy ground clutter.

Lastly, though supposedly based on mid-far IR, at least some of the Predator's visual responses seem to display characteristic spectral behaviors which are more closely similar to what passive MMW than TI based spectrum use would be like.

And while I would /love/ to see someone render a 'biologic millimeter wave' vison system, there is more to it than simply shaded gradiations of glowing white or red against a green or orange background.



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