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This pack contains 17 new skins, all of which are taken from characters included in my two levels, Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 1 and Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 2. Such skins include Dark Forces Kyle, Commander Kyle, Emperor Palpatine, General Torque, Cliffside Cadet, Imperial Maintenence Worker, the Cliffside Dean and many more... I saw this pack as the best way to preview the new models rather than release another preview level!

Level Info:

Download: BoaM Skin Pack
File Size: 913k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 1024


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 3
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Boun-Tee HunterPosted: 12/16/00 04:13   Report Abuse
You need to come out with the skins from Boam Chap. 3. Oh, by the way, Love the skins here.

Boun-Tee Hunter


Hidesquadron1Posted: 04/17/01 11:19   Report Abuse
great skins! I was gettin a lt of comments on them while i played online and i wondered "who would not have these?" Great Job, and i look forward to more of your work to come!


KittyInAKomonoPosted: 10/05/01 12:26   Report Abuse
Um hey,i have a question,are there any female skins in this skin pack?



filip666Posted: 11/20/01 00:16   Report Abuse
I have to agree with Kittyinakomono isnt that being a bit sexist? either your being sexist or your just gay, heh j/k nice skinz tho.


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