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This is my first EVER level and personally I quite like it, but it's not up for me to decide whether YOU like it or not. Thats why YOU are going to download it now.

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Level Info:

Download: Imperial Colony
File Size: 170k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Jensyx
Downloads: 3725


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 13
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SlingsRatPosted: 12/16/00 13:14   Report Abuse
With 899 downloads so far I suggest there are 899 disappointed JK fans out there. The only thing this level has going for it, is for showing off the editors cut-scene making skills. Speaking of which there are far too many of them. If you get killed and end up having to watch a scene over again you get pi**ed off very fast!
There are too many mis-aligned textures and HOM mistakes as well. It is too hard at the start. I was playing with "medium" skill level and soon gave up and used bactame. Also its possible to cut yourself off by blowing up that fuel barrel.
It is only a first level so I guess all can be forgiven but its disappointing to download a level to play only to find out its crap.


CE_ST_Kir_KanosPosted: 04/06/01 01:53   Report Abuse
Well...not bad for a first attempt,accualy I hated it I played it once and deleated it. There are to many cut-sceens I DO NOT UNDER ANY CERCOMSTANCES RECOMEND THIS LEVEL!!!! But as I said before it's only his first try.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/10/01 21:22   Report Abuse
Lol it was very short. The cutscenes are too long and the level is too short. But at least youre original and the story is realistic. If you do other levels, keep the realism but do your dialogs shorter :)


YWL_ConnemaraPosted: 04/26/01 11:36   Report Abuse
My God, there was no point to this level!!! It was literally the smallest JK level I have ever seen, MP or SP. It took me 5 minutes to complete, and that was 5 minutes of wasted time. Not to mention a nasty glitch I got stuck in at one point and nearly couldn't get out of. Boo...bad level, I give it a 2


Firehead_Sith_MasterPosted: 05/12/01 06:01   Report Abuse
Well its ok for a first time but too long of cut-scenes, also i couldnt find anything qualified for "good" in this level


massassi_ownerPosted: 06/09/01 22:26   Report Abuse
ok now this must be bad i am the owner of this site and i took the time to come all the way over hear to say your levle SUCKED tips next time shorter cut's biger lev and a beter story line other than that the levle was still prety sucky i may have to remove this levle but i wont since its only your first


scaramangaPosted: 06/12/01 21:51   Report Abuse
You know what? I'm giving this level a TEN! I feel bad that everyone is coming down so hard on this guy and it's his first level. It's a fair shake better than anything I've ever produced.


JennyPosted: 06/16/01 14:29   Report Abuse
(coughs politely into hand) Well, thanks for all your constructive criticism. Especially yours, "massassi_owner", you dumb***.

Yes, this was my first attempt. It wasn't meant to be released. It was my very first attempt with JED and I was testing doors. Sorry! Now, ignore this level and go and download Nar Shaddaa - Dark Life or Star Wars: Locations!


Maddogger1823Posted: 07/21/01 19:35   Report Abuse
I give it a five, but it's not worth a two. there are way too many cutscenes. if you put them into actual cutscenes we could skip, I would play it more.


dr_cal_lookPosted: 08/20/01 16:10   Report Abuse
I thought this lvl was GREAT!

there is so much to do and lots of secrets to discover. It took me a good half an hour to complete (longer if u count finding all the secrets!) which is not to shabby at all.

If anything wasn't up to scratch the cut scenes could have been a bit longer between game play but that is a small critisism and at least if u die u can see them again and again which is good. Unfortunately the other lvl's by the author r not a patch on this shame because this is so cool.


Dark_Jedi_YunPosted: 05/12/02 04:32   Report Abuse
Dumb, boring, easy.


Matt02Posted: 07/03/02 03:16   Report Abuse
Well, this isn't that good. Although I got the story-line it was funny when they were heating up at the generators! Im only giving this a 1 rate, good-job for your first try! Keep up the good work!!



StormInvaderPosted: 07/15/03 03:54   Report Abuse
The massassi_owner sure can spell. Man, I spell better. ;)


ConnemaraPosted: 10/30/03 15:32   Report Abuse
I think everyone was rather unfair about this level, including myself, re-playing it. Yes, it was way too short. But I actually enjoyed the custscene dialogue. maybe a little too long at points, but rather amusing for the most part.

Not a bad effort, the only real problem is it is so short.


beavinatorPosted: 11/24/05 07:05   Report Abuse
I just had to comment how hilarious it was when I shot two commandos from across the room, then entered the room to witness their corpses having a pleasant conversation with each other. Beautiful! :)


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