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This mod will now allow you to use two BlasTech pistols at once! In order to use two, you have to find a second BlasTech pistol. Here is how it works: when you only have one BlasTech, it will function like the MotS version. Once you received a second pistol, you can then fire them in two ways: Primary Fire makes you shoot each pistol separately (fires left, then right, then left, then right...) Secondary fire fires both pistols at the same time.

NOTE: Authors may NOT use this MOD in other MODS without written permission from the author. Keep this in mind -- I hate freeloaders!

Level Info:

Download: Double the BlasTechs
File Size: 45k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: SavageX
Downloads: 3560


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 6
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BD_5000Posted: 08/02/00 02:02   Report Abuse
I love the Blas Tech Baby! The Blas Tech!
A very cool mod! The Blas Tech!


Teydo Pa'ajaPosted: 08/22/00 19:39   Report Abuse
A really cool Mod ! I don't play with Blastechs, but with this Mod I love it ! It creates a very good game experience. Very good.
(Excuse my english, I'm French)


JaimePosted: 11/08/00 23:50   Report Abuse

made me feel like james bond!!!!


LictorPosted: 11/28/00 20:26   Report Abuse
Looks nice. Can I use this in an Aurra Sing patch? E-mail me yes or no


Darth TristanPosted: 01/05/01 04:48   Report Abuse
Where Can I Find An Aurra Sing Patch?


DarthBosskPosted: 01/21/01 02:09   Report Abuse
Yeah, it was good, but couldn't SavageX have made Kyle holding them up like Leeza is in Leeza's Destiny? That was really cool!!


Mr.StuffinsMAnPosted: 01/29/01 00:52   Report Abuse
This is a fun small mod. I liked the 2 blas techs(sp?) so much, i play through most of the game with them. They are certainly better than the blaster, and more accurate with a fast fire rate. COOL MOD!


LOTD_CylisPosted: 02/23/01 19:23   Report Abuse
Can you make it so I can use 2 sabers? I wanna use 2 just like boc.

good mod. Lotsa amo used, I almost never use the blastech, but with this i use it too much,lol, without this mod, saber all the way.

Lotsa fun,


electromaxPosted: 07/28/01 09:53   Report Abuse
how do you use this?


Master_ValorPosted: 08/11/01 15:57   Report Abuse
I love this mod, it made me feel speacial all over.


DarienFawkesPosted: 05/31/02 01:38   Report Abuse
I really like this mod, especially with a Power Boost to kick it up another notch (reminds me of twin DD44's on N64's "Goldeneye: 007" as far as rate of fire, the ability to mow down troops, and fun just holding in the trigger even with no target). Well done!!


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