Character Model Import Tutorial - 12

Author: Michael Frost

In-Game Testing

To pack a model up for in-game consumption, you should create a .ZIP file, named whatever you like. Within this zip file, you should place the following folder setup...


... where ModelName should be your model's name! (.e.g., DarthDarth)

What I usually do in Windows is right-click within a computer folder, such as c:\base\, and create a new folder, and name it models. I create another folder and name it players.

I then take my custom model folder (which contains the textures, model.glm, .skin file, .surf files, and the sounds.cfg file, if you have one), put it inside the players folder, put the players folder into models folder, then lastly zip the models folder.

You should now have a .ZIP file containing your completed model! One last step: rename the file to ModelName.PK3. And boom, its all packed up.

Move this PK3 file now into...

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Gamedata\Base\

...which should also contain the assets0.pk3 file.

Fire up Jedi Knight 2, and see if your model's picture shows up in the select menus! If it doesn't show up, you may have any one of a number of errors. For starters, check the console when you load up the game to see if it gives any errors (the tilde \~ key).

Common Troubleshooting Tips:

It all comes down to having done something wrong in the process that the game doesn't like!