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Old News - February 2001

The Massassi Temple » Old News » 2001 » February

Disclaimer: We have been posting news since 1998. Many of the sites we previously linked to have long since gone defunct. Worse, sometimes scammers buy up old domain names and replace their original content with malware or objectionable content.

Feb. 1, 2001

More on the Server - Brian @ 2:10 AM
Alright, the files have been moved, and the DNS transfer has been initiated. There are a few problems, however. MySQL, the database management system we use to drive the backend of our site, has not been set up on the new server. We are simply waiting for this to happen, and the latest word is "soon." So, when you get there, many of the dynamic sections of the site will not be working until MySQL is set up correctly. We are aware of this problem, and are doing everything we can to fix it.

I would also like to mention that during this move, Code Alliance has chosen to part ways. I wish the best to Stealth and the rest of the Code Alliance - without them, Massassi wouldn't exist. Period. Of course, we will still cover their news and promote their site - they are the backbone of Jedi Knight and MotS editing.
Forums - Brian @ 2:12 AM
Here is the official word on the forums. I am going to try to get a temporary IP address that we can use to access them. If this doesn't work, the forums will be down until the domain transfer propogates (generally 2-3 days). The forums have been transferred to the new server, they're just not accessible at this point. I will post more information as I get it.
Watto's Junkyard - Brian @ 2:14 AM
One of our psuedo-network sites, Watto's Junkyard, has moved to a new server, and is temporarily accessible via it's IP address:
State of the Site - Brian @ 2:38 AM
Alright, due to the fact that all the information provided below can be confusing, I'm going to basically break down everything that's happening with this site.

First of all, we are leaving UGO. Frankly, UGO has broken their contract, which almost put Massassi out of business. So, we have joined a new network, eUniverse. This move means a lot of things for this site, and I will outline them below.

  1. The "Massassi Network" in its current form is disbanding. If you're not familiar with the Massassi Network, I'll give you a bit of history. Due to the success of Massassi, we decided to expand into other games and types of sites. This included Indy's Inferno (Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine [PC game] fan site), Watto's Junkyard (general Star Wars news and information), Shadar Logoth (Wheel of Time [PC game] fan site), Vampire Central (Vampire the Masquerade [PC game] fan site), and FC Outpost (Force Commander [PC game] fan site). Out of all our sites, the only ones that I am keeping is The Massassi Temple itself. Watto's Junkyard has been given to new ownership, and thus, is not part of our network anymore. The rest are going to disappear off the internet.
  2. New Server. The remaining sites (Massassi and it's directly hosted sites) are moving to a new server. I've been talking about this for the past few days. The new server is provided by the fine folks at eUniverse. With the new server, there will be some changes you should be aware of.
    •, the domain that we use to house our files, will probably be moving to anonymous FTP.
    • Hosting Short of our currently hosted sites and forums, we will no longer be directly hosting sites. The few exceptions to this rule will be sites that are hand picked by our staff and personally offered hosting. Frankly, this has only happened once or twice in the past, so don't count on it. To be honest, we have neither the staff nor the desire to support a full fledged hosting operation. There are plenty of JK sites out there that do host sites and provide excellent service. I strongly suggest you support sites like Jedi Nights, which have been providing service for longer than Massassi has been around.
    • Free Email As you probably know, we provide free web-based email through We will continue to provide this service, but there may be interruptions in service during the domain transfer. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  3. New Network. With our joining eUniverse, there will be some changes to the way things look and act around here. First of all, the ads will be different, and you will no longer see the "UGO" button everywhere. Second, we will now have an ad on the bottom of some pages that is designed to spread traffic throughout the network. Third, we will have a small "eUniverse" branding box somewhere towards the top of the site. This box will advertise related eUniverse sites (a lot of which are really great sites). Finally, there may be a popup ad now and again. I understand that this is an annoyance, but quite frankly, it was either this or shut the site down. The popup won't display more than once per day per user.
  4. Hosted Sites. The current hosted sites (Command Chamber, Millennium, Have Lightsaber, Will Travel, and Rbots) are currently being moved to the new server. It is very possible that they will experience some down time while accounts get set up and services get installed. Please bear with us. HelpMe is noticeably absent from that list. This is because I have not been able to contact Mark728 - so if you're reading this, Mark728, please send me an email.
    That's about it. If you have any questions, honestly I am very busy at this point in time, but you can try emailing the staff, and perhaps they can help. I would strongly recommend holding off sending levels or other files until the transfer is complete. Thanks once again for your patience.

Feb. 7, 2001

Back Online... - Brian @ 12:03 AM
Well, our host finally got everything set up, so now I can begin brining the various sections of the site online. I'm putting this page back online so you can access the resources that are in fact working, but please don't be surprised if you get errors on the dynamic areas of the site (levels, 3dos, mats, EC, etc.). I am currently working on these sections, and I hope to have them up and running soon.
Hosted Sites - Brian @ 1:33 AM
Our remaining hosted sites are currently down. They will be back online as soon as eUniverse sets up the accounts. Command Chamber is currently waiting on MySQL access, which will hopefully also be taken care of soon.
Various Email Addresses Not Working - Brian @ 3:08 AM
Just so you know, the vast majority of email addresses are not currently working. We're still waiting on the techs to set them up. In the meantime, please either hold onto your news/files until everything is back up and running, or if it's very, very urgent, email me directly.
Links Page Purged - Brian @ 3:24 AM
With the move, I have intentionally purged the links section. This is because a ton of them were outdated. If you have a favorite Jedi Knight, MotS, or Star Wars page, please feel free to visit our links section and add it.
Reviews - Brian @ 4:26 AM
The review section allows you to read reviews and comments, but it currently doesn't allow you to post new comments. This issue will be addressed shortly.
EC - Brian @ 6:35 AM
The images portion of the EC is apparently not working. I will fix it this afternoon.

Feb. 8, 2001

Updates from - Hebedee @ 4:30 PM
oSiRiS from Sends Word that the site has changed its contest deadline to March 1. He would also like to note that has changed servers a number of times, and now is a lot faster.
For more info on the Contest, click here.

Feb. 9, 2001

Hosted Sites, Email, Etc. - Brian @ 5:18 AM
All the accounts for our hosted sites have been set up, so the owners of said sites should have them up and running soon. As far as I know, all our personal email addresses are also working, however, there is still no staff list. You can, however, start emailing us levels again! We're aware of a problem affecting some users trying to download levels, and we're working on it. We should have a work around in place soon.
Editor's Corner - Brian @ 5:20 AM
The Editor's Corner appears to be working again. If you have any problems, please send me an email with information on exactly what the problem is.

Feb. 10, 2001

CTF Contest Deadline Reminder - Archimedes @ 4:54 PM
Just a little reminder to all those planning to submit an entry into the CTF Level Contest that you have a little less than 20 days left until the deadline, which is set for February 28. I have seen many excellent works showcased on the forums, so there is no doubt that this contest will be a great success. Keep up the good work!

Feb. 11, 2001

Etc. - Brian @ 1:14 PM
I'm aware of the problems that continue to plague the site, and rest assured I'm doing everything I possibly can to fix them. Unfortunately, the process with our new host is extremely slow. It's less of a process and more of an exercise in frustration.

Feb. 12, 2001

Have Lightsaber, Will Travel - Brian @ 9:12 AM
One of our hosted sites has finished moving files, so be sure to visit Have Lightsaber, Will Travel. In case you didn't know, this site is MikeC's editing page. MikeC is one of our many resident editing gurus, and can be found moderating the editing forum.

Feb. 13, 2001

Space Soldiers 3 Updates - blujay @ 3:04 PM
SavageX has been quite busy working on Space Soldiers 3. He's posted a lot of info on the site, so be sure to check it out.

Feb. 14, 2001

Millennium - Brian @ 6:24 PM
Our hosted cog site, Millennium, is back up. Be sure to drop by and participate in Hideki's latest poll.

Feb. 17, 2001

SWG Announces First Two Species - Archimedes @ 8:09 AM
The Star Wars Galaxy Offcial Site has announced the first two species that will be available for play in the upcoming title, Star Wars Galaxies. To quote the species page:
The first title in the Star Wars Galaxies line will feature eight playable species. On Monday, February 12th we will officially announce the first two species and unveil concept art for them. Every 8-9 days thereafter we will reveal another PC species.

In addition, starting in late February, we will begin a "Guess the Next Species" contest. Look here for details on official rules and prizes!
Be sure to head on over and check it all out. Many thanks to Jedi Legacy for the news.
New Screens @ RoX TC - Archimedes @ 8:23 AM
The Rites of Xanthus TC has updated its main page with some excellent screenshots of axes, swords, hammers, and other objects of pain infliction.
Level Ideas @ HLWT - Archimedes @ 8:28 AM
Have Lightsaber Will Travel has updated its level ideas section with some new ideas. As always, if ever you find yourself in JED with nothing to do, this is the place to be.
SS3 Updates - Archimedes @ 8:37 AM
Space Soldiers 3, the home of the ever popular mod, has added a few quick beta 8.7 updates. Here are some new features I found especially interesting.

  • New Powerup: Infinite Ammo! This powerup allows the player to have infinate supply of ammo (read: no reloading either) for 30 seconds. I plan on adding in another one called the "Damage Doubler" that is basically the same as Quake's Quad damage except it only doubles, not quadrouble the power.
  • Added 5 new crosshairs to the mix. You can use the "change crosshair" button to toggle between the 6 different crosshairs. The Crosshairs that SS3 features are:
    • Sniper crosshair
    • Plus crosshair
    • Triad crosshair
    • Dot crosshair
    • Angle crosshair
    • X crosshair
  • New blood effects: Now when a player's health drops below 25 percent, he can now bleed to death. Other players can see them bleed because they leave a blood trail whereever they go. This is done by dropping blood spots on the ground. Your vitality can help decrease your bleed rate (and also decrease how low your health has to be before you begin to bleed)

There are also a few new screenshots regarding these new updates, so all in all, be sure to head on over to Space Soldiers 3 and check it all out.
Massassi Lives - Archimedes @ 12:32 PM
Despite all our difficulties with both UGO and eUniverse, despite all the pains in finding new homes, we still live. Click here to read more.

Feb. 18, 2001

Build Your Own Stromtrooper Armor - Brian @ 10:22 AM
While browsing, I saw a very interesting link. This page contains in depth instructions on how to create your own white vacuumformed plastic stormtrooper armor. Seems like a very in-depth process, but the final product looks great. They also have a link to buy some if you don't want to make it yourself ($500).

Update: Imperial Imposters shows you how to do the same thing with paperboard, and this site has details on what was actually used in the movies.

Feb. 21, 2001

3do Exporter for Milkshape - blujay @ 4:36 PM
Zymotico has created a 3do exporter plugin for Milkshape. You can see some examples of exported models in the thread on the Showcase. Download the plugin at Zymotico's Realm.

This looks like quite a helpful thing for JK editors, so be sure to check it out.

Feb. 22, 2001

The Skin Machine - Hebedee @ 11:17 AM
I was checking around Star Wars Gaming sites today when I came upon Jedi One of the recent news posts has info on a program called "The Skin Machine". Mine is still downloading, but I thought I would give you the info that I got from the site.
I recieved this information about a new editing program for Jedi Knight users: "TSM" (The Skin Machine) From the readme: This program was created to help users of the game, "Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2" to create their own characters that can be used in single player or multiplayer with ease and speed. If you have any questions besides the ones listed below, please email me at You can try out this program here.
Its all in there, folks, so go check it out.
"Jedi Knight 2" - Hebedee @ 11:23 AM
I have very little doubt that most of you have heard about this, but I thought I would post the complete rendition of it that I found at Here it is:
Poison^ and ilya popov send word of a new title from LucasArts. Ever heard of the first title, the little-known Jedi Knight? :) The sequel is on it's way: I was just doing my daily browse of, and i noticed that Activision has an updated release list, containing Jedi Knight II on it. According to our French gaming connection at GameData Jedi Knight II is in the works. They recieved Activision's latest release schedule and guess what was listed? Star Wars : Jedi Knight 2 (january/march 2002). No, this isn't Obi-Wan, but from early indications it looks like LucasArts has sold the rights to Jedi Knight to Activision and they're publishing it (no word who is developing it, however). Update - Jcal pointed out that Activision has secured the rights to publish/distribute LucasArts games in Europe, so there's a chance that the game could be developed by LucasArts. Stay tuned as futher details unfold... If LucasArts is not developing the game, I'd hazard a guess and say Nihilistic will make it, since they comprise mostly of ex- Dark Forces/Jedi Knight developers. Another Update: It is _not_ Nihilistic. I can't say who it is, but trust me, you know them, and they have done very, very good stuff in the past.
I find that a very exciting thing, though I do doubt it a bit, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'm thinking "Dark Forces 3: Subtitle" would be better than Jedi Knight 2, seeing as Jedi Knight is just a subtitle for Dark Forces 2. I'll keep this updated if anything new arrives.
Have Lightsaber, Will Update - blujay @ 11:47 AM
MikeC has updated Have Lightsaber, Will Travel with a new enemy pack for download and a new level idea. So head on over and check it out.

Feb. 23, 2001

Image Competition at Editors Heaven - Kedri @ 7:18 PM
Snookey is hoping to spread the word about his site, Editors Heaven, by launching an image contest. All the details and contact info can be found on their Contest Page, so if you're interested in flexing your graphical skills, be sure to drop on by.
Chat Room Server Change - Hebedee @ 5:45 AM
Some renegade personage did something stupid and locked the channel that we had on Holonet with a pass and a restricted access option. I have no way to get in, and I don't think anyone else does either. For now, point your mIRCs to The jIRC won't point there, and you won't be able to use it until it is updated or someone helps me get the chat room fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Feb. 24, 2001

Chat Page Fixed - blujay @ 5:59 PM
The chat page has been updated to point to the DS2 server.
Chat Changed Back - blujay @ 6:42 PM
Well, the Holonet channel has been fixed thanks to oSiRiS asking prophet to fix it, so the chat page has been changed back to the Holonet room.
Nintendo President Interview - Brian @ 9:25 PM announced this interview with Hiroshi Yamauchi, president of Nintendo. While not JK or even PC related, I found it a very interesting read, considering he discusses Nintendo and Enix, two of the companies responsible for some of my favorite games of all time (Zelda series, Dragon Warrior series, Metroid series). He also goes into a couple of the companies I don't like all that much (Sony and Square).
What's up with - Brian @ 1:11 AM
As you may or may not know, Massassi is and has been going through troubling times lately. First, UGO broke contract and basically cut the advertising revenue that was guaranteed to us. At that point, the site almost closed due to lack of funding for our server and bandwidth. We then signed a contract with eUniverse, under which, they would provide hosting and banner advertising for the site. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, eUniverse sent notice that they were suspending their affiliate program, which basically means they gave all their hosted and network sites the axe. As far as I can tell, this is also against the contract that they signed, but since none of the affiliates have the money or resources to force the issue, both of these companies (UGO and eUniverse) will get away with it. I find this absolutely ridiculous, but unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it.

So what comes next? I have secured a deal that should provide hosting services for some time to come. Operations here at Massassi should stabalize once we move servers (yet again). Here is the latest word:
Alright, the new server is guaranteed to be online by either Monday evening or Tuesday evening. You will have access to the new server by Wednesday at the absolute latest. New server is a Dual PIII-850, 1024 megs of ram and dual 18 gig SCSI hd's. You may want to let your members know that the site will be back up in working order shortly :)
I'm sincerely hoping this is the last time we have to move, because frankly, I have better things to do with my life than spend days and days moving a site from server to server. So, expect us to be back in full operation by next weekend, and also expect some service upgrades, new features, and the full return of our hosted sites.
SS3 Updates - blujay @ 1:22 PM
SavageX has posted more updates on SS3, so head on over to the SS3 site and take a look.

Feb. 25, 2001

CTF Judge Call - Archimedes @ 4:45 PM
Yes, the deadline for the CTF Contest draws almost to a close, and we, obviously, need judges to bring about this contest into a great CTF level pack. This, also obviously, is a call for people to help judge. However, there are some notes I want to lay down before you apply.

  • First and foremost, not everyone will be able to judge. Right now, I'm thinking we'll need around 8 - 15 judges. That means that a lot of applicants are not going to be accepted. Please note that if you are not accepted, it is nothing personal against you at all; we only want what's best for the contest.
  • I'm going to put this as frankly and as politely as possible: We want professional people. Please do not send in an application consisting of text similar to "i want 2 b a judge 4 the contest". In my frank and somewhat uncordial opinion, if someone cannot take the time to speak and present themselves in a professional manner, then why should I believe they will take the time to do what it takes to be a forthcoming judge for this contest?

With this in mind, please send applications stating the name you go by on Massassi, whether you plan to enter the contest (it will not be held against you, but you will not be allowed to vote for your own level), what experience you've had with CTF (do you play a lot of JK CTF? Do you play CTF on another game?) and a paragraph or so on what you think makes a great CTF level. Please send all applications to me at Please note that though I am receiving the applications, they will be discussed with the rest of the staff.

Thank you all for your time and talent in regards to this contest, which I am sure will come out a great success.

Feb. 26, 2001

Extension of CTF Contest Deadline - Archimedes @ 4:53 PM
As many of you know, the email address is not functioning, and therefore we cannot receive any entries for the contest. The entire email service on the current server is acting up, so we cannot fully trust setting up a new address for the submissions. Because we want to be absolutely sure we receive every entry, the deadline is extended until we are fully stationed on the new server. I apologize for any inconvenience this may present.
Have Lightsaber, Will Update - blujay @ 6:12 PM
MikeC's done it again with another update to Have Lightsaber, Will Travel. This time he's added another level idea, and some more to the editing help section, including information about 16-bit mats and how to change the default startup weapons.