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The Army Guns Pack has modifications for most of the guns, and it includes a skin.


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Download: Army Guns Pack
File Size: 130k
Date: 06/19/00
Author: blindsaber
Downloads: 4723


Score (0-10): 1
# of Ratings: 11
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Sura BoyayPosted: 06/21/00 16:18   Report Abuse
This mod was a disappointment to me. All it does is shoot rail dets out of almost every gun.


AS_ClonePosted: 06/23/00 13:12   Report Abuse
I love guns, dont get me wrong, but guns that do the same things, shoot thermal detanators and rail dets, ussauly just gets old after a while.


EX_GerrardPosted: 06/29/00 00:19   Report Abuse


MNMPosted: 06/29/00 16:53   Report Abuse
man ill have to aggree! is this your first mod??


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 07/02/00 21:38   Report Abuse


SlaterPosted: 07/03/00 17:39   Report Abuse
some people are easily pleased


Cave_DemonPosted: 07/06/00 04:34   Report Abuse
Well i hate mods that shoots only missile weapons!It's so big problem,everyone new editor makes something like this mod,its,not fun only new projectiles,I,I,I dont know what to say...It looks like some hackpack...sorry!
i didnt like that!


IainPosted: 07/07/00 05:52   Report Abuse
Unfortunately, I have to agree with the previous comments, stating that this mod is not very good. My first mod was Boba Fett: The Bounty Missions, and I think it was a lot better than this...


Jedi Master JayPosted: 07/09/00 01:19   Report Abuse
NAJ says one thing this pack sucks


Saber_WarriorPosted: 07/13/00 22:39   Report Abuse
Rail Det. Missles Guns Pack


ChadPosted: 08/02/00 16:32   Report Abuse
I could make something like this in an hour. First mod or not this is a poor effort.


blindsaberPosted: 08/16/00 21:48   Report Abuse
i know my mod is awful. if its so bad then how come it got so many downloads?


darthyboyPosted: 08/17/00 23:26   Report Abuse
Because it's got a good name and kids usaully don't read the comments


Vervedane GalvaPosted: 08/22/00 22:44   Report Abuse
I recommend the Disrupters mod. Now the Beam Disputer is a *WEAPON*, and if you change damage to 100, you get an almost-Q2-railgun.


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 10/07/00 01:34   Report Abuse
Do you have the time?

to listen to me whine?

about nothing and every thing, all i had once

i am one of those

mellow dramatic fools

nurodict to the bone no dought about it!


Phil CPosted: 11/06/00 19:41   Report Abuse
This mod is Magnificent............
If you are a massive, massive fan of explosives. Like so many before me I have to criticise this mod because it is just 8 ways to fire a Thermal detonator or Rail Detonator (16 inc 2ndary fire).


loren_212Posted: 02/11/01 19:12   Report Abuse
that gun in the 1st screen shoot was ripped off from catachan jungle fighter skin!


SilverRaven_2Posted: 05/25/01 11:04   Report Abuse
This Was A Bad Example Of How To Do A Mod....This Was More Like A HackPack...Anybody Can Do A Mod Like This In Just A Few Minutes...So I have To Rate This A 1....I Didnt Like This Mod At All


scaramangaPosted: 05/25/01 18:07   Report Abuse
I'm sorry, I like almost any Mod that shows effort, but this is not too great. Almost anyone could've done this. Personally, I don't see the reseblance to any army guns I've ever seen.


PicPosted: 09/11/01 17:47   Report Abuse
This earned a zero in my book. THIS REALLY WAS LAME! I Could make a better mod, and i don't edit. All the guns Are LEC types, and most just shoot rails. Get some real ideas, then make something.


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 10/07/01 14:41   Report Abuse
i here it stinks!!!!
i u want to get army get anti terrorist.
i LUV it!!!


DeathWizzPosted: 12/13/01 05:18   Report Abuse
I second that thing on the anti-terrorest! This mod is one of the worst mods I've seen. Don't take me wrong, I'm sure you could do better if you just tried harder.


_SL_ZetaflarePosted: 03/28/02 17:32   Report Abuse
THIS MOD BLOWS!! all it does is shoot rails and thermal detonators! A DUMBASS MONKEY COULD DO BETTER! get original man, like IWP2 or KWP or GaS


-=Septa=-Posted: 11/16/02 01:21   Report Abuse
Phil C writes: This mod is Magnificent............
If you are a massive, massive fan of explosives. Like so many before me I have to criticise this mod because it is just 8 ways to fire a Thermal detonator or Rail Detonator (16 inc 2ndary fire).

My comment to this? if you really love explosives that much, why dont you have EWP or something? leave the hack packs alone. they arent worth the comments you people have put. blindman SHOULD feel rewarded, because i dont comment on hack packs often. but i had to clear up the matter that yes: explosives are fun... IF USED CORRECTLY. EWP: Explosives Weapons Pack. go get it. NOW


PIPPosted: 03/06/04 13:56   Report Abuse
This mod was only on my computer for 5 minutes!! it is only a Rip Off. if the mod is called "army guns pack" then why didn't you put machine guns, assult rifles,etc. all you put is explosives in guns that are not supposed to have explosives. Put more effort into your mods. if you are reading this comment and looking for a military mod, I suggest you go with Chad's mods. He makes good ones.


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