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Old News - May 2006

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Disclaimer: We have been posting news since 1998. Many of the sites we previously linked to have long since gone defunct. Worse, sometimes scammers buy up old domain names and replace their original content with malware or objectionable content.

May 6, 2006

The Polls are Open! - jEDIkIRBY @ 8:16 AM
JKHub 's First Annual Hub CTF Level Pack Contest has opened the polls!

You can rate maps on a scale from 1-5, changing the order in which the maps will appear in the pack, as well as showing proper honor to the map's developer.

Click here to rate SuperStar CTF.
Click here to rate CTF_Tribes.
Click here to rate Blastside.
Click here to rate Dralloc CTF.

Polls close May 12th.