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Old News - February 2002

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Disclaimer: We have been posting news since 1998. Many of the sites we previously linked to have long since gone defunct. Worse, sometimes scammers buy up old domain names and replace their original content with malware or objectionable content.

Sunday, February 3, 2002

Long week - mscbuck @ 5:56 PM
Hey everybody! I'm posting this for one reason. I have lots of levels in my inbox, but I havn't been able to post them all week. I've had a ton of stuff to do. I had to play in my basketball games, had lots of homework, and have gone to a few Milwaukee Bucks' games. I will dedicate one hour tommorow for posting all the levels. Thanks to all the authors for their patience.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

New Jedi Knight Mod: Saber Battle X - JK v3.1 - mscbuck @ 4:18 PM
File: Saber Battle X - JK v3.1
Author: ShadowX
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Changes in v3.1:

  • Fixed SBX copyright date.
  • Nice new SBX logo for the Multiplayer background.
  • Field Light, IR Goggles, Change Lightsaber Color, Lightsaber Damage Toggle, and Light Motion Trails Toggle are now in your item inventory. You must go through your inventory to use these now; none of them have hotkeys anymore. I left those for the important stuff: Force Saber Throw, Force Push, Evasion/Kick, Saber ON/OFF Switch, and Lightsaber Stance.
  • Force Saber Throw and Push are now neutral bonus powers. Force Throw and Speed are back and Saber Throw and Push have their own hotkeys. You can't assign stars to Push or Saber Throw; you get them (with four stars) as long as you have SOME Jedi potential. In other words, the uninitiated don't get these powers while all Jedi levels 1-8 do in SP and MP automatically. Also, I changed the mana cost values so that all Jedi levels can use these powers (although very little in the lower levels, and can't be overused anymore in higher Jedi levels).
  • A Sith Talisman replaces the cheap and annoying Super Shield powerups. It enables the holder to have 15 seconds of total Force immunity (excluding Force Throw) and magnetic seal (to deflect lasers), although it eats up all your mana (if you have any) due to the draining properties of Dark Side magic.
  • Dark and Light Surges now only give you full mana (instead of infinite mana for 30 seconds AND full mana as they do normally).
  • Renamed new sabers to their correct names. I also renamed a few hotkeys slightly to be more optimal (like Increase viewsize is now Increase View Size, Thermal Detonator and Sequencer Charge are plural, Slow = Walk, Fast = Run, etc.).
  • Added a skin of Callista Ming, Luke's previous love interest. I also added Luke's final love interest, Mara Jade, and I replaced many of the Jedi skins with versions that are better. Yoda is in there now too-he's pretty much the right height, too. Additionally, I made a new Exar Kun skin since the old one was rather bad and made two versions of a new character named Angel. Finally, I touched up and fixed several other skins here and there that I overlooked in SBX3, re-added Bar Tender and Hal, renamed Solomon to Mikos, tweaked Dragon as per his request, and fixed all the 16-bit MATs so they don't turn black from afar.
  • Recorded some new Sith lightsaber sounds directly from the Episode I DVD digitally via GoldWave, tweaked 'em to death, and ended up with a much more fierce-sounding weapon with more bass-like the movie.
  • Added bass to all the single-bladed lightsaber swing/activate/deactivate sounds for balance.
  • Rearranged and balanced (volume/bass/treble-wise) the lightsaber wall and saber clash sounds so there aren't any useless or redundant sound files. Also, I brought back one of the original wall hit sounds because it provides more continuity in saber-to-wall collisions.
  • Force Destruction can cause damage to oneself for realism.
  • Force Blinding has a more powerful effect although it doesn't last as long.
  • Several other bug fixes and tweaks.

Official SBX Website

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: THPS Skatepark - mscbuck @ 4:22 PM
File: THPS Skatepark
Author: LJ_Stryker_006
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is a skatepark. I was seeing if I could make a halfpipe, and well, things just got out of hand.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Imperial Power Facility - mscbuck @ 4:26 PM
File: Imperial Power Facility
Author: TNC_Sidious
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer level set on a Imperial Power Facility. It consists of many platforms on a pool of lava. There is a great fan in the air powered by the rising heat of the lava. This level is intended for saber duelling although there are many weapons around. This is for 2-4 players. This level should provide some quick and chaotic gameplay.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Fortress of Fire - mscbuck @ 4:32 PM
File: Fortress of Fire
Author: The_Lost_One_Rogue15
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a sabers only level I made in about a day. It has a pit in the middle partially filled with lava, and about 30 feet up, a catwalk goes across. A health powerup sits in the middle of it. Good for 2-4 people. Best played with Saber Battle X 3.0.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Attack! - mscbuck @ 5:10 PM
File: Attack!
Author: Deth Masta
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a CO-OP level I've been "working" on for the past 2 months. It is best played with teams; the red team being the good guys, and the yellow team being the bad guys. The Good team has Rebel soldiers on its side, and the Bad team has Stormtroopers and "Lightsaber-less" Jedi on its side. The red team can only go through the red force field and yellowcan go through theirs. I've made it so that the bad guys can quickly get to the rooms quicker than the good guys.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: OSDM - mscbuck @ 5:18 PM
File: OSDM
Author: Molgrew
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Two deathmatch levels in one episode. Thanks for a special cog by Raze.
New Jedi Knight Mod: York 2.1 - mscbuck @ 5:24 PM
File: York 2.1
Author: Axid2000
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A JK modification. It modifies all of the weapons except for the rail gun. It has enhanced speeds, forces and many other secrets waiting to be unlocked...
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Roshi's Island - mscbuck @ 5:29 PM
File: Roshi's Island
Author: Archi VEFLAX
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: These levels are set on two islands, made mainly for sabering, but with ammo for a hidden weapon. This level is above water, below water, and has a little room for sniping in Roshi's attic(sp?). If the response is good, I will submit my other 3 nearly complete DBZ levels. Please be kind, as I do not respond well to unconstructive criticism.
I'm Skimpy - Skimpy @ 6:24 PM
I'm Skimpy and starting now I'll be one of the smiling faces providing you with your dose of Jedi Knights and MotS levels. Thank you and good day!
Abuse of Level Comments - blujay @ 2:46 AM
I did not want to have to do this, but it's to the point where I don't think I have any other choice.

Here are two of the rules governing the level comment system:

  • Please limit discussion to subjects regarding the specific level you are commenting on. If you want more free discussion, please use our Forums.
  • The comment section is designed to allow people to post their thoughts on levels. If these thoughts happen to be criticism, make sure it's constructive. Comments like "this level sucks" are not wanted. Constructive criticism only.

Comments such as "First comment!", "Yay! Second comment!", "Haha, third comment!" are not related to the level, they are not constructive, nor are they relevant to anything whatsoever. If you use a little common sense, you will see that they are against the rules and do not belong.

Therefore, posters of these and similar comments will have their posting privileges revoked. The rules were displayed to you when you registered, and are above the form in which you enter your comments. Those who cannot obey them cannot have the privilege of posting comments. To those that wish to argue that the rules do not cover this, my reply is that those who do not have enough common sense to refrain from posting such comments cannot have the privilege of using the system.

I wish this was not necessary, but it is getting out of hand.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Hemorrhage - mscbuck @ 4:44 PM
File: Hemorrhage
Author: Nick Swift
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A compact deathmatch, created with fast-paced gameplay in mind, centered around a multi-tiered pit. There are tons of sniper opportunities, and a couple of secret areas filled with goodies. Have fun.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: The Space Between - Skimpy @ 4:50 PM
File: The Space Between
Author: Justin "Juz" Stocks
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A crumbling ancient fortress ringed by a meandering tropical stream. What dark lies lay in wait beneath the space between?
JK2 Game Trailer To Be Released Thursday - blujay @ 3:00 AM
In LEC's latest game alert e-mail they announced that on Thursday evening, after 6 PM PST (9 PM EST, 1 AM GMT) the first JK2 trailer will be released at They said to pass the word, so here it is. Don't be late!
Jedi Outcast Will Be Editable - Zecks @ 2:44 PM
From what's been posted on the forums, Jedi Outcast will be able to be edited. It will be as editable as any other game made on the Quake3 engine. This is great news. Hopefully Jedi Outcast will last as long as Jedi Knight has.

You can check everything out here.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Dark Tempest 3 - Skimpy @ 2:50 PM
File: Dark Tempest 3
Author: Flexor
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A small, platform/jump pad based level set in the eye of a turbulent storm  on a distant planet. Best played with low or no force. This level contains a multitude of new texures, powerups, sounds, etc... (a 3D accelerator card that supports 16 bit mats in JK is required.)

Thursday, February 7, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Manticeville RPG - Skimpy @ 6:59 PM
File: Manticeville RPG
Author: Radice
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium sized RPG level. Takes place in the streets of Manticeville. Contains: Doctor's Office, Item Store, City building, Park, Police Station, Cantina, Criminal Hideout, Weapon Shop, Clothes shop, and Hotel. I tried to fill this level with the best aspects of playing JK RPGs.  This is most likely my last JK level. Here is a tip, read the Secrets and Info.txt, and Enjoy.
New MotS Single Player Level: Rebel Agent - BrianTheSith @ 12:52 AM
File: Rebel Agent
Author: Matthew Surman
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The level takes place during the Dark Forces timeline, when Kyle is still a mercenary hired by the Rebellion. Kyle is now tasked with infiltrating a large Imperial Research Facility on an intelligence gathering mission. To say anymore would spoil the surprise, however the level is quite large and many areas are not vital to the completion of the level. The base is supposed to feel like a real Imperial Facility, so take your time and explore and look around. You will also need a 3d card that can support 16bit textures to fully enjoy this level. The level contains many new 3do's and textures and BM's and has a new feature, where the player can read signs throughout the level by activating the sign or if out of reach, shooting it.
New MotS Single Player Level: RoX TC Demo: Entrapment - Skimpy @ 9:09 AM
File: RoX TC Demo: Entrapment
Author: Bel Iblis
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Rites Of Xanthus Demo is a SP Mod containing a short demo level and some basic equipment replacements for other levels like swords for blasters food for health and magic missile for force destruct!
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: IndustriArena - Skimpy @ 3:56 PM
File: IndustriArena
Author: Kyle90
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is an arena type multiplayer level in an industrial type area. It has some explosive type guns. It's good for 4-6 players (approximately).

Friday, February 8, 2002

New news poster Hideki - Hideki @ 8:01 AM
Hi. It's Hideki, from Millennium. I'm showing up here, because I'll be posting news at Massassi! I'll be a nice news poster. Also I'll be reading emails, so don't send dumb mails!
JK2 Trailer: It's great! - blujay @ 8:31 AM
Well, if you haven't already seen it, don't waste any more time, head on over to, sign up if you haven't already, and then check out the JK2 trailer!
New Jedi Knight SP/MP Cog: Blinding Sun - Kedri @ 3:50 PM
File: sun.cog
Authors: GuNbOy and SaberMaster
Description: Need to add some flare to your level? Use this cog to blind the player when he looks at a ghost position, such as a sun or something bright. Read the directions in the cog file!!!
New Jedi Knight SP/MP Cog: Bounce Pad - Kedri @ 3:57 PM
File: bounce.cog
Author: GuNbOy
Description: Accelerates the player upwards upon walking across the specified surface. Optimized for MP. The Force variable needs to be set at about 500 for any effect.

Saturday, February 9, 2002

New JK/MotS SP/MP Cog: Flyby Camera - Kedri @ 7:57 PM
Author: Lord Nader
Description: This cog will allow you to change the player's view to a camera that will follow the player's position at all times. It can give your level a cool, more modern-looking type of experience. Great for cutscenes with flying starships, Jedi duels, or simply a player running down an ordinary corridor. Can be used in gameplay too. Includes three cogs and a level to demonstrate what I'm talking about.
Outcast Trailer Gets 1337ed - Kedri @ 6:35 AM
Here's the word from's -ViX-:
With the recent release of the Jedi Outcast trailer, DT Carel has updated 1337 Comics. His latest comic shows the state the staff has been left in after viewing the JK2 trailer.
I think it best sums up our reaction here at Massassi, too.
Super Saiyan Mod Removed - Kedri @ 8:57 AM
I've removed the JK Super Saiyan mod posted here back in November for using several items from Gohan_JSE's Roshi Mod without asking or even letting the guy know. I'm only sorry it took us this long to find out.

Folks, if you download something from us and find lifted material — skins, textures, sound files, etc. — please write to us and let us know about it so we can take it down. Massassi deals with dozens of submissions a week, and while some plagiarized work (otherwise known as "rips") gets stopped at the door, things inevitably slip through the cracks. Thanks.

As for you authors out there thinking about using other people's material, check out the readme file first. Sometimes authors don't care one way or the other, but sometimes they truly do, and are rightfully protective of their original creations. If they're not willing to let you use their stuff, you must accept that and create your own material.
Raynar Injured, Next Version of Rbots Will Be Final - blujay @ 11:21 AM
Don't know how this slipped past, but here it is. Unfortunately, Raynar, creator of the amazing Rbots mod for JK and MotS, has come down with carpal tunnel syndrome and will have to have surgery. While he's recovering he won't be able to use the computer at all, so the next release of Rbots will be the last release. So if you have any code you'd like to submit, do it soon. You can check out the Rbots site and the Rbots forum for more info.
New Jedi Knight Mod: DBZ Saiyan 2.0 - mscbuck @ 11:25 AM
File: DBZ Saiyan 2.0
Author: BeowulftheBard
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This mod is the sequel to my Super Saiyan mod. Why am I calling this mod DBZ Saiyan 2.0 you ask? Well DBZ Saiyan was the name of the version I WANTED to release. Anyway, I did the very best I could on this mod and with a little help from some people(see Readme file). Nothing is stolen this time. So, I added a new attack, several key files, some new bm's, and some new mat files. Enjoy!
JK2: Brett Tosti Interview and Screenshots at XGR - blujay @ 11:33 AM
Over at X-Treme Gaming Radio they've posted an interview with Brett Tosti, LucasArts producer, working with Raven on JK2. They also have two exclusive screenshots. So head on over and check it out. Thanks to Burrie for letting us know.
A Side Note About Downloading - mscbuck @ 2:28 PM
Just a quick note about downloading. I get lots of emails with messages such as, "I can't download so-and-so levels". And when I say lots, I mean LOTS. And there is a reason and 2 solutions. Occasionally, the Massassi server acts a bit weird, where certain people can't download specific levels. The two solutions are 1. Try refreshing the page a couple times, and the level might download then. 2. Just wait 30 minutes-1hr. And if that doesn't work, it's your ISP. Usually, when people send me these emails, the downloads just work fine. So take these reasons/solutions into consideration before you flood us with emails. Thanks!

Sunday, February 10, 2002

New JK/MotS 3do: - Brandon @ 12:28 PM
Author: Oberfeldwebel
View: Screenshot
Description: A family of mummies including a small child mummy.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Ring Of Fire - BrianTheSith @ 1:17 PM
File: Ring Of Fire
Author: Samurai/ChiaPet
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer Saber level good for NF or Low Force Power Duels, 2-3 players. There is a bridge over lava for you to duel, with a teleporter below, so you can get back up, except that sometimes you'll fall in the lava instead of the teleporter.

Monday, February 11, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Space Station -- SaniStat - mscbuck @ 6:37 PM
File: Space Station -- SaniStat
Author: Brian Brecht
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: An abandoned space-station, SaniStat, has been found drifting in deep space. Still operational, including a working Bacta Tank (thanks Red for the cog), a trap, and a secret or two. This station is a five-floor wonder, loaded with weapons, power-ups, items, throwable items, and anti-grav tubes. A medical wing with the working bacta tank and the medical droid, 2-1b, and a security room with four working consoles with their respective cameras are just a few of the features found in this station. A medium to large level suitable for 4 or more players, with custom MAT's and 3DO's help make this level flow with the intense action.
New Jedi Knight Single Player Level: Arrow Thieves: Chapter 1 - Skimpy @ 10:47 PM
File: Arrow Thieves: Chapter 1
Author: frantik
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The first chapter of the Arrow Thieves Trilogy. You play Nox, and you are on a mission. A suspected spy may be in your rebel group. Break into Lord Roye's estate in Westshire and steal his journal. This should give you some information about the suspected spy. While your at it, grab a little something for yourself...500 in loot should do. This single player level is part of the Arrow Thieves story. It contains 2 new weapons ( a bow and arrow and a sword ) , new enemies, and an expansive level set in a manor. This level is set in the dark ages of course. Look for the second chapter...coming soon.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Castle Hill and Forest - Skimpy @ 5:41 AM
File: Castle Hill and Forest
Author: Ortheza
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Sunset light and an old Castle on the Hill sorounded by Forest. Big open area plus small rooms in the Castle. All for your pleasure. Recomended for saber slashing and gun fighting. (about 8 players). Level is hungry for computer power, so play it on rather good machine.
PC Gamer (UK) with Jedi Outcast Goodies - mscbuck @ 10:36 AM
While I was checking my mail, I found one email to be very, very interesting regarding Jedi Outcast. On February 15th (the official release date), the March issue of the UK PC Gamer magazine is going to have a 6 page review of Jedi Outcast. The magazine will be available in 2 different versions. One will be the "Lightside issue" which contains three cd-roms full of playable demos, movies, add-ons and patches. The other "Dark-side issue" will contain a packed DVD-ROM and an extra cd-rom with all the Light Side content discs and more. Both versions will contain a stunning new 94Mb Jedi Knight II in-game movie on the discs. This exclusive movie is twice the length of the one already released on the LucasArts Web site, and features all-new content exclusive to PC Gamer. You can check out pictures of the boxes right here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Brian Finally Gets Some Credit - Kedri @ 6:31 PM
If you should happen to own a copy of Serious Sam 2: The Second Encounter, have a close look at the credits, like our own Jturcio, who sent this shot in:

Smooth! And if you're interested in checking out the editing possibilities that Serious Sam offers, be sure to stop by our hosted site, Serious Editing, and say hi to Naythn and the crew!

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Four New Outcast Screenies at - Kedri @ 8:26 PM
ZeroXcape sent word that scored four exclusive screenshots from LucasArts for the upcoming Jedi Outcast. To check 'em out, just click on over here...
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Waterpark - Skimpy @ 8:25 AM
File: Waterpark
Author: Cluevok
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A large outdoor area with many waterslides and a waterfall. There is also a sauna, diving board, and a couple of secret areas.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Deepspace - Skimpy @ 8:27 AM
File: Deepspace
Author: Cluevok
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A fun level for two or more players with lots of cogs and suprises.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Green - Skimpy @ 3:50 PM
File: Green
Author: Radice
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: DM Gun level. I made this awhile back so I figured I would release it just's green. Oh, as always, Enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Star Wars Galaxies Chat Transcript - mscbuck @ 4:00 PM
ZeroXcape just informed us that you can find a Star Wars Galaxies developer chat courtesy of SWGalaxies right here.
New Jedi Knight Mod: TTNS Mod - mscbuck @ 4:14 PM
File: TTNS Mod
Author: Warrior_Goten
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Here's a cool mod with lots of cool guns that shoot through walls and fires really long ranges.Great for Caesar's Palace and Time Travel Nar Shadda.
Some More News, But Some Bad - mscbuck @ 6:56 PM
As I was doing my daily surfing, I came across Jedi Knight-II's main page and I saw something interesting regarding a demo release. The questions were answered by Chang Khan of Raven Software.

THE MOST WANTED ANSWER: Will there be a demo, man? Everyone's hyped about the game and just the smallest of demos would be of much appreciation. If so, do you have a date set, soon?

Totally up to LucasArts. Personally, I hope not because it takes a lot of work to get a demo together when, at this point, it would be a lot easier to just finish the game and get it out the door...

Also, the interview includes info on Force Speed, weapons, and the fists. Doesn't sound good about the demo. But, I bet we all would rather have a bug-free game instead of a rushed release. Thanks to AB_Leigon for the info.

Friday, February 15, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Ode To A Jedi - BrianTheSith @ 10:40 PM
File: Ode To A Jedi
Author: NJO_Aden_Lore
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a very small multiplayer level. It was created for the sole purpose of NF Sabers. It is set in the scene of the tomb of two Jedi Knights, who fell defending their people. They gave thanks to the Jedi's sacrifice by taking their remains deep into the wastes and burying them in a secret tomb.
New Jedi Outcast shots - Hideki @ 4:27 AM
SavageX was kind enough to notify us that the LEC Jedi Outcast site was updated to have several screenshots of new characters and weapons. Also they have a new NRI reports. There are alot of new stuff to see on the site, so be sure check it out.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Sector 3027-AA - Skimpy @ 5:30 AM
File: Sector 3027-AA
Author: DS-181-4
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is one of many Imperial Sector Control Centres on the planet Aridus, security outposts for the ore mines. A medium-sized level optimized for guns. This is my first level, so go easy on the criticism. Areas include and armory, security stations, a swimming pool and a med centre with full-sized bacta tanks that work! I may create a single-player version that will be bigger and with improved lighting.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Battle Arena version 0.5 - Skimpy @ 5:32 AM
File: Battle Arena version 0.5
Author: Michael Adair a.k.a Slain
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is set on a planet covered in shallow water. It has a catwalk in the sky that you can reach via elevator. Great for tournaments, where the spectators can stay down by the bottom, waiting for someone to drop to their death.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

The PC Gamer UK Trailer, and New Screenshots - blujay @ 4:03 PM
As you know, PC Gamer UK recently released CD's and DVD's with their latest issues that contain, among other things, a large JK2 trailer. We received a few offers from our visitors to send it to us for posting on Massassi. To be safe, I asked PC Gamer UK's editor if it was all right. It is copyrighted by LEC, and they have only given it to PC Gamer UK. The editor of PCGUK was kind enough to answer my e-mail, but he asked us not to post it. LEC only authorized them to distribute it with their magazine; it isn't even on their Web site. Therefore, we will not be posting the movie, or links to it. It also will not be allowed on the forums. We do appreciate the offers we've received from our visitors to send us the movie, but although we'd love to do it, we can't.

But he was kind enough to send us these exclusive screenshots with his reply. So, enjoy! Big thanks to PC Gamer UK and their editor!

Jedi Knight 2 coming close to top@VE poll! - Hideki @ 11:38 PM
Our great Brian sent us a word that at (or or there is a poll running asking "What is the most wanted game to be released around this quarter".

Currently as of posting, JK2 is coming at 2nd with 19% and the first being Warcraft III of 23%. JK2 seems to be anticipated by all over the world!
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Barons Hed Saber Training 2 - mscbuck @ 2:29 PM
File: Barons Hed Saber Training 2
Author: JKDude
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the second installment in my Barons Hed style saber levels. This one is a little smaller but should still have good saber gameplay.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Factory of Death - mscbuck @ 2:32 PM
File: Factory of Death
Author: Matyy
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Medium sized level with guns.

Monday, February 18, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: SCC Huntress - mscbuck @ 2:35 PM
File: SCC Huntress
Author: SSC_Hunterthain
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium sized level built after the blueprints of a Corellian Corvette, slightly modified. It contains well furnished officers quarters, cantinas, engine rooms, a security room, armories, an open cargo bay for duels, and traps. This level was designed to provide open areas for duelists, long enclosed hallways for snipers.
New Jedi Knight Mod: Power Weapons Pack 2 - mscbuck @ 2:37 PM
File: Power Weapons Pack 2
Author: Zagibu
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the final release of PWP2(preview). It includes 10 new weapons (Tazer, Lasergun, Needlegun, Particle Cannon, Sniper Rifle, Plasmagun, Rocket Launcher, Mortar, Impulse Laser, Energy Mace) and 3 new items (Invisibility Field, Repulsor Field, Anti Gravity Belt) for your DM pleasure.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

New JO shots and Knote! - Hideki @ 9:49 PM
Today official JO site was updated with 10 new screenshots and a new Jedi Knote. The screenshots are nice, and you get to see Jan too! The new Jedi Knote tells about how the developmenet of the game has been. A nice read. So be sure to check them.

Saturday, February 23, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Ring of Fire 2 - mscbuck @ 6:23 PM
File: Ring of Fire 2
Author: Samurai/ChiaPet
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It is an updated version of my old Ring of Fire level. I have used some of the ideas you guys gave me.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Shrug G-14 Arena - mscbuck @ 6:29 PM
File: Shrug G-14 Arena
Author: Shrug
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A small, fast paced deathmatch level. This level is designed for 2-8 players, the more the merrier though. Such a small level gives fast and furious gameplay. You have a high chance to frag in this level, and to be fragged. Watch your back! Thanks to NJ0_Shadow for the name, and to Zuljin for his Industrial Mat Pack.
New Jedi Knight Mod: jp-30's Star Wars Skin Pack - mscbuck @ 6:35 PM
File: jp-30's Star Wars Skin Pack
Author: jp-30
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A skinpack featuring 11 Star Wars Characters. Nine from the movies and EU, and 2 custom female skins. The pack has three short characters for MP play. All mats are 8-bit. Characters included are Jawa, Ewok, Pit-Droid, Gamorrean Guard, Mas Amedda, Senator Elegos A'Kla, Tycho Celchu, Corran Horn, Admiral Zaarin, Valerie (custom), and Devlia (custom).
New MotS Single Player Level: Jedi Master Episode 2 - mscbuck @ 6:40 PM
File: Jedi Master Episode 2
Author: Stormie
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Jedi Master Episode 2 continues the story of the Jedi Master series. In this episode Kyle must infiltrate a feared crimelord's base, to find out who was responsible for the attack during his reward ceremony in the first episode.
New wallpaper available from TPMTC JK! - Hideki @ 2:49 AM
Friend14 sent us a word about their TPMTC and here's the quote.
The Phantom Menace Total Conversion for Jedi Knight has updated their web page Wallpaper made from an in-game shot is now available in three sizes.
The wallpaper seems to be pretty huge in size as it's a bmp, so for slow connections, be warned.
Also they're looking for some mat artists for the help as well. If you're interested, go check their site.
New Site - mscbuck @ 6:28 AM
Hey! Matyy, Cave_Demon, and GhostofYoda have started a new site called Gameaholics. It consists of reviews and tutorials of various games, and is currently hosting a JK CTF contest. Check the site out for more details regarding the contest.
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Eternal Stream Battlegrounds - mscbuck @ 3:56 PM
File: Eternal Stream Battlegrounds
Author: DBS_Vendo_700
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a DM type level with a few traps and secrets. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2002

System Requirements Released - mscbuck @ 6:18 AM
The official JO site has released the system requirements for the game. Thanks to Chewbubba for the info.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: 5h Gun Yard - Skimpy @ 9:22 PM
File: 5h Gun Yard
Author: Sabre Wulf and Matthew Zacharias
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It started 4h Gun Yard, a fun gunning level. But like many of the Canyon Oasis modifications you see today on Massassi, this is a 4h Gun Yard mod. 5h Gun Yard. I won't waste your time with a list of changes; just try it!
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: The Matrix - Skimpy @ 11:11 AM
File: The Matrix
Author: The Shrimp King
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a multiplayer level from the film The Matrix. I hope you enjoy battleing in this arena. My work in the future will be much better because I am new at this.
Level Correction: The Matrix - Skimpy @ 11:17 AM
The author of the level The Matrix asked that we remove the single player version of his level and replace it with a multiplayer version. The correction has been made.