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This mod is the first one I have made. It changes all guns except thermals and the saber. I have also added new keys (a flip, new idle sequences, and a cool stormtrooper death) and new COGs that give you unlimited use of Force Jump, Seeing, Pull and Speed. There are some mistakes I know, and I would enjoy making another patch like this so please e-mail me any tips or suggestions you have.


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Download: Arsenal v 1.0
File Size: 405k
Date: 07/03/00
Author: Chad
Downloads: 1980


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 4
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ChadPosted: 07/03/00 17:10   Report Abuse
One thing I didnt mention is that this only took me 4 days to make(gun models, cogs, keys ect...) My next mod: Arsenal II, witch will be out before September will be far better than this one. The reason I made this is because I knew that people would want a gun pack while they wait for all the TCs to be released.


Blue_BotPosted: 07/03/00 18:20   Report Abuse
I think this is a some what good mod. The weapon textures needed work but I enjoyed the new Key animation for stomies and for kyle. Keep in mind that this is his first mod, I think he did a great job for his first mod. I can't wait til Arsenal v 2.0 comes out :)


Ztok32Posted: 07/03/00 19:41   Report Abuse
korn boy is obviously a newbie. He does not appreciate this because he does not know how hard it is to import a weapon into a game. Korn boy I'd like to see you make something better and don't go posting rude comments about something you haven't downloaded.


Sura BoyayPosted: 07/04/00 22:59   Report Abuse
I would just like to say this is a very good mod if it is your first created. One thing that would make the mod better in verison two is add blood/smoke when a bullet hits a wall or a enemy. Love the new stormtroops deaths. ;)


SithLord_NovaPosted: 07/06/00 14:08   Report Abuse
If this is your first mod, Its good. Like the guns cant wait until u make Arsenal v2. And Korn Boy U make a MOD!!! we'll see how good it is


TN_CrusaderPosted: 07/08/00 20:57   Report Abuse
Right on Nova!


Jedi Master JayPosted: 07/16/00 14:25   Report Abuse
Hey this one was a pretty good pack if this was ur very first one, im new at makin mods so i gave this one a 8.5 for ur hard work, nice job :)


stumacPosted: 07/17/00 00:02   Report Abuse
I find that this is a VERY good Mod and though it was made with Lec textures the weapon designing and working on the stormtrooper death and everything else must have been very hard work for your first Mod. I'd like to see Korn Boy do a better job then that. Can't wait for V.2


kuhlebPosted: 07/22/00 20:06   Report Abuse
this is a good mod. i've got a couple things to say: how can u tell this mods sucks w/out even downloading it? "don't judge a book by it's cover."


captainvbPosted: 09/20/00 05:41   Report Abuse
good mod by the way


core_masterPosted: 01/11/01 20:56   Report Abuse
My friend made me downlaod this so we could play agaisnt each other yesterday. Are you sure this is your first mod? i know experenced mod makers who make mods almost (key word almost) as good as this. The arsenal series might have the power to becoem one of teh best mods since WAR (which i know some people think sucked but i loved sitting on JHS roof and blasting down). i hoep that the rest of the arsenal series is this good. I plan to be blasting down from roofs in about 5 minutes witht eh rest of teh arsenal series!


ErucolindoPosted: 02/19/02 20:04   Report Abuse
Well, if I could make something as good as this, I'd be quite a happy bunny. Unfortunatly, I can't. So, I'm an angry dog.


PIPPosted: 03/04/04 23:43   Report Abuse
First of all, give Korn Boy a break it was just his opinoin he doesn't have to like the mod. now my comment on the mod. I thought it was a great mod. It reminded me of war games (Goldeneye, BF 1942,etc). Gun models could have been better but no big deal. this is one of my favorites. Chad, Keep up the Great work.


PIPPosted: 07/01/04 18:08   Report Abuse
U know what will be kool 4 ur next mod is a shotgun :) =D 8-P


runescape3Posted: 07/22/05 02:47   Report Abuse
This is an ok mod, but the weapons are too blocky. good try though. i would give it a 7


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