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This mod replaces all the weapons in Jedi knight except the saber (cuz its just so cool) and gives you 6 new skins to choose from. I hope you have a wonderful time blowing people up in this mod. :)

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Download: GaS (Guns and Such)
File Size: 1.9 MB
Date: 06/13/00
Author: GuNbOy
Downloads: 13481


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 63
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JabberwockyPosted: 06/21/00 19:39   Report Abuse
Let me be the first to congradulate GuNbOy on having the first MOD with over a thousand downloads. Good clean fun, to put it simply, and certainly one of the best weapons MODs ever released. The sooner you start downloading, the sooner you get to play.


MrRavenXPosted: 06/22/00 05:12   Report Abuse
While your downloading, read the review!


AS_ClonePosted: 06/22/00 17:15   Report Abuse
Wow, anybody who has tried this mod has to agree; it sweet! With its new skins and new weapons there is no reason why anybody shouldn't like this.


Krig_the_VikingPosted: 06/22/00 18:43   Report Abuse
I really like the starting BM, it kicks... arse. While the mod is slightly buggy, the new gunz an' skins totally outweigh them.


THC_Death_ScythePosted: 06/23/00 03:25   Report Abuse
Good mod, but I don't really care anymore, I've been so bored out of my mind I can't find anything to do, wish someone would make something worth playing.


IGF_Jerec505Posted: 06/23/00 14:46   Report Abuse
Cool mod, hope this isnt the last


JakSazzPosted: 06/24/00 20:01   Report Abuse
When I first saw the GaS B1 MOD, my thought patterens were roughly along the lines of YeS! YES! YES! I had finally found a resonably good MOD since DFA. And so I waited in anticipation for the full version. Now it's out. Get the @#$! thing!!


EX_GerrardPosted: 06/29/00 02:04   Report Abuse
all the BMs and 3dos were good, but the projectiles jus kinda made it boring to me, that blue thinger was weird along with the projectile for the bryar, but most of the rest was pretty good, the best proj was the flame thrower, thats all that was wrong in my opinion, but i think that the 3dos r the best part, in recap its not bad at all, but those kinda made it strange, but thank you for not using a buncha projs from JK hehe, GJ man i took a lotta time n effort, but those projectiles were weird...... as u can see i care a lotta bout the projectiles, hehehe, keep it up though


MNMPosted: 06/29/00 16:49   Report Abuse
this IS a cool mod and yea, im glad theyre not JK proj or JK wepon 3dos either. and the skins were pretty cool too.


EX_GerrardPosted: 06/30/00 02:15   Report Abuse
ahh right the skins were good 8*)


WD_XisKo_Posted: 07/01/00 21:22   Report Abuse
This reminds me of the Power Weapons Pack. hehe. But in my opinion its pretty kewl. its better than WAR. :) but i'm not a NF gunner. I'll def Play this.


ShadowCommadnoPosted: 07/02/00 17:07   Report Abuse
i must say this is by far the most best and realistic gun mod i ever saw and the 92 fs reminds me more of two 357 desert eagles give them 9 rounds and they'd be perdect the flamethrower is awesome to the only bug i nocticed is with the M4zoom cos u can see truh walls with it but its still neat anyways they should give GunBoy a award for the pice of art he created


AB_Sith_GunnerPosted: 07/03/00 00:32   Report Abuse
This mod is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! It totally kicks butt. The only thing wrong with it I thought was when I was sometimes in a game and I fired the mini gun (which is totally awesome btw) it got real laggy and that when firing the zoom rifle you couldn't move. I hate it when I sometimes press the wrong button and u zoom then someone gets a chance to kill u real fast. Otherwise this mod was GREAT!


SlaterPosted: 07/03/00 17:31   Report Abuse
it was good but the minigun was far too powerful and it is also majorly laggy in internet play (unnoticable over lan)
Lag is especially noticable when someone is firing that plasma gun (on explosion) and the minigun apart from that its real good
well done GB


Sarn_CadrillPosted: 07/03/00 21:53   Report Abuse
God mod. However, i think that if there is a mod with blood in it there should be some way to turn it off, or a second version that does not include the blood. Also i think it would be better if you had made the secondary fire on the two handguns shoot one after the other.
All in all, good work


HebedeePosted: 07/05/00 01:15   Report Abuse
I think that too many of the weapons were taken off Quake 2. Otherwise, awesome! I really enjoy playin this mod, and can't wait till next version comes out.


GuNbOyPosted: 07/06/00 17:32   Report Abuse
the only thing i got from Q2 was the spiraling trail from the plasma, and thats not even all that close to the way the rail gun looks.

others i just thought of myself...ok ok i got the explosion rings on the plasma from turok, the alien weapon, but it just looks so cool! and i love my plasma rifle:)

once i get my LAN working ill have so much more fun with this! yay! im really glad you guys like it so much.


PossePosted: 07/06/00 17:35   Report Abuse
given jk's engine and it's limitations, this mod is the greatest gun mod you're gonna get. i can't see anyone making a gun mod much better...


JFP_SabersithPosted: 07/08/00 18:54   Report Abuse
I loved this mod but I liked how the old flame thrower worked.


Ztok32Posted: 07/10/00 05:50   Report Abuse
This was an awesome mod. But IMO the author must have rushed the end. There were lotsa bugs that coulda used fixing. Like the 2x Berratas. In External Mode there was only 1 berreta. The snipe thing was quite buggy and the bryar and strifle could have been changed more. But overall a very swank/sweet/sven mod!!


WLP_MasterPosted: 07/13/00 02:51   Report Abuse
One of the best mods that were ever made. i hape you keep on making mods.


JuztynPosted: 07/15/00 22:45   Report Abuse
Wow. I just have to say, I dloaded this mod to play a game of Canyon Stream on the Zone, and it completely changed the flow of the level! If you're looking for a change from the everyday conc/rail detonator battle, dload this mod! It gives any level new flavor, and looks pretty swank, too.


GuNbOyPosted: 07/18/00 18:50   Report Abuse

did juz i must be dreaming..
/me rubs his eyes

WOW its true! juz did compliment me!!!

and 200 d/ls....Wow, hmm i gotta play this again sometime :)


Jedi Master JayPosted: 07/19/00 15:58   Report Abuse
One wurd WOW! nice job man, the awosme gunz make it a popular on the zone, cungrats on 1000 d\l's, anybody who says that this pack sux has got some issues, I LOVE THE GATLING.


Drum_zillaPosted: 07/20/00 02:00   Report Abuse
Gun_boy, Great MOD man. I play it all the time. It was my very first MOD that I downloaded and I loved it! Great job man, I hope you work on another one really soon. Keep up the great work man!



ID_JunkguyPosted: 07/24/00 02:09   Report Abuse
Pretty good mod, but for some reason, I liked the beta 1 better, and the plasma's sound effects are kinda annoying cause the low frequency explosion sound hurts my ears :)


LEL_GNTPPosted: 07/25/00 21:37   Report Abuse
I think that's a very bad idea.
Nice mod though gunboy.


JROE_DareDevilPosted: 07/27/00 03:21   Report Abuse
This is without a doubt my favorite mod.Only thing I didn't like was the minigun's power.If you have it and get your hands on a power boost,you have ungodly power.But still,kick butt mod.


TGE_luck64_ERGPosted: 07/29/00 01:55   Report Abuse
This is the best gun mod ive ever seen, I'm very impressed!


GethroPosted: 07/29/00 02:59   Report Abuse
This MOD is excellent. A lot more fun with real weapons instead of blasters. My only problem is that that rocket launcher is uncontrollable. Half the time when I shoot it the "detonator" gets stuck in the sky or something.


TuefelTeetPosted: 07/31/00 02:28   Report Abuse
That gatling (however the hell you spell it) rocks. The only beef i have with it is the flame thrower. Is it me, or does it not actually project a flame forwards but rather, sideways? The m16 looks kinda ...odd... in 1st person view. Other than that, it rocks! God I love that gatling gun....


AB_Phobos_BladePosted: 08/06/00 19:45   Report Abuse
I thought this was a very nice change to my multi play experiance it was good to have a real gun in my hand :) The only problem i found was that my own machine couldnt handle four players with this mod but it was still very fun. thanks and plz keep up the good work.


azz_kikaPosted: 08/09/00 15:06   Report Abuse
Oh my word! Gunboy is a god! Very good work bro i hope to see bigger and better tings come from you. this pack defintly has a spot reserved on my hard drive!! Great work bro!! Keep 'em coming!


jop223Posted: 08/12/00 00:25   Report Abuse
This is my first comment, and i must say this mod is very worthy of it. I love the gatling gun, it just rips through those troopers like a hot knife through butter. An improvement would be for the two pistols that the secondary fire would be a reload or somethin. Overall it was a great mod and i can't wait for the next!


EEW_BlackKnightPosted: 08/17/00 10:39   Report Abuse
GaS was a dissapointment to me. The bullet holes weren't even holes they were pushed out and not indentations. Also the flamethrower didn't even look like a flamethrower it looked like a rifle with a branding iron on it. And you couldn't even catch yourself on fire. I can think of more but this is enough for now.


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 08/19/00 20:48   Report Abuse
This is one of the best mods I have ever played!!!!!! I may be a Saberist but I LOVE THIS MOD!!! The guns look great, the bullet holes are great, and the bullet shells falling out and bouncing on the ground is cool, good job GuNbOy!


EtHeReAL RaVeNPosted: 08/26/00 20:27   Report Abuse
Hey GuNBoY, awesome mod man!! I wish I could make something this good. Only bad thing is the minigun... It's kinda laggy over the Zone. I tried it over LAN...wooo man. it was so cool!
BTW: Good level to try this mod in is Morpheus. Keep pumping mods out!


BrianPosted: 08/29/00 20:02   Report Abuse
Okay, I *finally* downloaded and played this mod, and I'm converted. It rules.


cimmy_2000Posted: 09/04/00 01:49   Report Abuse
wow what a mod!!!!! only if there was uzis ak-47's and 9mm i love gun #9, that gun kicks &%$#)!@$! !!!!! download it now!!!!


Wolfman_357Posted: 09/09/00 09:11   Report Abuse
Yeah, what they said.
Kick ass mod.


NAJ_FettPosted: 09/10/00 00:33   Report Abuse
ok i liked it ok but to much power WAY TO MUCH POWER!!!! i have had this patch for a long time and there is just way to much power behide all the weapons!!!! i liked the cool 3do's and all but......well u know


bugPosted: 10/16/00 15:32   Report Abuse
I never commented on this? Damn. Kickass mod Gunboy! :)


matt_kenobiPosted: 10/17/00 06:37   Report Abuse
I havn't played it but I am already thinking of it being the best JK mod ever....but I did love Arsenal 2....


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 10/17/00 15:51   Report Abuse
Obliterate, why not make it like real-word guns, with 1 or 2-shot kills! Better than a bazooka any day....


kennethPosted: 10/18/00 20:03   Report Abuse
you need to make more powerful guns in that mod


XD_Martin_BPosted: 10/19/00 17:39   Report Abuse
This is a phat mod I'm telling all my friends to download this. I rate this a 10


TLE_ThrmalPosted: 10/21/00 13:49   Report Abuse
This is a cool mod, espially the M16 gun/sniper rifle with a powerful zoom. There is only one problem i encountered. If you have bad ping to the person or persons your are playing, the 9 gun lags...alot.


meloman234Posted: 10/24/00 17:42   Report Abuse
Yes! I am gonna make this a flat out 4,700!!!! Yeay for me!! And YEAY FOR GUNBOY!!! I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!


yoda_488Posted: 10/29/00 00:23   Report Abuse
The gunz are COOL. Gun 8 crashes the game alot theirs no grapple or double bladed saber. Witch takes a lot away from a mod. The skins kinda stink. All in all itís an okay mod. If u don't have it I would definitely download it.


Val LangleyPosted: 10/31/00 02:38   Report Abuse
A grappling hook and a double-bladed saber are what take away from a mod.


SerpentPosted: 10/31/00 15:55   Report Abuse
Most of the others have already made these comments:
Some of the 3DOs are a little frail-looking (M4).
Power: Hey, I don't mind more powerful guns :)
Flamethrower--needs a bit more range. On that note, the rockets and grenades don't go anywhere when I use them, they just float there and blow up. Am I doing something wrong?


SDA_LakutiPosted: 11/03/00 03:21   Report Abuse
it's a pretty good mod... THe FLame Thrower Sprite was *ulgh!* i won't say it.. the guns weren't very evenly mixed.. and the 3dos were incomplete ... now i jsut want to know why half of the 3dos were left undone! besides that it is an ok mod.. you don't get too many mods with that many weapons, and ok looking blood.


Xak SwiftsaberPosted: 11/03/00 18:38   Report Abuse
GaS (Guns and Such) if definetly worth the download. I will admit, it is really fun shooting up the single player ai with gun #9.
download it.


OberfeldwebelPosted: 11/04/00 07:12   Report Abuse
i cant belive it a cool Mod but with blood So i can't Get It Now that sucks Bad Make another Vertion without The blood!


blast_it_fastPosted: 11/18/00 05:17   Report Abuse
I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw/played this MOD. One word describes it: pimp. This is one of THE best MODs that I have downloaded. For all of you that have a problem with the #7 rocket/grenade launcher sticking in mid-air or acting screwy somehow, take off auto-aim on the Setup/Gameplay menu. Then you will get the full effect. I tip my hat to the person who made this MOD. Truly, people like you make the world a better place for Jedi Knights.


KingDudePosted: 11/18/00 18:35   Report Abuse
this mod rulez!!!!ITS BETTER THAN KWP!!


hPosted: 11/21/00 21:06   Report Abuse
I LOVE PROJECTILES! you should make a projectile pack!!!!!!!!!


ShadowBlade_UltraPosted: 11/22/00 03:04   Report Abuse
GunbOy, your mod is pimp tight. I'm working on my own weapons pack, but i'm having trouble with JED on the templates,scaling weapons right, texturing,and generaly putting it all together.Could you please send some tutorials and tips?closing comment: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deluxe_SixPosted: 11/27/00 01:03   Report Abuse
The only gun I really liked was the Plasma rifle.


WLP_MasterPosted: 11/29/00 02:30   Report Abuse
there's only one thing i have to say about this mod...AWESOME


Eagle_Of_IKJMPosted: 12/04/00 05:42   Report Abuse
Its kinda late to say this since this modifictaion was made earlier this year but i LOVE IT!!!! their are some of the best weapons i have seen in a JK mod....GuNbOy youd better make some more mods!


MBHG_Jodo_KastPosted: 01/01/01 22:40   Report Abuse
AWESOME MOD!!! I loved this mod the only problem though is it got a lil' laggy while u were playing but I geuss that happens in most mods so GREAT JOB GUNBOY!!!

P.S. I loved the Electro skin.


JD_Darth_XivaxPosted: 01/06/01 20:20   Report Abuse
This is a great mod. Yeah some guns are buggy, but thats because some people dont have the right computer for it, or internet connection. Anyways great mod Gunboy, make some more, anyone who dosent have this mod, and likes cool gund, I say d/l it now.


knight_barn1Posted: 01/13/01 13:02   Report Abuse
i didnt like this mod


RGE_NirvanaPosted: 01/17/01 16:41   Report Abuse
What's that I hear? Is it the sound of a cookiedough mixer? Oh, no, It's just weapon #9 in GaS winding down.

This mod is not that great. If you want some good mods, try KWP and UWP4: Perfect Dark.


JD_Darth_XivaxPosted: 01/27/01 06:59   Report Abuse
Yeah well, although it isn't the most perfect graphics, it sure deserves 2 thumbs up. I suggest making a new mod though and making the models a little better looking. For all of you that say it's not better then the KWP, well you might be right, but the weapons in that mod are incredibly cheap. d/l this if you like some military ad fun combat for JK DF2.


JediMarinePosted: 01/29/01 18:43   Report Abuse
Well it's really cool but.. SS3 (space soliders 3 MP beta is much better!


Yun24Posted: 03/30/01 00:18   Report Abuse
Great MOD but yer gonna have alot of competition with ss3 betas (and full release) and the Anti terrorist mod!


JacenSoloPosted: 05/19/01 01:52   Report Abuse


JacenSoloPosted: 05/19/01 01:53   Report Abuse
AWESOME.We need more MoDs like that around here. You should make a GaS 2 or something. That would be cool.


AV_SmoffPosted: 07/07/01 20:30   Report Abuse
someone is making me d/l this even today so this mod has stood the test of time well.


PengunPosted: 09/08/01 03:37   Report Abuse
Why do people think this mod is good? I mean I guess it was alright...but nothing spectacular.


CadaWaccaPosted: 09/27/01 22:37   Report Abuse
i didn;'t like it. it was too *boomy* for my tastes, and the weapons were cheap and stupid


UltimateDefilerPosted: 10/10/01 17:18   Report Abuse
Well i must say that this mod is definitly one of the best mods that i have ever played probably *the* best because it is fairly small the IWP2 is just as cool but the DL is humongous either way this is an excellent mod keep it up!


Ultimate_ShadowPosted: 10/13/01 00:58   Report Abuse
I liked this mod. The flamethrower needed work but GunBoy should make another one.


FancyManPosted: 11/21/01 21:52   Report Abuse
my smiley didn't show up...


FancyManPosted: 11/21/01 21:53   Report Abuse
BEST MOD EVER! The only other one just as good is space soldiers 3 beta 9! :)


Snake_EyesPosted: 01/24/02 16:54   Report Abuse
Great mod!

Love all the bullet weapons - and the scope is kewl

What's with the flamer? Dodgy 2D sprites and practically lightsabre range lead to a very stupid weapon... Make a shotgun instead, like the one in W.O.W.


MorpheusPosted: 03/06/02 21:34   Report Abuse
SWEET! I've been using this mod for over a year and I still like it. The only things I saw wrong were the blank textures on the M-4 and its scope was a bit buggy. also the mod could have used an RPG (Rocket Propeled Grenade) for the AT-ST's. bu I realy like it!


PhillioPosted: 03/20/02 12:04   Report Abuse
Awesome mod! One of the best! :-)


land_sea_airPosted: 05/14/02 00:02   Report Abuse
when i started it i couldnt use my weapons or my fists but when i used container manager and took out the static jkl i could see the weapons but no projectiles come outta the guns can u tell me how to fix this.thx


SkimmyPosted: 01/01/03 01:32   Report Abuse
I like this mod, but the bug with the nine gun kind of kicks it in the @$$. but other than that is is a great mod!


SkimmyPosted: 01/01/03 01:32   Report Abuse
I like this mod, but the bug with the nine gun kind of kicks it in the @$$. but other than that is is a great mod!


aLuBeNPosted: 07/04/04 17:50   Report Abuse
hahaha this is an awsome mod but the plasma rifle projectile looks like sperm...


aLuBeNPosted: 07/04/04 17:50   Report Abuse
hahaha this is an awsome mod but the plasma rifle projectile looks like sperm...


nsd_sumoPosted: 10/29/04 23:46   Report Abuse
if you can read this you have ALOT of time to read all of this stuff lol, btw great mod


Lib Sa NorecPosted: 12/29/07 18:26   Report Abuse
Nice! Awesome!

GOODS: The weapons are perfect, the mini-gun rocks, the sounds are good, Gameplay is perfect(Nice with rBots!), and the anims are good also.
BADS: The bulletholes are weird :6, the m4 texture is messed up (on my PC) and the Beretta doesn't looks like a Beretta oO...

My rating: 9

"the only gun i really liked was the plasma rifle."

Sorry? What's your problem?????? This mod is perfect!

--Lib'Sa Norec


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