Character Model Import Tutorial - 11

Author: Michael Frost

Creating .SURF Files to Hide Things

A .SURF file is just a text file meant to disable specific model parts of a character model. You can say, disable Darth Vader's cape, or perhaps on the cheshire_vader model, make it so that his helmet can disappear. On Exar Kun, I made it a part of the Red and Blue skins for the model, where on his blue he had no armor nor cape, yet the red and default had the cape and armor on still. You can play around with other stuff in game for jan, kyle and others to mess around with their models.

A typical .SURF file contains a line or two of text that looks like this:

    surfoff "torso_r_pauldron torso_l_pauldron
    torso_r_pauldron_medal torso_cape torso_l_pauldron_bones"

Saved in Notepad as, it makes the model pieces torso_r_pauldron and such disappear.

It will be named to the appropriate skin file so that if, for example, it is affecting the default, -- surfacing the blue model,

You can have one .SURF file per .SKIN file, named the same as the corresponding .SKIN file with just the different extension of .SURF