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Our spies on the planet Sith (dressed up as wampas in disguise) have heard Darthy boy talking about his new creations: cloned dark jedi. The New Republic must send someone to kill the darkies and Darthy boy and escape on the Millennium Falcon. The person they will send is Postman Pat! Oh, sorry! Kyle Katarn!

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Download: Planet Sith
File Size: 1.5Megs
Date: 06/17/00
Author: Looweegee
Downloads: 6049


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 54
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JediHunterPosted: 06/24/00 04:30   Report Abuse
if their was an award for most unnorigonal plot,this would win it!All Dark Forces veterans will recognize that this level contains the same basic plot as the first game.I mean Darthy boy=Darth vader,sith clones=the saber-weilding droids(or whatever they're called).And the postman pat joke(i call it that because there is no other way to describe it)was totally unnecesarry


WhiteGandalfPosted: 06/25/00 00:57   Report Abuse
Please do not d/l this. It is a total waste of time.


DsA_RaptorPosted: 06/26/00 03:10   Report Abuse
Hey all.... This level ROCKS !! It is worth a download Very nice work Looweegee


MorrisPlytePosted: 06/26/00 16:27   Report Abuse
And that maze at the end! Yeech! I thought I'd go insane!

Well, at least this episode gave me a chance to dust off the old weapons mods and fight bad editing with good old fashioned cheating.


aGAcu_7Posted: 07/02/00 00:45   Report Abuse
I agree with MorrisPlyte... Sorry say this jedi pulled out the mini gun from the GAS mod and blew the crap outta everyone. In the first level(at the beggining) I used all the usual cheats. But I pulled out the bazooka and used fly mode to blow up ppl. I was alwayz getting right over people and using fir 2... if you watch it fall it is ike a small bomb... very cool... when those funky color pigs came after me(the ones that don't die) I lured them out onto the bridge and "accidently" blew them off the bridge. They fell in the water and had all those fish to worry about:-)heeheheee... Other then that I thought the level was a complete success. All of the messups made the level cool. The mini gun is the best weapon to use. In the last level, at the beggining, I went into the first big room where the ST's come from. Not really caring I left my computer in the game and watched TV for a few minutes(after playing for 3 hours you need another screen to stare at). I came back to find a massavive amount of ST's trying to blast me to bits... It didn't work cuz I had a cheat code on but..... After killing the last one I noticed that no more came... I had whacked all of the ST's... I felt great...

Now that I have taken up the whole page with my message I have to say this: DOWNLOAD THE LEVEL RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!


kevi64Posted: 07/05/00 04:10   Report Abuse
all the peeps who say not to download this level probably don't have the urge most people have to pull out big guns and blast huge crowds of enemies away... This level is GREAT with mods like ninja kage(extra bloodiness) and GaS (gives me that invincible james bond feel) and mowing huge crowds of stormies just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside =P


ChadPosted: 07/07/00 00:32   Report Abuse
This level reminded me of The Dark Pyramid. Only d/l this if you like insane and totaly
unfair challenges. One last thing the doors are a extremely slow.


DexPosted: 07/12/00 02:47   Report Abuse
This level is completely and totally filled to the brim with enemies! it's great! I finally get to use my mass-kill hacks and have them work efficiently! Download this one, it's cool!


doomtooPosted: 07/17/00 05:56   Report Abuse
This level is mainly only good, if all you do is cheats. And some of the doors oper INCREDINBLY S-L-O-W. Took about seven minutes to open the slowest, with this really annoying backround noise. I'd only download this level if you have lotsa cheats, and just want to blast wave, after wave of pointless enemys.
At least it didn't take TOO long to download.


Newton1Posted: 08/05/00 09:37   Report Abuse
this lvl was aight, just flat out massacre. Not much to think about, and the maze at the end was pretty easy. (not hard)


Dark LukePosted: 08/16/00 02:14   Report Abuse
Although the Admiral's Command Chamber has given a 17% review to this level, this can be actually fun. If you want to challenge your skills, download this level, but I recommanded you to play on the easy skill level because on hard it is almost impossible to beat. The door opens wayyy too slowly. In conclusion it is not too bad, which provides a major challenge of your skill and a good length.


Krig_the_VikingPosted: 08/17/00 05:20   Report Abuse
I think this level is great. While it painfully ugly and the doors were liable to drive a man insane, killing hundreds of bad guys makes up for it, IMHO. The best way to play this level is with the slowmo cheat on. Gives ya that slick Matrix feel...


Dark_Lord_JerecPosted: 08/19/00 23:45   Report Abuse
Level Rating: 99%

Level Comment(s): Who dosn't like old fashion cheating and great MODs on a mewdiem-hard levl? I say it's cool: everyone playing this level should type in teriamjh (enter key), twamprat (enter key), tred5 (enter key), and traccoonking (prss the enter key) They will help lol


ObivootsPosted: 08/23/00 09:20   Report Abuse
Looweegee? This level is impossibly bad.
But, to make your next level better (it's too late to improve this level) here are a few tips:

1. No sad and unfunny jokes (eg. Postman Pat)
2. Original plot and characters.
3. Effort (don't worry if your level ends up taking a year to complete, the best levels usually take that long).
4. Make sure the player is not immeadiately attacked as soon as he/she starts the game. There should be no enemies in the sector the player starts in.
5. Do NOT have whole armies of enemies in one room or sector. It makes the game unplayable. Instead, limit it to about 3 or 4 per room. 6 or 7 at the most.
6. The sectors and rooms themselves need to be a bit more detailed. Cut up the sectors to look like real rooms. Use the different views. If you have trouble making realistic rooms, look at your own room and observe the architecture. Try and copy it. This may take a long time, but it will be worth it.
7. Doors need to be opened quickly. Doors that take several minutes are not on. It should take only a few seconds, at the most about 20 seconds.
8. Don't make lifts or doors to rooms where you cannot get out of again. Always make sure there is a way out of a room.
9. Check all your flags on the surfaces. Many of the surfaces in the level had extremely bad HOMs.
10. Don't put in objects or chracters that don't suit the CMP, or in other words, don't put in the objects or surfaces that look pink.
11. REad the many tutorials available at

If anyone else has tips that i've missed, then submit them. We don't want to see levels like this again do we? (Well, at least not with the boxy architecture).

On the positive side:
-It is in fact fun to cheat.
-Great for the Big Guns.
-Nice to see people trying (unlike some people I know).
-Nice name Looweegee.

Nice Effort, keep trying.


Wran DradPosted: 08/24/00 23:02   Report Abuse
I know a lot of you hate tihs level, but I think it's really funny! This level is only for people with a good sense of humor :).


JezPosted: 08/31/00 10:04   Report Abuse
I agree with most of you that this level was pretty dumb, and impossible without invul cheat. However, I think this level has one good purpouse, to test out weapons mods. Thats what I do. I think the best gun for this level is NOT the minigun from GaS but the Concussion Repeater from Chaos Weampons Pack.

Not the best level ive played (no where near it!!) but it has its uses...



Viper JediOSPosted: 09/12/00 19:06   Report Abuse
I did not like this level, one bit. Bad storyline and the Darth Vader skin was horrible, it was a confusing level. I did not enjoy the level. Just try a little more to make a great level.


ErucolindoPosted: 11/03/00 18:39   Report Abuse
Heh heh! This level was cool. I don't know why you guys dont like it that much because i found it cool. The placing of the troops in each room was dodgy, but if u use a cool weapons patch such as Arsenal II, it is fun to see if u can destroy everything in a room without dying. A good laugh!


BjornPosted: 11/18/00 22:02   Report Abuse
This level has been the worst waste of time in my life. There is one door that takes at least 20min. to open. The maze at the end is also demented. Don't download it man!


MacmatochPosted: 11/22/00 03:13   Report Abuse
This level is just really bad. Doors open tooooooo SLOW. Especcialy when you have to escape from a thousand stormtroopers. The game also always crashes because there are way too many enemies on the screen at the same time!


loren_212Posted: 12/29/00 23:05   Report Abuse
who is postman pat?


GreenspeakPosted: 02/22/01 01:13   Report Abuse
This level wasint good. The doors opend slowly (understatment). There were tons of bugs and u could only beat the 2nd level because of bugs. the good thing is that whith force destruction u can kill lots of peaple in one shot whith a little more work though this campain could of been exelent

P.S. next time leave out the humor


GreenspeakPosted: 02/22/01 01:22   Report Abuse
what are candels


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 02/26/01 23:47   Report Abuse
Why did you try to give this a plot? You should have just named this mod tester. Seriously, when i played this baby with my Ninja Kage mod and the slowmo code on, there was nothing better. When i went into a room full of storm troopers i would jump into the air and be engulfed in a web of lasers without being touched. All this while doing a backflip.The Matrix wasnt worthy of this, heck, this topped Dragon Ball Z. No, this was Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon kind of sweet. Download this immediatly and test your mods on it(For best results use Ninja Kage or Killers Weapon Pack).


DvPosted: 03/27/01 17:46   Report Abuse
and in our catagory worst level for JK and or MOTS is........*waits unneeded long time*.....:

Planet Sith!


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/13/01 17:28   Report Abuse
These levels were funny but stupid. We must do red5(cheat for all weapons) or we cant do the with 25 AT-ST, place with 50 stormtroopers...etc. But I laughed a lot, at the place with the 20 kelldragons lol it was funny...I give it 7/10


AlessandroPosted: 05/29/01 19:51   Report Abuse
Except the second part of the first level, the other ones are terrific. 50 stormtroopers, 30 at-st, 20 kell dragons at once. Fantastic.


blast_it_fastPosted: 05/31/01 18:17   Report Abuse
I dunno about this level. On the one hand, it stinks nearly completely, with one of the most unoriginal plot bases I've ever seen. On the other hand, it's one helluva level with scores of guys you can kill with a weapon or two you just downloaded (from Massassi, of course). The bad things outweigh the good, though, and the number of enemies in this place gets real repetetive real quick and at one point, I couldn't figure out where to go (the dark room with the bat-things). If you want good target practice, get the level; if you want a good quality level, go somewhere else.


PraetorFenixPosted: 05/31/01 21:42   Report Abuse
I'm downloading this level as I write. I've also read some of the comments and it looks like I'm just gonna use it for target practice and testing out new mods I download.


darthy_boyPosted: 06/12/01 17:51   Report Abuse
This level is good as lond as you have the right mod. BUt regularly you are dead. And why did you use my name is this some kind of conspricacy


cthonPosted: 06/24/01 18:10   Report Abuse
This level is terrible for regular gameplay and serves no purpose at all. It can be good if a fun mod is used. The only probable use of these levels are as training for what expert players on the Zone (like me), call rookies- "newbies". It might help with there skills as a player, or I could be totally wrong. But, such is life.

(BHA_Boba__Fett on the Zone)


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 06/27/01 05:52   Report Abuse
Back in October of 2000, Wran Drad said "I know a lot of you hate tihs level, but I think it's really funny! This level is only for people with a good sense of humor :)."
Not to be mean or anything, but I would like this person to explane there def. on "humor."
I Hate long waits, and I Hate overlapping textures, but all in all I give it a 7.

"This was your first level right...?"

^ Now that's Humor for ya...


Star_GhostPosted: 07/30/01 12:47   Report Abuse
Ghost's review:

Architechture: Yeah right... all I see is boxes connected to more boxes...

Gameplay: There is only one way to win this... mods/cheat codes! Yep he stuffs a room full of enemies so its practically unbeatable!

Final comments: I recommend you don't download this unless you feel like cheating and killing things with a mod.


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 17:41   Report Abuse
Pretty stupid lvl your trainer person looks like an idiot


EliteSamurai21Posted: 08/17/01 14:58   Report Abuse
This level is a sad shoot-em-up. The only reason I gave it a two was because with GAS, and the Gatling Gun, you get to mow down stormtroopers, Rodians, and other species by the dozen. Poor built level. Too simple. My advice is not to download it, unless you like to mow down people. (We all do!)


foolio_13Posted: 08/24/01 03:44   Report Abuse
This is a terrible level for anything other than mod testing or getting rid of some anger. the layout is bad, the amount of enemies provided is just stupid, and the god! this is only possible to finish with cheats, invul & guns namely. next time attempt to make your level fair and better.


BaDPosted: 08/25/01 00:29   Report Abuse
Oh GOD this SUCKS!!! TOO many Enemies -doors are so f-ing slow- and It's sooo boxy not to mention no point whatsoever- why is there the falcon if you don't own it???? that's so stupid- Anyone who downloads this thing -god forbid- will hopefully delete it before you get used to completely dumb levels... that's all I needed to say. Oh Yes I gave this a 0!


CadaWaccaPosted: 11/02/01 13:32   Report Abuse
I give this level an eight. because it's so damn funny. i mean look at it this way. your pissed at someone say your sister, you mean to go onto ToaM2 but you go onto this lvl. your SO mad that you ext the game, put it on a killing mod like IWP2 or KWPand kick their asses.
ok nwe for the actual ratings boy and girls

somewhat lacking in the 2 and 3rd level. but for the first, the textures are great. especially the bar.
here's where it really get's fun! if i counted everyone it would go up into the late 1000's most likely. but the positioning of the guys was verrry nice.
Just one word: Impossible
add a couple more words: Impossible witout invul or all weaps or a kcikass mod


Daft_VaderPosted: 11/10/01 06:43   Report Abuse
Everyone is too critical.

It was a fun level [I think], certainly good for testing new mods. However, my vote is N/A, as its sorta' hard to "review" this sort of level. Oh, and nice gamooreans (I know I've spelt that wrong, so please would the person who next makes an entry, please not bother to say to me 'BLASPHEME! Any true SW fan knows how to spell **The piggie guy's name**!' Just thought I'd say that.)

For those of you Americans who are completely mistified as to the identity of "Postman Pat", he is the following:

1) A postman.

2) His name happens to be Pat.

3) He is pleasnat little clay-mation character who I used to love watching on Saturday mornings when I was 2.

4) He sings a song that goes:

"Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat,
and his black and white cat [Jess].
Early in the morning,
just as day is dawning,
he picks up all the mailbags
in his van.."
[a hum, then repeats]

5) He happens to have absolutely nothing to do with SW, and whoever made the joke about him is a few screws short of a bolt.
American version:A few tacos short of a combination plate.


Jesus FreakPosted: 11/21/01 23:04   Report Abuse
This level is really really cool! Get the Imperial Weapons Patch2 and put on Invincible and all guns and have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Siths at the end are cool. Great practice for the Zone!


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 12/24/01 02:36   Report Abuse
Post: 10/15/01

- if you like unfair gameplay, this is the level for you.
- if you like to just kill with the cheats on, this is a must.

- they are all pretty obvious

- without the invul and all weapons cheats, this level is impossible to beat
- unless you can see through walls, the maze is almost impossible to get out of
- groups of 100 of nearly every enemy in the game are packed into close quarter rooms

- I don't usually post negitive comments, but this time I have reasons to critisize the author. What was he thinking? Poor plot, unfair gameplay, do I even have to mention the doors in the first several levels?

- I do not recommend this level, but thats just me. This is the Digimon Emperor signing off once again.


Okay, I have found a use for this level, after two whole monthes. This is a great level for weapons mods that rips enemies apart, but thats about it.


ErucolindoPosted: 02/19/02 21:47   Report Abuse
I commented earlier about how cool this level is. I want to reinforce this and say once more "This level is cool!" It's unoriginal, it's dodgy, it's very boxy, it has many things 'wrong' with it. But, this level is great fun to play. In the end, that's all that matters right? Whether it made you chuckle a little and have a good time? Sure it does! So, download it with God speed.


RN2804Posted: 02/22/02 23:49   Report Abuse
Lol good old Monty Python style hilarious stupidity, i am inspired to make an ever worse level...


Matt02Posted: 07/03/02 03:53   Report Abuse
Well, not bad for a sith world it gave you a heart beat for what will come after those doors that were so slow



Matt02Posted: 07/04/02 04:53   Report Abuse
Ok!! This wasn't that bad atall. I impressed with this level because it's great for training the slow doors gave me an idea"Ohh no I think the editor has a suprize! This was a great level VERY VERY Chalenging, although it's only good for"Bactame,,red5,,,wamprat" Thats the only cheats I used although I still died couse of the cetartraphy! {Spelling Error I know} Sp keep the good work coming up since im a leader of the NJC council, i'll add it, for the training list to become a jedi master! Excelent Work LooWeeGee!!!!



Noghri WarriorPosted: 07/29/02 21:37   Report Abuse
This Level is a must for gamers who are true Sith. (I.E. who like to kill)
Architecture and story line are almost nonexistant, but the massive amounts of enemies more than make up for that.
I use this level mostly for testing out gun mods, as its almost impossible to beat without either mods or cheat codes.

Architecture is just boxes, doors take so long to open that i'd run through a room of enemies, activate the door and take my time eradicating the numerous enemies.
Bad jokes.
Long, boring, unskippable (Sigh) beginning cutscene. (Never put a unskippable cutscene in please)

All in all a pretty good jog Loweegee

D/L Now!

(Sorry for taking so long, thisis my first comment ever.)


LEGION_DARKPosted: 12/07/02 20:10   Report Abuse
Pure Genious


EdwardPosted: 02/15/03 17:35   Report Abuse

I just now played the level.
When I had a look at the first screenshot I went EEK!
When I played the first level I was OK... Nice... Where's that darn key? And ACK! when I entered the Cantina.
When I entered the other storage rooms I went
W-WH-WHY so many enemies-s-s-ss? Why fill a whole room with one type of enemies? I had to use Invul to not get hurt and All Weapons because I was using a lot to bring down the enemies!
Anyway... Greate game... Sigh...



masterpc_gamerPosted: 08/28/03 11:28   Report Abuse
Look, you need better plots and design to your levels. I mean realy "....we will be sending postman pat. Oh sorry Kyle Katarn." If i were u dont even TRY to use humor in your games. And it is almost impossible without cheats. All you did basically was make a few sectors and stick as many baddies in them as you can. And the doors open WAY TO SLOW. It would nice if you made a revised edition of this level. Rating=5 for effort


JKD_AnakinPosted: 11/28/03 22:41   Report Abuse
ok whoever said not to d/l this wasnt really putting much thought in it d/l it i know it will help u and also use cheats only if ur not good at sp i beat it without em though


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 04/03/05 01:14   Report Abuse
Man oh man. I reinstalled JK and MotS the other day, and was looking for some good levels.
I needed some of those crappy levels, with lots of bad guys in them, so obviously, I was looking for low ratings. I saw this, and noticed that I had posted, so that ment I must have played it before.
After looking at the first screenshot, I felt as if someone had walked over my grave. Images of single colored rooms, with mutant wasp-scorpions, flooded my mind. And remembering the door that took ten years to open, and the fact that my constant ativations only put it in reverse, made me cry like a little school girl who was gung-fu kicked off the monkeybars.
For the love of whatever you hold sacred, don't download this level... only pain will persue.


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