Character Model Import Tutorial

Author: Michael Frost

Download: Skeleton For Jedi Knight 2

  1. Setting up for Editing
  2. Setting up for Editing: Extracting Assets 0
  3. Model Setup
  4. Getting a Skeleton!
  5. Setting Up a Skeleton
  6. Skeletal Reference for Linking
  7. Testing and Exporting Your Model as XSI
  8. Converting your Model to GLM from XSI
  9. Using Modview to Test the GLM
  10. Creating .SKIN Files for Textures
  11. Creating .SURF Files to Hide Things
  12. Testing In-Game
  13. Creating a Custom Sound Pack
  14. Making Your Model Into a Bot
  15. Handling Shaders for JK2
  16. Packing it Up!
  17. TheEnd!

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