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This mod turns regular Kyle into I.S.B Agent Kaden Xyler. Loads of new animations and a grappling hook,electro-bincoulars and a cool new shooting animation included on the patch!

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Download: Imperial Security Bureau Agent
File Size: 522k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Darth Kaden
Downloads: 1474


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Karas GrasarPosted: 09/02/01 19:21   Report Abuse
Get some screenshots on here and maybe I'll download it. I need some convincing y'know!


longsaberPosted: 11/02/01 02:58   Report Abuse
I'm with him. I just might download this mod if I could see what it looked like.


bopswaPosted: 03/21/02 20:57   Report Abuse
the skin sorta looked like vemon from jedi knight multiplayer with dark kyles head(the blue guy)and the new shooting thing wasnt all that great


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