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All 162 of Al MacDonald's Star Wars skins compiled into one pack by Kurgan (of

Al MacDonald has been long admired in the JK Community for his marvelous Star Wars skins. Bar none, his seem to be the most detailed and/or overall cool looking, as many of us agree.

At one time in an online interview, he said that he didn't see himself creating a huge pack of all his skins, as it would be too unwieldy.

I figured that it was worth a try, and it goes together quite well. I added some sounds I found on the 'net and it was finished. I figure those who wish to use them for Multiplayer can. Al says he originally intended his skins for editing projects. This is one such editing project. ; )

The skins themselves should appear in the game, alphabetically, starting right after you scroll through the list of regular JK skins. There are 162 total, all related to the Star Wars universe.
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Level Info:

Download: Al's Star Wars Skin Pack
File Size: 6.6Megs
Date: 07/26/00
Author: Al MacDonald
Downloads: 7153


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 6
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BrianPosted: 07/26/00 12:13   Report Abuse
I'm very glad someone finally compiled this skin pack. Like the description says, Al is an amazing skinner. My suggestion: Download and use this instead of BFP! Why? Because it's ALL Star Wars - none of that other crap! So call me a purist...


SL_Ki-Adi-MundiPosted: 07/26/00 13:07   Report Abuse
You tell 'em Brian!!


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 07/26/00 17:31   Report Abuse
I dunno, brian, I kinda like some of the non-Star Wars skins in BFP...


UngodDarkestDaysPosted: 07/26/00 19:45   Report Abuse
This is a really cool skin pack. In my opinion, better than bfp. Next time though, Al should add some non-star wars universe characters just to spice it up. But that doesn't matter, it's still a really cool skin pack. Later.


Sebulba(HOV)Posted: 07/27/00 00:38   Report Abuse
....geeeez.....bswp was first..and had lots of improved al skins...and THIS still gets the d/loads and comments 'cause it wears the name Al McDonald..*sighs and shakes head* no offense meant by that....if it's just because of the freaking blastech then I'LL TAKE IT OUT..

even though i have lots of respect for Kurgan..i know how much of a pain setting up the models.dat and such can be...good work..

later all



BrianPosted: 07/27/00 07:27   Report Abuse
Sebulba: Honestly, I didn't d/l your pack because of the weapons mod... If I want weapons mods, I download a weapons mod, not a skin pack... But that's just ME, I don't know what other people think about it.


ApoK_FlipmojackPosted: 07/27/00 18:30   Report Abuse
I agree with Brian on that. the weapons pack and the skin pack should be different packs. I always hated those 2 in 1 things. It gives you something you don't want. Liek the level packs, there might be some good ones, but there are really bad ones in there too. I guess creators of the level packs wanted to compare the levels with eachother. Plus it makes the download longer!


Sebulba(HOV)Posted: 07/27/00 22:58   Report Abuse
..i any case..BSWP 2 will be as good as this pack..maybe even better..i've been working my [yeehaa] on this one..making new models and new'll blow you away...and it'll be skinpack only...

I'll leave it to that...i have screens of all the skins on my's a sneak preview of the new han skins

and please excuse my bad mood in the last comment..i've just had a really bad day..

have a nice day everyone..and again..good job kurgan..and sorry Al for kinda insulting you..



Mr. HatPosted: 07/28/00 09:34   Report Abuse


AKPiggottPosted: 07/29/00 15:09   Report Abuse
I actually did something like this last year, but it was only ever released on my site.

Al has made more skins since then anyway, so this pack is a lot better.

I haven't played this yet, but because I have downloaded seen all of Al's skins, I can make a fair and honest comment on it.

Al is a great skinner, and this is a great way to tribute him, looking at both his skins and his issues of DCM, you can see what an artist he is, Whenever I've needed a skin for a level, I go to Al first. I'm downloading this pack now, I suggest you do as well.


CoB_DarthMaulPosted: 07/30/00 02:21   Report Abuse
I think someone, like a genius in programming or something, should make a program(like Patch Commander) that would allow the users to choose the skins that r going to be displayed/available in the game. Why? Think that way: you like some of the skins in BFP, and some skins from Al's, and to make it a litlle more complicated, some of SPORK's, but if you put all of that at once...! Imagine the pain that would be to select ONE single skin amongst over 200! I'm gonna download it anyway, and send this comment to other people, sorry bout the HUGE msg :)


jedi_hunterPosted: 08/21/00 04:24   Report Abuse
this mods cool!!oh and does anybody know where i can get that leval thats in screenshots


Kenobi~JDPosted: 09/15/00 08:19   Report Abuse
It looks like the Atlantis level.


Scarface209Posted: 09/23/00 05:19   Report Abuse
My fav skinpak but does not work with advanced grapple mod.


LeeBall420Posted: 12/31/00 07:42   Report Abuse
I agree with brian too, the skins in this r sweet, but it doens't work with other weapon mods. it would be kool if it didnt have the weapons pack


DarkMaster676Posted: 01/04/01 01:59   Report Abuse
This is the best Pack I've ever seen. Simply amazing. You definitely need to make another pack. Like the massassi Level Packs, people would start flocking to get your pack. I gave this a very strong 10. I have only one question: How did you get that picture of Boba Fett's face for Ep2 Fett? Is it made up, or authentic?


Darth TristanPosted: 02/01/01 05:28   Report Abuse
Hello Everybody!

This skin pack is awsome!! This is my third time downloading it, and I hope it works with Glowblades!
All the skins are great, but my favorite is the Plo Koon!


Darth TristanPosted: 06/10/01 05:02   Report Abuse


_JangoFett_Posted: 07/10/01 18:37   Report Abuse
why did u dounload it 3 times?
great skins


JMotS_JacenSoloPosted: 07/27/01 23:21   Report Abuse
This is a great skins pack, and it has pretty much any character you could want from the star wars universe. It even has Joruus C'Boath. The Thrawn skin is pretty evil looking. I dont mind that it doesnt work with some of the other gun mods. It works fine with the dagoba sabers mod and thats fine by me.


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