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Jedi Knight Arena is a multiplayer modification for Jedi Knight, similar to Rocket Arena which was originally released for the Quake series. JKArena pits two players against each other at a time. Other players wait in the observation area until it's their turn. Available weapons can be selected by the host and players can take themselves out of the "queue" at any time. These settings are saved across level transitions, making psuedo-dedicated servers a possibility (host can start a game, set up the weapons, remove him/herself from the queue, and then leave the game to run itself on a score or time limit).

More information on creating your own JKA levels can be found on the Official Jedi Knight Arena web site.


  • Brad "oSiRiS" Huizenga
  • Justin "Juz`" Stocks
  • Brian Lozier
  • Rishka
  • The_Mega_ZZTer
  • Blood_Asp
  • time_b0mb


Level Info:

Download: Official Jedi Knight Arena Level Pack
File Size: 1.8Megs
Date: 01/07/04
Author: JKA Team
Downloads: 3107


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 23
Rate: Click Here

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User Comments:

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WussPosted: 01/07/04 00:39   Report Abuse
Downloading as I speak...

Looks great! I can't wait to play it!


Tloc_Zloc_KillPosted: 01/07/04 00:52   Report Abuse


Terra111Posted: 01/07/04 01:57   Report Abuse


Jedi LegendPosted: 01/07/04 03:03   Report Abuse
Very, very impressive.

Better late than never. :-)


MentatMMPosted: 01/07/04 05:21   Report Abuse
Just played it with a few guys from my clan and we enjoyed it. Most of the arenas are very fun to play and the cogs seem to work quite well. Good job all.


danny85331Posted: 01/07/04 12:43   Report Abuse
Ill actually soon be running a tourney with this I think, will kick @$$!


EdwardPosted: 01/07/04 15:14   Report Abuse
Nice levels. Wish I was just as good. But I'll get there! Some day... It was boring because I had noone to play with. But I did check out the actuall arenas, simply by cheating my way in with warp... Ah well... It's a keeper!



FastGamerrPosted: 01/07/04 18:43   Report Abuse
Great, baby. Astounding, baby. Outrageous, baby.



oSiRiSPosted: 01/07/04 19:04   Report Abuse
A few notes:
1) You do not have to use JKPatch to use JKARENA, but also, JKARENA won't work with most mods, I imagine.

2) The weapons default to being all on when you start the game, so walking into the weapons room and selecting a weapon and toggling it will turn it OFF and leave everything else ON.


MrRavenXPosted: 01/08/04 16:25   Report Abuse
Without a doubt this is the best modification/level pack ever created for Jedi Knight.

The levels are top notch, the gameplay is amazing, and the cogs work great. Many thanks for the hard work that went into making this masterpiece.

Rating: 10 (duh)


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 01/11/04 19:44   Report Abuse
I like the train one the best. ^_^


GhostOfYodaPosted: 01/14/04 22:21   Report Abuse
Fun indeed!


Hard DriverPosted: 01/19/04 13:44   Report Abuse
Beta tested this new game mode. Bloody brilliant. Lots of fun. The maps don't look quite out of the ordinary for JK, but they're still well made. I recommend a download for sure.


NaiLzPosted: 01/20/04 02:27   Report Abuse
awesome for nf guns should host a tournament for nf guns with this its badass


Daft_VaderPosted: 07/04/04 02:11   Report Abuse
It was wonderful to see such an impressive collaboration of talented editors from around the Jedi Knight community come together to produce a truly unique and fantastic level pack. Great mod, great levels, great concept. 10.


The_Person88Posted: 07/10/04 20:20   Report Abuse
The levels looked fun....but i couldnt explore any of them!!! ]:( ...3...


interim_jarethPosted: 11/17/05 13:57   Report Abuse
I must say, this is a very Eccentric pack. An incredibly edition.


VancePosted: 12/03/05 19:33   Report Abuse
:- / 1 thing. I could hardly move, I had no health or shields. The gun wouldn't fire. And i force jump and then die. ??? wth?


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