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An all-new roleplaying mod featuring a variety of player types (Mayor, Guard, Assassin, Civilian, Doctor, Venders) with their own special abilities and items, new weapons (vibro-axe, sniper rifle), a money system (purchasing items and banks), as well as item/weapon trading, role-playing, and much more. It all takes place in Barons Hed, the original LEC level having been expanded into a massive city filled with stores, civilians, and surprises.

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Level Info:

Download: JKrpg - Barons Hed
File Size: 2.3Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: JKrpg staff
Downloads: 16445


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 43
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

User Comments:

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AS_ClonePosted: 06/22/00 17:16   Report Abuse
If you like RPG than this is the mod for you!


ParticleManXWPosted: 06/23/00 23:58   Report Abuse
To say that this mod is awsome, is not to say enough. If you like common sence, you will like this mod. It adds to Jedi knihgt the nessecity of money. You must find spend it, and kill for it.


ID_DaRk_LoRdPosted: 06/25/00 17:44   Report Abuse
This mod is da bomb i like the tuskens and all the other stuff i got some suggestions for it to have a update to it. Instead of guards,Meke em Security Officers and if your mayor or Security Officer You can control computer controlled guards like the tuskens so make it even for playing as mayor or Guard that be the bomb. Some AI Guards have Axes,some have have Sniper Rifles have them patrolling the streets amnd have like 6 of AI Guards in the Mayor house and 4 guards with Axes guarding the 2 entrences to the Mayor house,2 guards per door of the house,and make it have little patroll like 6 AI Guards with sniper riflesnear canyon entrence to help you go in canyon and put more tuskens in the canyon like 4 more in canyon. Consider This Suggestion to make it more Fun.


Jedi_BeanPosted: 06/26/00 03:32   Report Abuse
THIS MOD ROCKS!!! It is kinda like the Counter-Strike Mod for the game called Half-Life. What you should do 2 improve it is make it like the mayor is like a vip and he has 2 escape, but if the snipers kill him first then the snipers win, but if the mayor escapes then he wins. Sorta like CTF.


SaGABarret80Posted: 06/30/00 02:44   Report Abuse
This is an awesome mod. only one complaint its very laggy. thats all.

P.S. why dont you make a Barons Hed for Mots its just a thought?


NorthChaosPosted: 07/03/00 09:41   Report Abuse
Dunno, but we're been playing with the idea of doing another JK RPG level, enhanced cogs and the works, and with a different themed level...


JuztynPosted: 07/04/00 20:35   Report Abuse
JKRPG SE, anyone? :)


NorthChaosPosted: 08/04/00 15:57   Report Abuse
*cough*JKRPG2*cough* :)


Shinra_SoldierPosted: 08/08/00 23:11   Report Abuse
This is one of the best MODs ever! It's awesome!


ScoutTrooperPosted: 08/11/00 01:31   Report Abuse
Omigod. Amazing. Money, the only thing that would make any level compete with Canyon Stream, is finally here. God, imagine if Drazen had money. . . *drool* Anyways, I think that the only things that could be improved is the need of more homes, with locks if possible, more vendors and civillians, and AI Guards. I personally found it very annoying to be alone as an assassin and not being able to earn points. Also, across from the Tusken Vendor there is a 'pipe' like area under the water. Go lower until you find a this area with a glow to it. What is it for ??!!? Also if you go deeper, you'll find a loooooong pipe. Tell me, since I die before I get to the end what is at the end? Is there even an end?


SithWarriorRulePosted: 08/12/00 20:11   Report Abuse
This MOD is the best and only RPG in JK. With all the money and bartering, its a one of a kind thing. There are only a few problems, but who cares about those. I like the way you added more space in the level, I mean, they looked like they were there in the first place. I just want to say one more thing. If your gonna make a second RPG, why dont you put up "legal" stuff. Like you need a lisence to kill tuskens, and give tuskens more powerful weapons, there to easy to kill. Also liscense for guns and crap. And maybe, just maybe, you could make AI civilians throw out money and guns. Oh, by the way, fantastic MOD!!!!!!


Saber_WarriorPosted: 08/22/00 21:15   Report Abuse
i think this is a GREAT MOD and lvl


bignutterPosted: 08/24/00 00:39   Report Abuse
This is the best mod/level/anything for JK since it's release, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another rpg!


LictorPosted: 08/24/00 18:01   Report Abuse
How did you deactivate the force powers? Also (coz you seem to be brilliant at editing), do you have any idea how to design a jetpack patch that activates force jump when the activate it?


SSC_SSJ4TrunksPosted: 09/01/00 11:18   Report Abuse
This mod is AWSOME!!!!!Ive just got a suggestion if your making another make(if possible) it go night to day and when day first comes out add the fog in there then take out fog for a while so its regular day then make it turn night then make it keep repeating that!


Master_JaKePosted: 09/02/00 01:48   Report Abuse
This is a great mod. I enjoyed it. If you like RPG's then this is for you.


EmonPosted: 09/06/00 01:01   Report Abuse
Umm, Trunks, a day night cyle is impossible in JK, and if it was, it would have tremendous lag. Your a perfect emaple of someone who knows jack about editng.


Kenobi~JDPosted: 09/10/00 03:04   Report Abuse
Not impossible to make a day night cycle (Well, actualy making a day night cycle is impossible, but you can make something which would have that affect.) Either through a dark fog or something like that, you can give a dakened effect, it would just take time and a LOT of creativity. Good concept though. Oh, btw, I LOVE THIS LEVEL.


Kaz BlaxxunPosted: 10/08/00 02:43   Report Abuse
I think this is a good level and Mod but its entirely too laggy the frame rate is terrible and also this level limits your roles which i dislike. In an Rpg you should be able to pick your own characters you shouldn't be limit ones roles to Weapon man, Assassin, items dealer, guard, Mayor, or civillian.....that just isn't right. If you like Barons Hed you should ENJOY Mos Taari it is almost like Barons Hed Except you get to pick your own ROLES which is essential to Role Playing. If you like Barons Hed more power to you but if you are a Serious RPer then Get Mos Taari .... its nearly the same and less lag. -=oh and also i would like to add that if you RP, BFP's are essential to a good Rpg


TLE_ThrmalPosted: 10/13/00 20:44   Report Abuse
This is irritating, having to find this. At least for the levels that use Rpg code they could have said where this was, i was completely unable to play Mos Espa RPG, i hope this download is worth the hassle of asking people and finding this. I am fairly disappointed


«Michael«Posted: 10/23/00 15:20   Report Abuse
dont change the style,keep the players selection like it is.....in mos espa and tarri,u just "say" your that char.,and that isnt even fun.BTW great mod and level.


DowN_TimE_YoDaPosted: 10/31/00 07:51   Report Abuse
THIS IS THE BEST ADDON LVL/MOD FOR JK EVER!! u use money, and banks, and a sniper rifle, and a vibro-axe, and u get characters to play, and u can do trades, and rob people, and blackmail people, and get tuskens to follow u, and get them to kill people, and get a droid to follow u, (and sell him hehe) After all the comments, I have found a few bugs (if they are bugs) 1. sometimes the tuskens wont follow u, same with the droid. 2. it is a bit laggy, but thats no problem. 3. BIG ONE. Sometimes u can't enter the sheets where u change into different people. Very frustrating when you've just been killed and u want to be assassin and have revenge. 4. I seem to keep having to change disks, since sometimes I get a checksum failure, and just then I got a message that the lvl couldnt load. F-R-U-S-T-A-T-I-N-G
********but, all in all, I give it a 10******


core_masterPosted: 11/03/00 18:29   Report Abuse
I LOVE THIS LEVEL!!! there are a few problems though... when you take out 500 you cna only put 499, you can get stuck on heads on most game sprits (characters who don't move or move controled by the computer for you non-computerliterate people out there), you always have to subtract 1 credit from the credit display becuase you only cna spend 99 creds if it says 100. other then that this is an awsome level. :)


SR_Warrior7Posted: 12/08/00 15:35   Report Abuse
hey I Love the level it would be 10 if i could pick a character BEFORE i start the level! that way I dont have to guess what portal makes me what. one more thing... HOW DO I PICK UP THE DANG CREDITS ON THE GROUND. and also how else can i get credits?


MBHG_Jodo_KastPosted: 12/30/00 00:55   Report Abuse
Picking up credits is a pretty obvious thing you just walk over them and you pick them up automatically and you can see what character you are going to be by looking in the space either to the left, right or directly in front of you when you enter the different floors of the building. Anyway I thought it was a GREAT level and the way you can use credits I think is pretty cool. BTW I was wondering when you guys are going to make another RPG please do it ASAP! I LOVE RPG's!! :-)


so_sl_sidPosted: 01/14/01 14:39   Report Abuse


MNMPosted: 01/20/01 21:10   Report Abuse
hey, ive had problems picking up credits before...and i since i messed around with the way i set up the mod, it works now. i can pick up credits...kinda weird...BTW GREAT mod! =*)


Lucky # 13Posted: 02/08/01 22:58   Report Abuse
the reason you cant pick up credits is because you arnt using the mod "rpgcode"


core_masterPosted: 02/27/01 20:01   Report Abuse
THIS IS A GREAT RPG LEVEL. since i played this i ahve downlaoded almsot every otehr rpg on the net. NONE COMPARE! there are a few bugs though. like with teh bank. if withdraw 500 you only put 499 back. and you can noyl hold 500 @ a time.
if you remake this ever. make max liek 100000. and make some guards taht can be moved around liek da tuskens.


GettleburgerPosted: 03/19/01 00:40   Report Abuse
This is the best MP level/mod i have ever played! There is no other level quite like this one! I cant wait until another level like this comes out!


SV_SoD_Majin1Posted: 03/22/01 19:58   Report Abuse
Awesome mod, great for RPGing!


UnknownForcesPosted: 05/10/01 23:32   Report Abuse
GREAT LEVEL! Why are you sitting here reading these when you could be playing it!Download now! Great for RPG or just killin! Explore the level first its a big one! GREAT LEVEL!


sixddPosted: 05/16/01 00:33   Report Abuse
This is so awsome I love this but I agree there should be some more goals but thats just an idea


Dan 317Posted: 05/17/01 18:06   Report Abuse
Totally awsome! I like RPG's, and this one's the best!


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/20/01 19:45   Report Abuse


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/20/01 19:52   Report Abuse
zzzZZZzzz........ ( waking up ) what ? What┤s the matter ? oh...sorry. eheh....dozed of there. Great level blah blah blah, Great money and character system blah blah blah, I suggest you improve the level by making some AI gaurds patrolling the streets blah blah blah, it gets boring after a while...cuz its no creativity in this level and its during night blah blah blah, it would be much funnier if this level would be like drazen isle... ohh...Drazen isle + a money system = *drool* .. .. .. but enough gloom...cherio, bye bye, and ta ta !!


Dan 317Posted: 06/08/01 16:54   Report Abuse
Great. Only thing is that night time gets really old, and it should be a bit bigger with more AI.


AtomEntityPosted: 06/11/01 02:38   Report Abuse
UNBELIEVABLE! EXTRAORDINARY! GREAT! FANTASTIC! BEAUTIFUL! There are no words to describe this mod in its utmost. It's one of the best I've ever seen.


CyberMastahPosted: 06/23/01 10:46   Report Abuse
I've played this level, and I know that it must have taken time to think up this level, and its design. I loved how you could be different characters, but man, this level rocks!


D_B_Z_VeggettoPosted: 06/29/01 19:46   Report Abuse
this mod is great only one problem it's a year old now and i can't wait till a new one comes out.

but till then this is fine


darthkinPosted: 07/03/01 19:52   Report Abuse
I was playing this level, and I thought
" Wow this room looks familiar." I had played a level, I don't remember if it has a download (which would have been from massassi) or came with the game, but I HAD play a level with a room in this game. You walk under a bridge to a wrecked courtyard, there is a fallen wall leading to a window. A walkway is behind you as you enter. Jump onto the walkway and you find a large pile of dirt or rubble. There is no don't in my mind that if this part was copied then so was some of the other rooms in this level.


ShaderunnerPosted: 07/21/01 17:37   Report Abuse
this mod is really great however i have run into a promblem (note this is my promblem but a problem none the less) i don't have anyone else to play this mode with so it useless to me but its really good none the less. just in idea but how about a single player version of this mod.


SAURONPosted: 08/03/01 01:27   Report Abuse
*sniff* im gonna start crying....i think im in love....this mod is so great....the level is good to..lets all go on a tusken hunt, vent some anger on wierd little guys with guns....the money system is nice to....and being able to drop weapons and items.


bearded_jarlPosted: 08/10/01 07:21   Report Abuse
best level ever. period. someone should make another level using the rpgcode gob.

#gobs of goo(s)!#


JuztynPosted: 10/23/01 20:11   Report Abuse
Darthkin - It says in the description that the level builds off of the original Jedi Knight level, Baron's Hed. :p


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 10/29/01 00:41   Report Abuse
Awesome level. This is my favorite RPG level, besides Drazen Isle. Can you implement the treasure hunt from Drazen Isle into your next RPG level, please? Then it would be oh so cool. But there's one problem. The LAG! It haunts me day and night. I suggest no more then 3 people, unless someone has a really fast fast modem.


Elemental705Posted: 11/17/01 01:30   Report Abuse
This RPG is kool!!!! Great gameplay!!!! Can anyone make a SW, SOTE, ROTJ, or somthing that isan rpg?


StrikePosted: 12/04/01 07:56   Report Abuse
"Umm, Trunks, a day night cyle is impossible in JK, and if it was, it would have tremendous lag. Your a perfect emaple of someone who knows jack about editng." -Emon

And arent you the genious?

Well, just to show YOU know 'jack about editng'

message startup
message pulse
if(day == 1) { day=0; sendtrigger(-1, 111, 0, 0, 0, 0); return; }
sendtrigger(-1, 112, 0, 0, 0, 0);

flags=0x240 [--(local for no lag)
message trigger
flex delay=1.0
if(p == 111)
// Go night time
for(i=1; i]0; i=i-1)
for(x=0; x[GetSectorCount(); x=x+1)SetSectorLight(x, i, delay); //delay? dunno why, im no genious (8 points behind on the IQ test)
if(p != 112) return;
// go daytime
for(i=0; i[1; i=i+1)
for(x=0; x[GetSectorCount(); x=x+1)SetSectorLight(x, i, delay);


why i feel i have to prove ppl wrong when they speak this BS i dont know, but there ya'all are. try it out if u want to. make it 2 cogs and add em both to ur level. lagless (client/server)



Force master2Posted: 06/21/02 08:13   Report Abuse
great mod, man, good for when u need 2 get away from all the shooting.

u should be free 2 kill who u like, tho


Eric_LightheartPosted: 07/12/02 17:55   Report Abuse
This is one of the best downloads on massassi. I would suggest downloading it right away if you haven't. Also, a JKRPG Bespin or Theed would be really cool.


land_sea_airPosted: 09/25/02 22:19   Report Abuse
this mod is the BEST ive ever seen!!!! but there is 1 problem when we play it with no one else we should be able to save it but its just a thought i rate it a 10


Force master2Posted: 12/23/02 10:07   Report Abuse
HI, just popping 'round to say how great this level is, please, please PRITTY please (with suger and a cherry on top) make another one, with a bigger lvl!


ssj4electronicpestPosted: 07/19/03 10:12   Report Abuse
this mod rules because the new weapons and classes were nice but i gave it an 8 because it only had 1 level


SolidSnake_JediPosted: 10/25/03 11:46   Report Abuse
This TC as i would call it owns! i give it a 10 cas it beats basicly evry RPG lvl... u should do one on Coruscant


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 01/04/04 23:03   Report Abuse
By Far the best RPG mod out there i give it a 10


Deathdealer666Posted: 04/08/04 06:25   Report Abuse
I loved this level still fun no mattr how old the game is,10.


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