Note: This is an old page that has been updated/formatted, you can view the original here.

New Player Characters

Author: CrazedUp

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a new player character with the 3do used for Kyle Katarn Or Mara Jade.

I assume you have a new character (skin) made with the ky.3do (for JK) and the kk.3do (MOTS KKatarn) or the mj.3do (MOTS Mara Jade). I also assume you have your character ready and that you will not be needing help in making it. If that is your problem, please see the tutorial on Creating a Skin.

Part 1 - The Easy Way

  1. Put your character 3do in your Project directory, and do the following:
    • If making new character for JK : Just simply save 3do as ky.3do (This disables you to use the usual KKatarn skin elsewhere)
    • If making new KKatarn for MOTS : Save 3do as kk.3do (" ")
    • If making new MJade for MOTS : Save 3do as mj.3do (" ")
  2. This is it, just make sure to have all the correct mats in the project directory (except if textures already in Res2.gob (JK) or (MOTS))
  3. In JED the walkplayer should appear as your character, same thing in the game.

Part 2 - The Less Easy Way

This method allows you to use kkatarn or mjade character some other way in the game (Ex. Enemy, helper). In this tutorial, I use the 002.3do (The Kyle Fett Skin from JK BFP) renamed to bounty.3do

  1. Name the 3do whatever you want (I renamed 002.3do to bounty.3do).
  2. Open up the Master.tpl (JK) or the MOTS.tpl (MOTS) in wordpad and do the following:
    • Find the "walkplayer" template if making new kkatarn character in either MOTS or JK
    • Find the "marawalkplayer" template (MOTS only) if making new mjade character.
  3. Copy the contents from # Desc: to walkplayer/marawalkplayer. The following is the template code I use for my bounty.3do:
# BBOX: -0.03730128 -0.01387423 -0.1184614 0.03811364 0.03983956 0.06454442
mercaneryplayer _actor type=player thingflags=0x20000401 light=.2 model3d=bounty.3do size=.065
movesize=.065 puppet=ky.pup soundclass=kybobafett.snd cog=ben_m.cog surfdrag=3 airdrag=.5
staticdrag=.3 health=100 maxhealth=100 maxthrust=2 typeflags=0x1 error=.5 fov=.71 chance=1

The previous lines should be copied and pasted. They should appear as three lines in the template file just like above.

Oh! The ben_m.cog is the cog I use to make the saber green instead of orange (MOTS stuff here)

This done, I wish you have a great time with your levels and characters.