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BoaM3 is the third and concluding installment to the series. Kyle will have to reach Jan and rescue her, although various forces are preventing him from doing so.


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Download: Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 3
File Size: 7.1Megs
Date: 07/18/00
Author: Anthony Piggott
Downloads: 4558


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 39
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wedge_Posted: 07/18/00 23:24   Report Abuse
Oh wow, I loved every minute of this level! I guess my only gripe was the low ceilings, but everything else was great!


MorrisPlytePosted: 07/18/00 23:59   Report Abuse
YES! Finally! I've been waiting FOREVER for this chapter!


Darth YencsikPosted: 07/19/00 19:16   Report Abuse


ThreeDeePosted: 07/20/00 00:09   Report Abuse
In the words of C3PO:

Goodness gracious me!

This has to be one of the coolest SP episodes I've ever seen! There are so many little twists and additions to the gameplay, so many innovations. If you have MotS then you simply must download this.

I thought the voices were superb, especially for the Emporor and for Vader/Mohc.

I noticed a little bug, you can step through the force field and push Jan out, but that was very minor. Also I think it needed more health/shield powerups, unless I missed any.

But anyway, suberb work AK.


AndyPosted: 07/20/00 21:35   Report Abuse
Ive been waiting for this chapter, but I am currently not happy with »cough...cough« Anthony.


Weird_Al27Posted: 07/21/00 02:39   Report Abuse
This Level is the best level that I have ever played on Jk or MOTS you have to download this level.This level is absolutely perfect.(Lead the MR-14 under the power beam on the ceiling behind Jans happy thoughts machine and shoot the bea down)


Weird_Al27Posted: 07/21/00 02:40   Report Abuse
Fantastic level, almost perfect!

By the way...anyone know how to get into the kitchen? Cus Im hungry. Im REALLY hungry.


MorrisPlytePosted: 07/21/00 15:11   Report Abuse
Yeah! And how do you play as Vader? I've tried everything!


jciminoPosted: 07/21/00 18:00   Report Abuse
This has got to be the one of the best levels, especially in terms of storyline. I was glued to the screen towards the end, really good twist. However, I kinda would have liked to fight Darth Vadar at the end I thought that might happen when he appeared as Kyle was taking off with Jan.(no force powers though). Anyway, great new level, wish more were like this. A good storyline sure does help.


littlebobbiePosted: 07/21/00 19:02   Report Abuse
They have General Rom Moch in Dark Forces 1. That is what they meant in the level credit saying Kyle Katarn will return. If you don't have the Original DF1 get it now! it is excellent.


VindicarePosted: 07/22/00 19:56   Report Abuse
I totally agree with all the comments posted so far. This is to put it simply the BEST single player level currently available for Jedi Knight. It is superbly designed with fantastic features including full speach cutscenes!!! and a great new robot enemy. Download this or forever regret not doing so. Great job!!!



DrasHemporPosted: 07/28/00 17:51   Report Abuse
Excellent :) My only gripe is that there aren't more levels like this ]=P Download it now!


tomtrekPosted: 07/31/00 13:27   Report Abuse
This level proves that you dont have to have lightsabers and forse powers for a good level. Its also made me think about buying the original Dark Forses! A good level, with good cutscenes (nice voises!). Well done for the whole trilogey!


BD_5000Posted: 08/02/00 01:46   Report Abuse
Yeah where's the kichen! I'm allways hungery! And would you like to have a hamburger with a shake?


FreshPrincePosted: 08/03/00 18:55   Report Abuse
Well, this level is one of the best I have ever played(ok, it is the best ggg*)! So many details and nice Ideas! I hope, you make a lot of levels like this! Thank you!


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 08/05/00 22:08   Report Abuse
COOL! How'd you change the mats so the mouths move in the cutscenes?? Ingenious how you must kill the Rancor-Thing....


tomtrekPosted: 08/09/00 14:56   Report Abuse
A very good level. Is the auther a fan of half life by any chance? The lip synching, dead scientisits in elevators, etc, etc.


EaglePosted: 08/10/00 18:42   Report Abuse
Would you people say its a good idea to d/l and play the first two chapters or to just go ahead and play this one.


SiMoNPosted: 08/12/00 22:09   Report Abuse
This series of levels is one of the greatest i have ever downloaded, the 3rd is the best. Great voices for Darth and the emperor and my only complaint is that its kinda duff when you can push jan out the force field, it mixed me up and i didnt know what to do (I ended up trying to push her body to the door..) Apart from that, great level, on another level from most of the sp levels posted.


AKPiggottPosted: 08/14/00 19:58   Report Abuse
I hope I'm not abusing the commenting system here.

Thanks a lot for the comments guys. The pushing Jan out was a bug, and I have no idea how it was generated, the forcefield definately used to be non walkthroughable. Another bug that people have been experiencing on lower end systems, or if they have low system resources is that Kyle will get stuck in that room with Nibo at the start. I'm currently working on a series re-release. All three levels in one episode download, complete with various improvements and bug fixes. Those two bugs that I mentioned for level three will be fixed, and I will appreciate any other bugs that people will report.

I also highly recommend that you play the other two first.

Once again sorry to Massassi, if I abused the commenting system, but I found this one of the best ways to get the message accross.


SiMoNPosted: 08/15/00 21:15   Report Abuse
I was just thinking about all the good levels i have downloaded from massasi and recently ive noticed that theyve all been made by Anthony Piggot. Search for Leia, BoaM, The Obi-wan vs Darth are all damn good levels. I even noticed he helped out in making the pretty good Menace hunt. So i just want to say, nice one Anthony, and keep making damn good levels that are actually worth downloading.


GwyainthPosted: 08/15/00 21:48   Report Abuse
Well i made a long comment at the first level. But since everybody has been writing i decided to add more. LOL. Um I still think there should be a lot more health packs and shield recharges. (im not even sure if there were any) Well just thought to tell you so you add them in this revised edition thing! And yes the rancor thingie kill thing was excelent!


Gunblade90Posted: 08/20/00 21:29   Report Abuse
does any one know how to get out of the room with the guy in the blue suit at the start of this level, i know in some computers this is a bug but is there any patchs you can download to fix this cos i really want to finish the trilloy and i have heard this level is the best of the lot.


AKPiggottPosted: 08/20/00 23:04   Report Abuse
Only solution I can think of is get a saved game off someone, damn I'm turning this into a forum.


Darth XtremePosted: 08/23/00 16:52   Report Abuse


Eddy„Posted: 09/08/00 19:49   Report Abuse
HOW DA THE HELL DO YOU GET IN THE KITCHEN!! AND HOW DO YOU PLAY VADER!!!! ARRGH!(I did beat this level already though.)


StarFoxPosted: 09/19/00 17:12   Report Abuse
THIS LEVEL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Certanly one of the best SP missions ever made


Element_DaukhPosted: 09/26/00 20:38   Report Abuse
Wow, that is all i have to say, wow. This is an exceptional serieres of levels. The storyline is probobly better than the main story line of MoTS, of course, the main story line for MOTS is kind of lame. This level series surpassses them all. One question though, how the heck do you kill the MR-14??? I had a thought cross my mind after i was killed for the quinteinth trillon time, "Maybe it is invincible, and this is a big mean joke" but you wouldnt do that to us, now would you? well, maybe you would, but i can not think of anything else to try on that mettallic heathen. well, if anyone would care to tell, just post it.


Element_DaukhPosted: 09/26/00 20:45   Report Abuse
oops, silly me, that was quite an ingenious way to kill the MR-14, sorry i have annoyed everyone with my incompetence. Oh yeah, and i had that same problem at the begining, you are stuck in a big black room with vader, kyle, a stormtrooper, and a lecturer right? try turning off your BOAM2 intro disabler, that turned out to be my problem. At least that is my theory. It was not weorking, i turned off the patch, then it worked , so i can not give a better explanation. Oh yeah, and i forgot to point out that your voice overs were great. I am not even going to ask how to play as vader or get into the kitchen. hehehe


ChewbubbaPosted: 09/26/00 21:38   Report Abuse
If you haven't played this yet, slap yourself. Definately the best work for this author to date! Incredible stuff!!


AKPiggottPosted: 09/28/00 19:37   Report Abuse
Thank you, thank you. Element_Daukh, when I first read your second post, I thought you were gonna write how to kill the boss, thanks for not doing that, some people like to figure it out for themselves.


LeeboPosted: 10/08/00 17:55   Report Abuse
You're gonna have a hard time making a SE, V.1 is already practically perfect!


PhoenixFirePosted: 10/09/00 03:18   Report Abuse


PikabluPosted: 10/12/00 22:35   Report Abuse
this is the best single player level i've seen so far. for once there is voice and the character's mouth moves.


AKPiggottPosted: 10/14/00 10:58   Report Abuse
PhoenixFire: I'm afraid you're going to have to restart, that's a bug.


DaRkShAdOwPosted: 10/23/00 23:13   Report Abuse
Mine doesn't work I don't think. At the start after Kyle is done talking to Nido and he runs throught the door, my Kyle doesn't make it and I'm stuck in there. Can anyone help me?


Thrawn_89Posted: 10/24/00 03:27   Report Abuse
Superb level, good story line and a lot of cool cut scenes. I was very impressed with this. It is right up there with Leeza's Destiny. Very well put together.

A fine addition for MotS.


Dark_MAul_2Posted: 11/12/00 18:10   Report Abuse
On a scale of one to ten definatly a 100


jlangley777Posted: 11/22/00 05:48   Report Abuse
This is, by far, the best set of levels I have ever played. I've played many of your other levels, and I have concluded that you are really good. Keep it up. The voice-overs were really awesome and clear. That was the most surprising part of the level; that the voices were clear. I'd rate it much higher than 10 if I could.


OberfeldwebelPosted: 11/23/00 22:21   Report Abuse
I hope itsa Good iam Most certinly Gonna Get it! I wish Someone would make a level were You Hunt Turkeys rancore Thos dog Things and dif Annamails Like a JK Hunting Level That Would be Cool Just Dont put deer in I Cant shoot em there Soooo cute!


DarthBosskPosted: 11/24/00 23:22   Report Abuse
If BOAM 2 was most impressive, this is much, much, better. If you do not get this level right now, then... YOU ARE NOT A GOOD PERSON. This is the best level I've played so far (with the acception of the LEC levels). And though I'm downloading Leeza's Destiny 3.0 right this second, I'm betting this will still be the best level, if not at least a force to be reckoned with. GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DarthBosskPosted: 11/24/00 23:31   Report Abuse
Oh ya, I forgot to mention that the Jar-Jar target in the shooting range and the suggestion about blowing up the receptionist were really cool. And I still say that if you do not get this level... YOU ARE NOT A GOOD PERSON!


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 12/08/00 17:33   Report Abuse


Element_DaukhPosted: 12/20/00 04:17   Report Abuse
Whoah, while i wasnt paying attention this comment area has been packed to the brim. I got off of JK and MOTS, but i experianced withdrawl so i started playing again. Well, i just couyldnt help myself from commenting once more on this darn good level. The best out there by far. I agree, this is a good way to get a job as a gaming programer. Whew, i feel sorry for all of the other level producers out there, they have the impossible task of topping this masterpiece of programing.


darthyboyPosted: 12/22/00 19:33   Report Abuse
i loved it defenitley needs a 4th edition


sidchaganPosted: 12/28/00 16:03   Report Abuse
THis level is the BEST in the series!!! The author has managed to make the characters mouths move, and has added totally original sound, voices & skins! The story is amazing, the boss is great, the level is flawless, the enmies are cool, the puzzles are amazing, I CANT FREAKIN STOP!!!


ExcaliburPosted: 12/28/00 20:17   Report Abuse
WOW!!!! This is a great level you will not regret downloading it!!!


boogerPosted: 12/29/00 03:53   Report Abuse
OMG!!! Its CHEF!!! LOL!! Absolutley hilarious!! Very, very well done! The BoaM series will always be on my hard drive. Just one request...keep'em coming!!


control-cPosted: 12/29/00 22:49   Report Abuse
Ok, to get in the kitchen, go behind the counter and go over to where the drink is and activate it. The door will open.


KingOfSuede23Posted: 01/21/01 23:33   Report Abuse
Wow, the first 2 were great, I've got the beginning bug. If anyone can, would someone send a saved game (from right outside the door) to
Keep making cool beans levels AK,


CoolBombJinnPosted: 01/22/01 23:34   Report Abuse
OK THAT IS IT... THIS LEVEL IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Bad Caps Lock! if you have not downloaded this level than shame on you! Thanks to this guy I forced myself to buy the first Dark Forces and noticed that that one dude... what's his face... General... ah screw it, was in Dark Forces too! Anyway, like the talking in the third (plus the mouth movements). Definately a good finish. But... I could blast Jan out of the machine. Oh well. Still pertaining a 10 here! Keep it up... and where is the kitchen? I sure could go for a triple Rancor patty melt about now! MMMMMMMMMM! :)


MBHG_Jodo_KastPosted: 01/24/01 00:32   Report Abuse
THIS LEVEL IS AWESOME!!!!! It had a great plot and the skins of all the different characters are amazing! I also like the boss at the end.... ....he is very challenging. A MUST DOWNLOAD!


Xizor_VaderPosted: 02/20/01 00:32   Report Abuse
Wow!!! i really like this lvl!!! i finally figured out how to kill that rancor robot after i shot it with 150 rails. very creative!


ElmoPosted: 03/26/01 14:30   Report Abuse
Anthony... this level sucks...
"JOKE!" GREAT JOB!!! The best level I ever saw and played. I am waiting for TOAM2... the comment is posted very late but... it became posted. I just can say... WOW! Good work even I didn't defeat the MR-14, yet. Great level great author... thank you for this level... I would give you an eleven...


Admiral_HorderPosted: 04/11/01 15:30   Report Abuse
A Gem if ever I saw one. Well played mate, best thing i've played in ages. I have a great few ideas for levels (hopefully they should be books soon, so i wont give em away just yet)

Anyway, I give it 10/10
Good Show


BigDJHPosted: 04/14/01 19:50   Report Abuse
I've got a lot to say (not that that is strange :) ) First off and most importantly, this level is great!! It is brilliant, it had me fixed the moment I started playing, I actually played the SE version but this was the best out of the lot so I'll comment on it here. It was great, I would give it a better rating but I can't, DOH!!!
Secondly, At the end when fighting the big ugly robotic rancor thing (forgoten its name... no wait..) MR-14, someone said about it not moving..... I had that and I don't think it was a bug. Me and my friend both downloaded this, I cheated (Boinga on.... That was all I swear)the first time round to see what it was like and when I got to MR-14, he didn't move. My friend didn't and it moved straight away so I think its a side affect of cheating.
Anyway.... Great level.... I WANT FOOD


XD_Martin_BPosted: 05/01/01 19:44   Report Abuse
Great level I downloaded it in October and I still play it. (Actually now I play BoaM SE now but its basicly the same thing, RIGHT???).


NWC_PanzerPosted: 08/18/01 20:25   Report Abuse
Hello I thought the series was the best ever.but in the third chapter how the hek do you kill that robot monster thing?I must have used all my weapons on the thing and it wouldnt die?So whats the deal?

e-mail me how to kill it at


SoulSurvivorPosted: 09/22/01 03:10   Report Abuse
good level but i cant finish cant beat the boss i got the lightning pillar down and my theory is u got to push the dude at it... but he just wont go... im using boinga cuz i have no chance against it lol... somebody help me out pleeeeeeeeeassssssssse


SMOCK!!!Posted: 11/20/01 21:49   Report Abuse
I have a question about the MR-14.HOW THE HEY DO U BEAT IT?!?!?!?


trj0223Posted: 12/01/01 04:16   Report Abuse
I give your level a 10! It's so cool! Downloadit people! Oh I have something to ask... How do you kill the boss iv like fired 100 rails, good looking boss. Im still trying to beat it... ^_^ if you can...


stickystufPosted: 08/08/02 22:56   Report Abuse
OK! I LOVE THIS LEVEL! And also I'll tell you all how to kill the MR-14 RANCOR!


Ok, go into the room and immediatly run to the left crevice beside the locked control center the MR-14 will follow you (Hopefully he won't fall down the stairs). Quickly grab your Rail Detonator and shoot the Black Electrial Box on the top of the back wall. Then the Electrical pipe will fall. Lead the Rancor there and he'll get killed!



ChokeyroPosted: 01/21/06 20:18   Report Abuse
Good day! Mi name is Andrew i from argentina. My inglish is terrible but need opinion in this level. Excelent two levels precuel's and expecting download 3° level. the most level create for players for MotS. Bye and see youuu.....


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