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Old News - May 2022

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Disclaimer: We have been posting news since 1998. Many of the sites we previously linked to have long since gone defunct. Worse, sometimes scammers buy up old domain names and replace their original content with malware or objectionable content.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Smith Website Move & v2.22 Released - Brian @ 10:36 PM
The Smith website has moved to:

Smith is a modern re-implementation of the Jedi Knight Engine. It includes numerous enhancements over the original such as direct integration with Ned, an enhanced version of Jed. I've previously posted about the 3d Screenshot functionality but there have been quite a few updates since then. Version 2.22 can be downloaded from the new site above.

If you have previously downloaded Smith you will need to download it again if you want auto-updates to work.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Sith Plugin for Blender - Brian @ 5:10 PM
Ever wanted to edit JK/MotS 3d objects in Blender? How about animations? From Crt Vavros via Discord:

The blender-sith addon is fully fledged Blender 2.79 addon for importing/exporting 3DO models, KEY animations and importing mat textures into Blender for games: JKDF2, MOTS, DroidWorks and Indiana Jones & Infernal Machine. Initially addon was created for modding IJIM and now expanded to all games based on Sith engine.

Addon allows you to edit all 3DO & KEY specific properties in Blender e.g. type flags of mesh polygon face, extra face light, geo & light mode, KEY flags, vertex colors etc... and export them back to file. The pivot point is baked into mesh (for now) and won't be exported in node entry.

The addon was better tested with IJIM game assets then other games. I ran batch script to import all 3do models from JKDF2 & MOTS to make sure they load up properly in blender. Haven't tested much of the KEY & 3DO exporting, thou @Shred helped me testing few models in the game. There might still be some edge cases where this addon won't work correctly (e.g. some unknown key flags, type flags etc... that the addon can't digest). That's why addon is currently in beta to find any bugs before final 1.0 release.

There is also a separate repository of blender scripts (which require the sith plugin to be installed). One interesting one is "" which exports the selected object and it's hierarchy to NDY/JKL file format.