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This is a multiplayer skin of Bill Clinton. This skin looks very realistic, mainly because I used real pictures for the MATs. This is part of a skin pack I'm currently working on that I plan to release in the near future.


Level Info:

Download: Bill Clinton Skin
File Size: 47k
Date: 07/09/00
Author: Ľoda
Downloads: 3464


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 4
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EX_GerrardPosted: 07/11/00 23:06   Report Abuse
im gonna have fun fraggin that...


Wise Old ManPosted: 07/19/00 05:28   Report Abuse
Nice Skin! The only thing is that Ľoda should have done is to get bettter screen shots to show off his masterpiece. Overall, this skin is very well done.


ĽodaPosted: 07/19/00 05:30   Report Abuse
Thank you!


Cave_DemonPosted: 07/19/00 13:36   Report Abuse
Hey,i have really fun kicki'n Bill on spork mod......Fantastic skin!


DSIS_GoblinheroPosted: 07/24/00 23:07   Report Abuse
i love blowing bill to high heavens! This skin is perhaps the best and most fun i have. great job Yoda!


ĽodaPosted: 08/14/00 03:58   Report Abuse
Well I am workin on a "White House" skinpack, it will have new skins like hilary, chealsea, gore, monica, kennath, and some more.... I will also add some new weapons. If you would like to help I need some pictures sent to me for some of the proposed skins, please help. I think this is a good Idea, any comments just e-mail me



DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 08/27/00 22:52   Report Abuse
Man i cant get over blowing the fat moldy democrat to smitherins! itS SO FUN!


Booji BoyPosted: 08/30/00 14:33   Report Abuse
Mehab4 did that first... you can get it with a bunch of other skins in ISP2 (


ĽodaPosted: 09/01/00 04:56   Report Abuse
What do you mean mehab44 did that first?


ErucolindoPosted: 10/31/00 23:20   Report Abuse
Bill being English i dopnt know much about your President. And quite frankly, I don't want to know much. However, rocking Skin dude, make some more ones of other US Presidents such as Nixon and Kennedy. That should be a laugh. Then you could have death matches....Republicans versus Democrats....


ExcaliburPosted: 12/29/00 18:59   Report Abuse
Oh My....


Black KnightPosted: 12/30/00 16:43   Report Abuse
I can't imagine Bill Clinton running around killing storm troopers.


Trainer_PatrickPosted: 08/22/01 14:52   Report Abuse
I love this skin! You should have drawn a boogie coming out of his nose...LOL!



UltimateDefilerPosted: 10/10/01 17:42   Report Abuse
Nice skin. . . .now all we need is a monika skin


JediKnightBennett14Posted: 04/16/05 03:08   Report Abuse
"all we need is a monika"
Yeah, With real scandolous love-making action! LOL =)


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