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Old News - December 2004

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Disclaimer: We have been posting news since 1998. Many of the sites we previously linked to have long since gone defunct. Worse, sometimes scammers buy up old domain names and replace their original content with malware or objectionable content.

Dec. 2, 2004

Today's Logos - mscbuck @ 4:32 PM
Here are today's logos. I've gotten a lot of submissions, keep up the good work! Check out all of today's logos here.

  • Dark__Knight
  • Kyle90
  • Dak
  • Stijn
  • Nightmare JG
  • Dec. 3, 2004

    IGN Republic Commando Progress Report - DSettahr @ 6:23 AM
    IGN has posted a progress report for the upcoming Star Wars FPS, Republic Commando. News and updates about the game have been few and far inbetween lately, but as the March 1st release date draws closer we should be hearing more. The preview states that the gameplay is similar to Halo 2, but with the addition of Squad tactics and commands similar to those found in the Rainbow 6 series of games. For more info, and the view a few new screenshots, be sure to check the article out.

    Dec. 4, 2004

    Contest Update - blujay @ 5:49 PM
    Hey folks. First off, I've decided to raise the file size limit to 50 KB. In the six years since we started, high-speed access has become more widespread, and many JPEG logos start to look blocky at 30 KB. 50 should make it easier on authors, and still should download pretty quickly.

    Second, I've had to remove some logos that were posted due to quality issues. The authors have been e-mailed. I'll be posting more soon. Keep them coming!
    More Logos - blujay @ 6:27 PM
    Ok, more logos! This time from:

    Keep 'em comin'!

    Dec. 5, 2004

    And More... - blujay @ 10:13 AM

    Dec. 6, 2004

    Just One More - blujay @ 7:14 PM
    From TheJkWhoSaysNi. Just click the logo up there to go to the contest page.

    Dec. 7, 2004

    Stargate TC Update - DSettahr @ 8:31 AM
    Clan ruthervain has posted an update about his Stargate Mod for Jedi Knight on our forums. He reports that the mod will be completed before Christmas. Be sure to visit the thread to offer him feedback and encouragment. To view screenshots of the mod, check out clan ruthervain's editing corner.

    Dec. 8, 2004

    More You-Know-Whats - blujay @ 6:42 PM

    You know what to do.
    Holiday Logo Contest Rules Clarification - blujay @ 10:44 PM
    Due to some occasional, mild controversy, I would like to clarify one point of the contest rules: As the rules state, submissions should be holiday-themed logos. However, simply putting the words "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" or whatever on a picture does not make the picture holiday-themed. Even if you spend several hours on a logo, and it looks great, if the only way it's holiday-related is that it has one of those phrases slapped on it, it's not holiday-themed. I do reserve the right to make the final decision of if a logo is holiday-themed enough, k? But generally, you should be able to figure it out. So there's a little advance notice before you undertake your next logo project. Not to scare you off, of course; just look at all the logos that have been posted! So keep them coming!

    Dec. 9, 2004

    Site Downtime - DSettahr @ 11:20 AM
    We apologize for the downtime experienced by the site this morning. It appears that there was a problem with the PHP installation for Recon Gamer's hosted sites, which was set to run in a non-anonymous account. This is why a login prompt appeared whenever anyone tried to access a php file on the site. Things appear to be back to normal now though. Again, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
    File Server Problems Fixed - DSettahr @ 11:40 AM
    The problems preventing files from being uploaded to the file server have been fixed. I am currently downloading the back log of files from the email server. Later tonight, I will begin to post the submitted files. Thanks to everyone who submitted files over the past few weeks for their patience.

    Dec. 10, 2004

    New Jedi Outcast Capture the Flag Level: Temple of Light - DSettahr @ 5:54 PM
    File: Temple of Light
    Author: L-5-R
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: The Temple of Light. This Temple dates back to pre-empire days. It seems a order of jedi knights once inhabiteded this temple. Ther Master Kratt was said to have left the jedi order due to the corruption of the old republic. now the temple stands forgoten.........

    I made this level some time ago but never summited it. Hope you like it.
    New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Darklands - DSettahr @ 5:58 PM
    File: Darklands
    Author: Gugakanzy
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is a dark map made for silent swift attacks from dark corners. it is most fun with sbx or gcw and such. Though the textures may not be impressive, but the lighting is pure wizardry and this map makes for a fun mp game. I would apreaciate feedback, thanks.
    New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Epilepsy - DSettahr @ 6:02 PM
    File: Epilepsy
    Author: _RiGg_
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is a crazy multiplayer level. 1-8 players.

    WARNING: This level should not be view/played by anyone prone to epileptic seizures.
    Star Wars Model Request Line - DSettahr @ 6:08 PM
    In an effort to breed some life back into Jedi Knight editing, jEDIkIRBY has started the "Star Wars Model Request Line." Map/Level editors who are looking for new weapons or other objects to be used as 3dos in their projects can submit a request to have it modeled by kIRBY. Models should be completed within a week of the initial request.

    Dec. 11, 2004

    Three More Logos - blujay @ 1:37 PM

    Please keep the rules in mind. Most of the last batch of submissions I had to turn down because they were over the file size limit. Keep them coming!
    New MotS Mod: Art of the Lightsaber 1.2 - DSettahr @ 2:25 PM
    File: Art of the Lightsaber 1.2
    Author: Doron "Fardreamer" Assayas
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: Art of the Lightsaber is brought back to life (a little late) in this updated version that fiixes many of the old bugs and quirks that plagued the original. Art of the Lightsaber is a mod for Mysteries of the Sith that aims to immerse the player in Jedi lightsaber combat. It features an overhauled lightsaber system that includes various new moves and combos for practically any key/movement combination; evasive moves such as rolls and flips; improved Force powers; and a collection of robed Jedi characters from the films and EU complete with their custom saber hilts.

    Originally released in Febuary 2000 as a work by Sandcrawler Productions, an editing group I started in 1998. ScP was hosted by Outpost D-34 and was active till mid-late 2000. This update was mostly done in January 2002 but somehow I never found the time or motivation to finish it up. Till now.
    The Dark Lord Teaser Trailer - DSettahr @ 2:35 PM
    Anthony Piggott has released a teaser preview of his "Dark Lord" project, a single player level for Jedi Academy featuring Lord Vader himself. The preview is in avi format, and can be downloaded from our file server here.
    New Jedi Outcast Skin: RogerWilco Skin - DSettahr @ 2:40 PM
    File: RogerWilco Skin
    Author: Gigaman1
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: Changes Kyle to Roger Wilco (The main actor from SpaceQuest 1 - 6). Removing Jedi Knight - DSettahr @ 2:48 PM
    MSN's Gaming Zone has announced that it will remove Jedi Knight from the list of available games in February 2005. This is an important mileston in the history of Jedi Knight as many who regularly visit Massassi not only got into Jedi Knight multiplayer through the zone, but into multiplayer gaming in general by playing JK on the zone.

    Those who wish to may sign an internet petition asking MSN to keep Jedi Knight on the zone. I would also like to encourage those wishing to continue playing Jedi Knight to visit #massgames, Massassi's IRC channel dedicated to the organizing of JK MP games within our community. There is also an active thread on our discussion forums for those who wish to comment or discuss the situation.
    Jedi Knight Thing Limit Shattered - DSettahr @ 2:53 PM
    A method has been developed to remove the 640-thing limit from Jedi Knight maps, allwoing mappers to build and design more complex levels with more 3dos. By patching your old jk.exe file, you can run levels with any number of things present. Click here to download the patch, and be sure to visit the thread on our discussion forum to read up on the specifics of how the patch works. Thanks to Hell_Raiser for hosting the patch and for bringing this to the attention of our community.

    Dec. 12, 2004

    And Two More - blujay @ 8:47 PM

    Keep up the great work!

    Dec. 13, 2004 Article on Star Wars Gaming - DSettahr @ 4:35 PM, one of Canada's Premier Media/News Websites, recently posted an article on Star Wars video gaming. The article lists the best and worst of Star Wars games, including some interesting comments about "Jedi Outcast being the pinnacle of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series." The article also mentions the upcoming Republic Commando and Episode III titles, due out next year.
    KotOR II Reviews - DSettahr @ 4:44 PM
    Now that Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords has been released, the reviews are starting to come in. The following is a list of online KotOR2 reviews.

    If anyone knows of any other reviews, feel free to email me a link at

    Dec. 17, 2004

    Massassi Forum Problems (Update - Fixed) - Cool Matty @ 6:14 AM
    The problem is now under control, although the exact cause has yet to be seen. Forum posting has now resumed.

    We were having some trouble with our SQL database server, which is affecting everyone's ability to make a post on the forums. They are still readable, but you cannot make threads or replies. The proper admins have been alerted to the situation, and are working on a solution.

    Dec. 21, 2004

    Server Hit by PHP Worm - blujay @ 10:33 PM
    Unfortunately, the server has been hit by a worm that exploits a PHP vulnerability. Unfortunately, the server is not running the latest version of a long shot. Many HTML files were overwritten. We expect to be able to restore or regenerate most of them, however there may be some that we cannot recover, possibly including some of the most-recently-posted tutorials. If our host cannot restore a backup, perhaps something like Google cache can help. If anyone would like to start downloading copies of all the tutorials from Google, feel free. ;) Only HTML files were hit, no images.

    The forums are another matter. All the content should be preserved in the database, but all of the PHP code was overwritten (or most of it, anyway). Restoring the forums to operation shouldn't be too difficult.

    Bottom line: Brian's going to call Recon in the morning. Before we start restoring the site, the security holes in PHP need to be closed. That is all for now. May the CVE be with you (ha).
    Chatroom Reminder - DSettahr @ 9:55 AM
    If the current lack of forums is leaving you faced with a Massassi withdrawl, this is just a friendly reminder that we do have a chatroom populated by many familiar faces from the forums. If you have mIRC, you may visit the chatroom simply by clicking this link. If you have a different IRC client, here is the server and room info for the channel:

    Channel: #massassi
    Status Update - blujay @ 2:12 PM
    Our host has upgraded to the latest version of PHP, so the restoration process can begin. The worm apparently exploits vulnerabilities in older PHP versions, and scripts such as vBulletin use those vulnerable functions, and gave the worm a door to enter through, so-to-speak. Anyway, we can start restoring now, but no timeframe, you realize. Thanks for your patience.
    (Most) Tutorials Restored - blujay @ 3:24 PM
    I've reuploaded all the tutorials I had backed up from a long time ago (a year, at least). Some submitted since then may be missing from the site, and from the index. If you notice any, feel free to let us know, and/or download copies from Google's cache so we can replace them. (There are nice extensions for Firefox to right-click a link and go to Google's cache automatically.)

    Dec. 22, 2004

    Forums Restored - blujay @ 4:57 PM
    You can rejoice now.

    Ok, they're really restored now. (Actually they were all along, but I forgot to change the redirection file. That would explain why only maevie figured out how to post on it.)

    Dec. 24, 2004

    New Jedi Knight Mod: Forceful Weapons - DSettahr @ 3:27 PM
    File: Forceful Weapons
    Author: Edward
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is a small modification where your avrage bolts are now a little more forceful. When an explosion explodes, or a bolt hits, it will throw people around. It will still do the same damage, but anyone not immune to crush damage, will by dead. In MP, you are all immune to the crush, but not to the damage, so you'll still get hurt, though others will have to chase you. This is excelent in larger levels (like 06), and is able to be combined with other Mods that don't change the templates. Of course, you can take out everything from the other Mod's GOB but the JKL and place it in the same folder and see the effect, but be warned that not all weapons will work then. And if there is any Mod out there that uses the +force_repel template then feel free to combine it. I've made it more powerful.
    New Jedi Academy Skin: Olts Keldor - DSettahr @ 3:36 PM
    File: Olts Keldor
    Author: OLTS/// Lord Vili ****
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

    A new race has been added for this version, OLTS Keldor, cradle in the Keldor male.

    OLTS Keldor undergoes an important improvement, adding new heads, torsos and legs; 3 heads, 4 torsos and 3 legs in total.

    Both skins include the colour changes that were already included in the first version. All of them, Sith colors, excepting one blue a blue for TFFA gametype (beacause of the Sith caracter of my clan).
    New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Merry Christmas - DSettahr @ 3:42 PM
    File: Merry Christmas
    Author: JK FoxHound
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: The new Christmas level from JK FoxHound with brand new level! brand new Factory! and so on just check it out! Merry Christmas
    New Jedi Outcast Skin: sav_inuyasha - DSettahr @ 3:48 PM
    File: sav_inuyasha
    Author: SavageX, AT-AT Lover
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is an Inuyasha skin from the anime of the same name, this pack includes 3 skins: Human Inuyasha, Half-demon Inuyasha, Demon Inuyasha. The skins were created by SavageX, AT-AT Lover added the sounds.
    New Jedi Outcast Skin: Duo - DSettahr @ 3:52 PM
    File: Duo
    Author: TJ_Duo
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: Just another reborn reskin, I made it mostly for my clan. If you were hoping to get the Duo from gundam sorry, but I don't have that ability yet.
    New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Haven : The Dawn of Darkness (16-bit Version) - DSettahr @ 3:58 PM
    File: Haven : The Dawn of Darkness (16-bit Version)
    Author: Spiral
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: A multiplayer level set in an abandoned asylum. Use the second screenshot to adjust the brightness of your monitor. (16-bit version.)

    Dec. 25, 2004

    New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: Haven: Xeroxed (8-bit version) - DSettahr @ 4:01 PM
    File: Haven: Xeroxed (8-bit version)
    Author: Spiral
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This level takes place in an abandoned asylum. Use the second screenshot to adjust your monitor brightness. (8-bit version.)
    New Jedi Academy Skin: Lord Kaos Skin - DSettahr @ 4:09 PM
    File: Lord Kaos Skin
    Author: John Tinning and KAZZZ
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is simply a touch up to the fantastic Skullytin skin of John Tinning, You'll see this if you look into the pk3 file, I left most of the items still named skullytin. I simply added the face and hands of the Darth Omega model from KAZZZ to give the model more of a Zabrak/Emporer feel.
    Merry Christmas! - DSettahr @ 10:14 PM
    On behalf of the staff here at the Massassi Temple, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, I hope you've all gotten some good loot this year.