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A pack of different sabers. None are intended to look like anything in the original game. Some are even a bit silly.


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Download: AZSaber Pack
File Size: 69.4k
Date: 07/18/00
Author: Mike Kennedy
Downloads: 2823


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 5
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HJHPosted: 07/18/00 20:55   Report Abuse
This sabre pack looks just about the same as any other sabre pack. The sabres are cool looking butI didn't download it because the author didn't say if they worked on multiplayer. What's the point if they don't work on multi-player. I'd also have to agree that the sabres look some what "silly"-don't write "silly" man.


RazielPosted: 07/19/00 07:48   Report Abuse
Man, your saber pack is TIGHT! I'm not afraid to admit that yours would be better than mine (If I wasn't saying this about myself =) Keep up the good work!

p.s. HJH, of COURSE they work in MP mode, they are a pack of MULTIPLE sabers, and the ONLY place you can choose sabers is in MP.


RazielPosted: 07/22/00 07:04   Report Abuse
I am REALLY disappointed that I haven't seen more downloads, EVERYONE needs to get this pack, the sabers are GREAT!!! I hope to see more mods released by you.


captainvbPosted: 09/20/00 05:39   Report Abuse
A very good saber pack. This really stands out because it make the sabers look different not some stupid little picture that was just wrapped around a stick FANTASTIC!!!!


matt_kenobiPosted: 10/12/00 07:14   Report Abuse
Well the downloads has almost reached 300! Oh andI am captainvb just that this was my old name and I remembered my Password.


chris006nancePosted: 10/14/00 20:57   Report Abuse
NICE! now for version 2,make sabers 1 hit ko(make a mots version of that to,be usful for roman arena)


JediApprenticeZerathPosted: 11/22/00 00:32   Report Abuse
Awesome sabers! Can't say much more but keep up the good work.


IgnuzPosted: 11/26/00 01:52   Report Abuse
This an overall nice saber pack. Although, like you said some of them are a bit 'silly'. But still, this is worth downloading.


_yo_tacos5Posted: 05/01/04 15:44   Report Abuse
great saber pack awsome i use it in all the games i can


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