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This is the Level the Bounty Hunter's Guild (BHG) uses to train new recruits into the most feared Bounty hunters. This level is based around a mountain with a waterfall and a river around it. It is good for sniping and saber battles. You can find most of the weapons here, and oh yeah, there is a secret...


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Download: BHG Training
File Size: 217k
Date: 06/30/00
Author: Guildmaster Xun
Downloads: 1147


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 3
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KirKanos_BHGPosted: 06/30/00 15:18   Report Abuse
nice lookin...

mine is almost ready aswell


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 07/02/00 05:32   Report Abuse
Looks awesome! You should convert it to JK... It'd get more d/ls!


ZobaKasgarPosted: 07/17/00 16:01   Report Abuse
Havent played the level yet but lookspreomising. When ya gonna post BHG city on massassi, and can you teach me to make levels


Admiral_AckbarPosted: 08/01/01 15:55   Report Abuse
This lvl sucks don't wast your time downloading it


rshotgunPosted: 08/30/05 02:53   Report Abuse
Sometimes, you come by a terrible level. So horrible, so bad, that you just want to kill yourself. Fortunatly BHG Valley doesn't fall into this criteria, and is actually pretty good.

In my opinion, this one beats the other BHG level easily. It's mainly all rocks and cliffs, but it's done really nicely. So is the lighting, and the item placement's pretty good too. A few problems though, what exactly was up with the force? It was all... lousy and junk. Not cool. Could actually just be a problem on my end.

Anyhow, this was good fun, B+ (that's an eight I guess).


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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