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The screenshots speak for themselves. Flowing gameplay and amazing architecture come together in a one-of-a-kind battle between the forces of dark and light.

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Level Info:

Download: Canyon Stream
File Size: 748k
Date: 07/11/00
Author: Juztyn
Downloads: 7266


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 25
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Jedi_Blane_VastPosted: 07/11/00 19:06   Report Abuse

I must say this levels archetecture is astounding... Near Lucasarts Standard. Well done. I hope this becomes a Zone regular.


NorthChaosPosted: 07/11/00 19:27   Report Abuse
This is one of the best levels out there for JK, and it has The Best outdoor architecture, you *can't* find better canyon walls than that.

I'm proud to say that I've been playing this baby for well over a year, and I've witnessed it's progress to this great level.

Download it now.


Dark0_2Posted: 07/11/00 19:36   Report Abuse
This MP level is amazing! The texturing and mats are really cool. Not a "boxy" moment.
Great Job!


SL_Ki-Adi-MundiPosted: 07/11/00 20:01   Report Abuse
Nice Job Juz!

I remember seeing screenshots of it on the showcase forum quite a few weeks ago, and some shots way before that.

Once again, GREAT JOB!!


TakimotoPosted: 07/11/00 20:24   Report Abuse
I have to agree with North on this one. I had the priviledge of beta testing it, and it was very well done.


AglarPosted: 07/11/00 22:37   Report Abuse
I have to say, this level is simply amazing. The architecture is nothing short of the best. This is well above LEC standards. in fact, I would say LEC wouldn't believe this is even JK!


darkjedi86Posted: 07/11/00 23:01   Report Abuse
I was ah...fortunate enough to help Juz test this baby. It plays like a charm, the items are well spread out and well hidden, and it is just pure fun. This is a pure must download.


O_EdDiE_OPosted: 07/11/00 23:53   Report Abuse
... lil unfriendly with the framerate in some places.. but overall, its a great level!


WAR_ACID_Posted: 07/11/00 23:56   Report Abuse
This is the best level i have seen in a very long time. I think it ranks up their with the Dralloc series. The layout is amazing and i know this will be played on the zone for many many months to come.


phR3nz0Posted: 07/12/00 02:15   Report Abuse
***tabs out of killing the monkey

(pant pant---clicks on screenshot)

oooo -- aaaaah...weeeeee this is good..


(clicks on file)

nice work pal!! Err...I had a go at making a lvl before and I realise how hard the intricity of this would be to create :D good work once again


JuztynPosted: 07/12/00 03:01   Report Abuse
Well... that was certainly the most... colourful comment... =) Thanks everyone.


ShadowTigerPosted: 07/12/00 09:52   Report Abuse
Awsome archi, great texture choice, speedy gameplay and great download size all wrapped into one!


WDS_JA_DarthPosted: 07/12/00 20:49   Report Abuse
That's pretty awesome Juz, haven't D/L it yet, but 325 in one day. Man. How many times did you click download Juz? :)


JuztynPosted: 07/12/00 22:40   Report Abuse
Don't look at me. I haven't once touched the dload button. :)


EaglePosted: 07/13/00 02:07   Report Abuse
This level is a definite must have right up along with Drazen Isle. It set a milestone for building arichitecture, while this sets a milestone for outdoor architecture.


ST_Bazooka_JoePosted: 07/13/00 04:45   Report Abuse
This level is incredable. The creator put alot of work into the textures that made up the curving walls and grounds of the stream. Very creative, love the great spots to snipe from, espically near the big gun.


Ztok32Posted: 07/13/00 06:03   Report Abuse
411 downloads? Is that ALL?


GURU_Saber59Posted: 07/13/00 18:53   Report Abuse
Awesome archetecture.. great traps.. and great weapon placement.. a pleasure to play!


LuNaTiCPosted: 07/13/00 19:14   Report Abuse
*jaw drops*
*tounge rolls out on floor*

this had better see some serious game time on the zone. great job


PossePosted: 07/14/00 00:47   Report Abuse
hehe, someone said

"it ranks right up there with the dralloc series"

BAH! so does my first ever level, skyhi! this level ranks right up there with amazing levels including any level made by tee or hothrebel =)


NiCoDeMuSPosted: 07/14/00 01:08   Report Abuse
While the architecture and work put into this level are by far the best I've ever personally seen in an add on level, the gameplay lacks majorly. I'm a pro FF Oasis player. Upon playing this level, it just lacks the excitement and craziness of others. Eye candy is great and all, and I give it up to you brotha. You did a fine job on that. But you didn't think about playability much. Framerates drop hardcore in many places, you can't map the level, heck even running around with force seeing/speed on is hard enough on the frames. Almost LEC quality, except they would have thought about these things while constructing a level.


JuztynPosted: 07/14/00 05:20   Report Abuse
Canyon Oasis? C'mon, it's a totally different type of level. Gimme some credit here :) It was never designed to play like Canyon Oasis.


EX_GerrardPosted: 07/15/00 00:19   Report Abuse
im gonna make this short
this IS lucasarts standards
if i could have only 1 level this would be it
this is the best level
this is amazing
if you dont download it right this second ill hunt you down gun you down with my conc rifle!


NiCoDeMuSPosted: 07/16/00 02:51   Report Abuse
Nah man, I wasn't trying to say the gameplay was supposed to be like Oasis. I was just saying that I've played this game for a long time, and am damn good at it, and know what to look for in a level. Like I said, the eye candy is wonderful. But the playability is far below that of even Blades of Death. Your idea was good man. To bad the framerates screwed it up.


JuztynPosted: 07/16/00 19:40   Report Abuse
I warned about the framerate in the readme :) The gameplay is just fine if you have a computer that can run the thing. (I get a min of 20fps in all places). Everything centers around the Reactor/Conc airlock, and since you can grab a rail det from a few different spots in the canyon, you'll never have somebody camping the best weapon like they do in Canyon Oasis :)


BosskPosted: 07/29/00 00:51   Report Abuse
Definately LEC Quality but gameplay and framerate is very poor. The level is just too big. I think it would be a great single player level. Just add some badguys and your set.


ApoK_DragonPhinPosted: 08/07/00 04:16   Report Abuse
On behalf of my friend ApoK_FlipMoJack he said that he thought of this idea way before you. We have toyed with this idea for many years. But I must admit, you executed it way better than we did. We didn't even release ours. Bravo. Good show.


ShadowRangerPosted: 08/07/00 06:12   Report Abuse
This is one of the best MP levels I've of my favorites.

I don't know what a couple people are talking about when they say the playability and fps suck...I have no problems whatsoever with framerate...I'm running an AMD K62-450 with 64 MB RAM and having no problems, even over the 'net.

All in all, GREAT JOB!!! Keep the great levels coming.


Darth DudePosted: 08/08/00 00:06   Report Abuse
Downloads: 1285

*Darth Dude clicks a small hyperlink*

Downloads: 1286
That is all needed to be said


TheBullPosted: 08/08/00 06:17   Report Abuse
well, same day and now there is 1319

holy crap!

btw- i love this level:) I was one of the 1st 50 to dl this baby


Knightmare_XPosted: 08/08/00 20:12   Report Abuse
great level! i like how you fused together both a great outdoor (and rocky) scenery, and had a great imperial base. i was all over the base...looking over everything. once again, great level. -X-


FatManBobPosted: 08/09/00 18:44   Report Abuse
Sweet lvl!


EmonPosted: 08/12/00 00:45   Report Abuse
Wonderful arcitecture, excellent texturing, and a perfect level! LEC quality, if not better! I guess you guys must all have Pentium 166's or osmthing to get low framrates, heck I get at least 30 in Drazen Isle, probably 50 in this.

Overall rating, 94% MUST HAVE!


vegeta19dPosted: 08/13/00 20:53   Report Abuse
Was just browsing and found this level, looks awesome and can't wait to get it home and try it out. I'm at work and with a T-1 connection the download tims is just seconds. hehe Just wish i could play on the T-1. Dare I say the graphics look better than Lucasarts?


====Posted: 08/14/00 20:34   Report Abuse
Jeez Juz... Not another Oasis Mod.


*Cowers in fright* "Please dont hurt me"


JPAT-RPosted: 08/16/00 02:18   Report Abuse
"Flowing gameplay and amazing architecture come together in a one-of-a-kind battle between the forces of dark and light."
Couldn't have said it better my friend. Brilliant job!


npgwPosted: 08/16/00 20:43   Report Abuse
Bravo on a great level. I played this level for the first time with three others who had never played it. We decided to look around and get used to it before fighting. Well 30 min later we eventually got to the shooting. It was just to much fun to explore. That, and doing force jumps off the damn into the stream. This lev really pulls you in. The only gripe I have is that it sometimes took me awhile to find the other players. Actually now that i think about it I rather liked that


JuztynPosted: 08/16/00 22:54   Report Abuse
Thanks for all the wonderful comments, people. Brought a tear to me eye. :)


BlaKe_StOnEPosted: 08/21/00 16:02   Report Abuse
sweet level


RaccoonKingPosted: 08/29/00 12:25   Report Abuse
This level looks and plays great. The only problem i have is that it is quite large and as a result you need a lot of players, this makes the level veeeeeeeeeryyyyyy laggy. But a great level anyway :)


jedi masterPosted: 09/20/00 17:10   Report Abuse
This level is ace much better than canyon oasis and much better gameplay. The only time i had problems with lag is when someone is firing the concussion cannon thingy.


StarSaberPosted: 09/21/00 23:20   Report Abuse
Got to love this level, the canyon... man... soooooo sweet! Got to have this one! this levels has got a spot on my HD!


Bob the chickenPosted: 09/24/00 15:22   Report Abuse
If you wasted all your time reading the comments and all the way down here, your late! you should have downloaded this an hour ago!

Bob the Chicken


AvoozlPosted: 09/26/00 09:17   Report Abuse
I didn't think people still played Jedi Knight.. interesting...

someone from Morningthaw


JuztynPosted: 09/27/00 02:08   Report Abuse
Lol. What are you doing here, Xana? :p


Faramir987Posted: 10/08/00 22:13   Report Abuse
Sweet level, nice concept too. Complex and too my liking overall.


MerKer_InSaNePosted: 10/11/00 23:06   Report Abuse
Great level, just one little prob, to damn big. this level is sooooo boring with 4 players, but fun with 15 or more players. If you dont have an IP DON'T D/L this level.To damn big!!!!!


NHS_coreyPosted: 10/24/00 01:58   Report Abuse
this is one of the best levels ever the arcatecture is great the texturing looks good and it has good gameplay

ps: i think phR3nz0 was trying to write a coment for kill the monkey


DSettahrPosted: 11/14/00 20:53   Report Abuse

This is one of my favorite levels. I haven't had a chance to test it with other players yet (due to my slow 56k connection), but I hope to use it in a LAN game soon.
By the way, Juztyn, do you mind if I use the gun turret cog in one of my own levels?


DSettahrPosted: 11/17/00 01:41   Report Abuse
Never mind, I just realized its a Lucas Arts Cog (from Nar Shaddaa CTF). I just never considered changing the template for the projectile fired.


WLP_MasterPosted: 12/02/00 16:33   Report Abuse
This is a sweet level! everybody should download this!


DSLS_EverRichPosted: 06/16/01 23:18   Report Abuse
So Much To Say I'm not gonna say it.

10 little starz


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 16:42   Report Abuse
very nice lvl i gave it a 10


lithiumPosted: 08/09/01 17:19   Report Abuse
This is, by far, one of the best levels that have ever graced the game. I was thrilled to play it! I was an excellent play on the zone. It's also really fun to run around it by yourself.

One thing though, I know you cant fly that second tie bomber just over the ridge of the canyon. I just don't know how. Maybe that shielded switch? Anyway, I gave it a ten for the sheer awesomeness (hmm... is that a word?).


MorpheusPosted: 03/18/02 22:16   Report Abuse
As of March 18, 2002: 5,512 down loads

I can say I am glad to be one of those D/L's. I've been plaing this sweet level with my friends for well over a year and it still kicks A**!!!!! This level will NEVER leave my hard drive.

p.s.: When are you going to make a sequal?


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