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This is a mod that turns you into Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: Episode II, with a blue lightsaber, Force Push (it replaces Blind), and the ability to kick.


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Download: Anakin Single Player
File Size: 57k
Date: 06/18/00
Author: Qu Pau Wrath
Downloads: 3842


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 5
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EX_GerrardPosted: 06/29/00 01:32   Report Abuse
have we ever seen a mod like this?


gohan_is_the_kingPosted: 08/08/00 04:31   Report Abuse
he looks more like obi wan kenobi than he does anikin


knight_barn1Posted: 01/27/01 14:06   Report Abuse
okay skin but awsome saber


SimPosted: 09/29/01 18:26   Report Abuse
i don't really think you can go and cus the skin when you haven't see the film.


ArsenicManPosted: 11/17/01 19:15   Report Abuse
Yes, but with three trailers, and prior knowledge of the general appearance of a Jedi (brown robes; what more need be said?) and the specific appearance of the actor, you can easily (if you're good at modeling) put something together.


Darth_SaibotPosted: 12/15/01 17:14   Report Abuse
Anakin Skywalker from Episode 2 has deep brown leather looking robe stuff on. This skin makes him look like he is wearing a straight jacket. I give it a 1 for the effort though.


jedijake111Posted: 12/29/01 19:47   Report Abuse
You should come out with a new version.
Al Macdonald has an awesome Anakin skin
the Final Force skin pack.


JKD_AnakinPosted: 01/16/04 18:44   Report Abuse
The skin was close, but the saber was awesome. Try watching the film. You will LOVE it. Not just for the skin, but for the excitement. I could watch it over and over and over and over again.


_yo_tacos5Posted: 04/13/04 20:24   Report Abuse
this is kinda stupid but ok


PIPPosted: 05/29/05 13:22   Report Abuse
what do U have against force blind.....replace somthing else but not force blind


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