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The FBJK (Federal Bureau of Jedi Knight's) Ultimate Mod Patch v1.2 contains 142 skin's covering Episode 1 (TPM), Episode 4 (ANH), Episode 5 (ESB), Episode 6 (ROTJ), Star War's Novel/Book Universe, Dark Forces PC game, He-Man Cartoon, Fifth Element Movie, and other universe character's It contain's several new skin's not found in BFP 2.0 or 2.1 and features Al Macdonald's "Jedi Power Pack" with several HIGHLY improved character's fromTPM. These skin's have "SE" after thier names for Special Edition.Finally also feature's 16 new saber's.


Level Info:

Download: FBJK Ultimate Mod Patch v1.2
File Size: 6.76Megs
Date: 06/30/00
Author: FBJK_Pretender
Downloads: 2140


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 3
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KoD_Cpl_RainPosted: 06/30/00 21:33   Report Abuse
nice screen shots it sound really cant wait till it's finished down loading


Oliver SkywalkerPosted: 07/08/00 20:29   Report Abuse
I like the mod, but I think you should make a mod featuring the Jedi Power Pack alone with flips, new sabers with individual lightsaber handles like Art of the Lightsaber. But it is an excellent mod.


Teydo Pa'ajaPosted: 07/19/00 13:07   Report Abuse
Excellent MOD !!!
But it would be cool to have more characters from the SW novels.
Did you read them ?
I would like to play Kyp Durron, Admiral Daala, Callista, Kueller, Yevethas, Noghris, etc ...
But it's already a really good job.


DarkMaul 2Posted: 08/04/00 15:31   Report Abuse
I'm sure I'll get to play this level one day as soon as it finishes downloading.


HKBOTPosted: 08/06/00 16:06   Report Abuse
Download takes for ever...but i think its worth it....FIFTH ELEMENT SKINS!!!!!! KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!


Boun-Tee HunterPosted: 12/15/00 18:48   Report Abuse
I like the screen shots!!!
Some characters u should add next time are Kipp Durron, Admeril Daala, Bosk, Dengar, and Corron Horn

Boun-Tee Hunter


da_bang80Posted: 05/02/01 18:15   Report Abuse
What's with you people and "IT's Too Big"

6 megs is small, It's one of the larger mods i've seen, but it's not gigantic.


cbPosted: 04/29/05 03:12   Report Abuse
I hope there are many usable prequel trilogy skins here so I can try making new JK or MOTS custom levels of the newer SW movies.


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