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A patch that recreates the adventures of the jawas, tuskens, and the "shadier" charectors of Tatooine. Contains 33 new skins, 14 new weopons, 3 new personalities, 2 new players, and a never before seen item!!! Refer to readme or http://www.homestead.com/star_wars_rpg/tatooineatwar.html for the full story.


Level Info:

Download: Tatooine At War
File Size: 3.79Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Alfred_The_Ewok and Superdog
Downloads: 2183


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 3
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Gent the SlicerPosted: 06/25/00 16:10   Report Abuse
This patch is alright, but one not worth d/ning. The guns are just re-textured and I found it a bit rookie-ish. Fun, so give it a try If you have the time


Hummer_18_2000Posted: 08/26/00 22:51   Report Abuse
Overall this is an ok mod. The best part has to be the new stormtrooper rifle. However, it uses too much ammo too quickly. Actually, I found this to be true with most of the energy weapons.


finity1Posted: 08/27/00 02:28   Report Abuse
I think this patch is really fun to play around in, for the fact that it has a lot of new levels and guns. I think that it is more of a multi-play mod than a SP mod, although it is fun to use in SP also,


Plasma ManPosted: 08/28/00 21:02   Report Abuse
This mod is great. I liked the gun modifications the most, especially with the stormtrooper rifle, bryar, blastech, and crossbow. The new skins were ok. I encourage people to download this as soon as possible.


StarFoxPosted: 09/19/00 17:10   Report Abuse
A nice mod, but the weapons eat up ammo like rancors. This should be improved on, Mesa thinks. Dowload it anyway.....the skins are cool


DarthBosskPosted: 01/21/01 16:03   Report Abuse
Is this mod only for Multiplayer? Whoever posts the next comment, please answer my ques~tion.


Mr. MistoffeleesPosted: 02/13/01 01:22   Report Abuse
No, it is NOT MP only... they're making SW: Galaxies for that...


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