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You are Boba Fett, and you are being hired by some of the top names in the bounty business to find stuff, infiltrate places, destroy things, and assassinate certain political personalities.


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Download: Boba Fett: The Bounty Missions
File Size: 491k
Date: 07/03/00
Author: Iain
Downloads: 7971


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 14
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Ztok32Posted: 07/03/00 00:38   Report Abuse
Didn't download it but it looks like a gun and the boba fett skin from MP put into SP. Still looks like a nice gun anyways


IainPosted: 07/03/00 04:55   Report Abuse
This was my first mod. The gun (EE-3) was based on another mod from here at the Massassi Temple, (fett.gob) and wasn't altered much. I'm currently working on a Version 5 (this one was 4.something) and it should be a whole lot better than this one. Also, in referral to the post above, this was almost the Fett skin from MP put into SP, but some of the MATs are different


Ztok32Posted: 07/03/00 05:40   Report Abuse
1st mod? Very nice for a 1st mod. For their first mod most people just make everygun fire rail dets.


IainPosted: 07/03/00 18:09   Report Abuse
If anyone who looks at these comments is interested in helping me with a sequel to this mod (which should include levels other than those of default by JK), please e-mail me at any of these addresses:


BugscanPosted: 07/04/00 19:57   Report Abuse
It's good but I say so...I say that because I
haven't downloaded it yet.It looks pretty good. Expecialy because it's only your first one.


WampaVaderPosted: 07/04/00 22:08   Report Abuse
Good Lord this is fun!
Suggestion: Use fists and wrist lasers, lasers for far fists for close. I only played the first 2 levels of JK but it's incredibily awesome, Jetpack, Beefed up Weapons, Grapple, flamethrower, all truly awesome. Im not great at making weapons but if you need any help betaing the sequel, im your man.


BugscanPosted: 07/05/00 17:19   Report Abuse
Awsome, lasers? I'm downloading this one.


beng_14Posted: 07/06/00 14:31   Report Abuse
hmm it looks like acool leve i downloaded t and can seem to unzipp it has any one else had this promblem or is it just me


GURU_Saber59Posted: 07/26/00 02:05   Report Abuse
I dont get it...all he did is change the briefings and add on the boba fett armor suit... does his sound cheezy to anyone else?


IainPosted: 07/29/00 01:16   Report Abuse
All I did was NOT change the briefings and put the Boba Fett armor there. Many of the weapons are different than they used to be. Maybe if you had checked that out, you'd realize it.


Shinra_SoldierPosted: 08/08/00 22:57   Report Abuse
Great MOD!


Dark_Lord_HugoPosted: 08/12/00 16:18   Report Abuse
You should bring out some levels for this skin cos then it would be the best on the web!


IainPosted: 08/14/00 04:22   Report Abuse
I'm not that great with making levels, but if anyone who likes the mod is interested in helping me with a sequel, let me know.


Cave_DemonPosted: 09/05/00 12:37   Report Abuse
I can help you,i'we made some good levels and mods,try Aftermath3 with my level Imperial class Star Destroyer,and then just say if you need help...


KevinPosted: 09/29/00 22:38   Report Abuse
Boba Fett is my favorite character in all of Star Wars. I love this mod


LiquidBlurPosted: 10/01/00 01:59   Report Abuse
wheres the "Flame Projector"?.....i wish this mod hade one......


IainPosted: 10/26/00 23:21   Report Abuse
There is a flame thrower, LiquidBlur. Go into the controls section and then go to the keyboard area. it's close to the bottom.



cantinadrunkeePosted: 11/29/00 01:43   Report Abuse
I am so sick of these mods. All he did is use the same guns, but have them fire out different ammo. Like a stormtrooper blaster that fires concussion bullets or bowcaster bullets.


Dash_RiprockPosted: 11/29/00 12:14   Report Abuse
Man! I have LOTS of JK MODs, but this is my favourite!Good Work!It`s excellent!I just don`t gave you a 10 because of some bugs on the MOD, like in some levels I activate the jetpack and the game screen disappears!If you are pllaning to do a sequel, please fix that bugs.


UZIMANPosted: 12/14/00 18:49   Report Abuse
I thought this MOD was awesome! especially for the first try! deffinetely worth the DL!


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 01/03/01 20:58   Report Abuse
Cantinadrunkee: Look around a bit in settings and look at all the guns before you post a comment . . . you are wrong . . .

I like this mod, cuz I like Fett, but that EE-3 looks kinda strange . . . needs new textures . . .


cantinadrunkeePosted: 01/04/01 02:08   Report Abuse
i looked through all the guns multiple times, because i could simply not believe how sucky they were.


DeathseedPosted: 03/06/01 02:45   Report Abuse
Yo, for your first mod, I have three words for you. Wow, Wow, Wow. I am not a mod builder, I actually know nothing about cogging, but Im an avid JK player, and this patch is GREAT! I have one gripe however. Weapons 6,7,8,and 0 were quite unimaginative.
You called 0 a vibroblade, but its just the red and yellow saber, with all the same sounds. 7 and 8 were a total waste, being just a Conc rifle on power boost. Weapon 6 was just a repeater that shot concusion bolts. Nice gun, but i've seen it before in countless other mods and hacks. I think you need to focus less on concussion based weapons. Try some missles or force power guns (I.E. Lightning or destruction shooters)
Those are fun. On the upside, I totally enjoyed the wrist lasers, the rocket launcher force power, and wrist flame thrower. The flame thrower crashed my game when in slowmotion mode, so I recommend to downloaders that you always use it in normal speed. The utiltiies were cool also. The Jet Pack had cool sounds, and I enjoyed how realistic it was in how u cant use it underwater, u can be shot down, and u have limited fuel. Also the helmet sensors which reveal secret areas and target enemies are quite cool. The best thing is the unlimited power for them. The grappling hook was quite fun too. Oh yeah, btw before I forget,
I like how u changed the story line for the game. I particularly enjoyed being hired by Obbo the Hutt. That was creative and fun. My friend liked it too. I hearby rate this level a 9, becuase of its ingenuity and creativity. Great job! =o)


maulfanatic_1Posted: 03/10/01 01:21   Report Abuse
Hey Deathseed you talk to much! To sum up Deathseed's "big" analylisis, it was cool! Oh yeah and I'm the friend who liked it! Did he say liked it, I think he meant loved it. It was very creative and I look foward to more of your work. I give it a 10!


IainPosted: 03/13/01 15:36   Report Abuse
Since I've gotten my new computer, I'll be creating something to follow up on this very soon. If you liked this, look forward to the "Boba Fett II: Jaster Mereel" mod. Here's a quick preview of what it should feature:
1. Jaster Mereel (pre-Boba Fett)
2. Jaster Mereel (Boba Fett)
3. Boba Fett
4. Jaster Mereel (Sarlaac Food)
5. Boba Fett (Sarlaac Food)
New weapons (minus those annoying concussion repeaters ;) ), same old jet pack (longer fuel "mileage" perhaps?), possibly a small, mobile vehicle to ride around in latter levels... It all depends.
Let me know what you think:


ShadowcatPosted: 03/25/01 01:00   Report Abuse
Best Mod I have for JK!!!!! I have fun with the gagets. This is the complet Fett: JetPack (duh), flame thrower, grappeler, rocket dart, sensor (both reg. and adv.), and cool skin!!!!!! d/l now!!


JFA GandalfPosted: 08/20/01 15:29   Report Abuse
DUDE!!!! This mod is AWESOME!!!! Boba Fett is my favorite Star Wars character, and this mod is REALLY GREAT!!!! I don't know why some of you are criticizing it!!



Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 10/09/01 21:05   Report Abuse


SupernalSeekerPosted: 01/31/02 17:27   Report Abuse
Cool MOD!!! Its a great feeling to play as Boba Fett with all of his cool flame throwers and all that but the crossbow and some other weapons are a little overdriven... The mission briefing is very cool and the Options.
I gave it a 9.


VannPosted: 03/20/02 01:37   Report Abuse
this is the best pack ever i think all of you Should DOWNLOAD it NOW!!!!!


SiThLoRd719Posted: 07/31/02 10:31   Report Abuse
Great 1st mod.Although i was looking foward to the sequel and havent seen it yet....I really had fun playing this mod,infact I enjoyed it so much I even beat the whole game with it.Has an awesome jet pack,some cool gagets,and a grapple hook.Few things I suggest,if ur still coming out with a sequel,

-Make it so the grapple hook goes faster and pulls u quickly.

-Come up with some original weapons,perhaps a sniper rifle?

-Look for a skinner to make ya a Jango Fett skin.

-Dont make more fuel milage on the jet pack,the amount u have is fine and it shouldnt be in the air forever.Its perfect how you have it.

-For the laser make a little red dot like you see on someone just before ur gonna get snipped.

-Try and come up with your own unique story line.That would be fantastic.

Other then that I cant think of any other ideas.All I can say is its worth the download and Im looking foward to ur sequel.For the peeps who were complaining about how he just changed the text and crap.Thats a bunch of BS.He added a whole bunch of gagets including my favortie the jet pack.


The Dark JudgePosted: 07/31/02 18:14   Report Abuse
i find it hard to believe this is your first mod. It's very good, Boba Fett is my favorite Star Wars character. I know nothing about level making or any of that, but I do know cave-demon knows what he's doing. I have a few of his thing and they are pretty good, I'd like to see an amazing sequel. Good luck, keep up the good work!


SuntanoPosted: 08/01/02 23:28   Report Abuse
OK, cheap cheap cheap. Ripped everyhitng form Mark Todd's mod Bobba Fett Armor, and the lvls are the same except a different briefing. Only about this mod that I liked was the no.5 gun.


Jango_Fett_007Posted: 01/31/08 23:39   Report Abuse
I'd like to help with a second, I've never made a level before but I am trying to start. at the very least I can help with the story and things like that.


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