Character Model Import Tutorial - 6

Author: Michael Frost

Skeletal Reference for Linking

The Head and Facial Animation

Cervical - Neck, blend between thoracic and cranium on both sides
Cranium - Weight to skull, if you don't want facial anims just weight whole head
Jaw - Link to the jaw and chin part of your model
RtLip1 - Inside top right lip
RtLip2 - Outside top right lip
Rblip1 - Inside bottom right lip
Rblip2 - Outside bottom right lip
LtLip1 - Inside top left lip
LtLip2 - Outside top left lip
Lblip1 - Inside bottom left lip
Lblip2 - Outside bottom left lip

Tip: Blend the center parts of the lower and upper lips with ltlip1 and rtlip1, and lblip1 and rblip1 for smooth animations on the face... blend the corners of the mouth with the "2" bones.

Rbeyelid - Bottom part of right eyelid, full weighting
Rteyelid - Top of right eyelid, full weighting
Lbeyelid - Same as above, but for bottom left instead of right
Lteyelid - Same as above but for top left instead of top right

Tip: Don't weight the sides / corners of the eyes, just weight the lids.

Reyebrow1 - Inside of right eyebrow ridge
Reyebrow2 - Outside of right eyebrow ridge
Ceyebrow - Center of eyebrow ridge, above bridge of nose
Leyebrow2 - Outside left eyebrow ridge
Leyebrow3 - Inside left eyebrow ridge

Tip: blend Reyebrow1 and 2, and 2 with Ceyebrow, then Ceyebrow with Leyebrow2, then, Leyebrow2 with 3

Forehead - Blend forehead into all eyebrow parts at bottom of forehead, then into cranium
Cnose - Not really necessary, weight nose to cranium

If you wish to cheat you can most likely skip a lot of the parts listed and weight generally...

Ways to Cheat:


Thoracic - Collarbone area, blend with rclavical and lclavical, upper lumbar, cervical
Upper Lumbar - Mid to upper rib cage, blend with lower lumbar and thoracic
Lower Lumbar - Stomach, lower ribcage, into pelvis region, blend accordingly
Pelvis - Hips bone area of model

Right and Left of Torso:

Rclavical - Right side of upper torso, half of right shoulder
Rhumerus - Right shoulder, to mid-bicep
RhumerusX - Mid- bicep to mid-elbow
Rradius - Mid-elbow to mid-forearm
RradiusX - Mid-forearm to mid-wrist
Rhand - Palm of hand, back of hand to knuckles, blend with thumb, fingers
Mc7 - Mix with Rhand, pinky finger
R_d1_j1 - Right thumb, first joint, blend into Rhand and R_d1_j2
R_d1_j2 - Right thumb, second joint, blend with first and third joint
R_d1_j3 - Right thumb, third joint, blend with second joint

This pattern follows for the whole hand -- r_dX_jX, where d1 is thumb, d2 is index finger, d3 is middle, d4 is ring finger, d5 is pinky, and j1, j2 and j3 is which joint the bone is for.

Copy this exactly for the Left side parts of the model, but of course mirrored!


RfemurYZ - Blend into pelvis bone at hip joint, not at crotch, blend at mid-thigh
RfemurX - mid thigh, down to mid knee of model, blend with tibia and femurYZ
Rtibia - Middle of knee joint, blend, whole shin, down to ankle, blend in middle of knee
Rtalus - heel, middle of foot, into toes, rigid setup at ankle and toes
Rtarsal - toes, fairly rigid bone setup

Mirror for left leg.

Note: About Extra Parts, Armor, Capes, etc.

For linking these items to the bones, since Jedi Knight 2 currently does not allow adding new skeletal mods and such, the cape, hair, clothing, whatever must be linked to the body itself through the skeleton, meaning those parts will simply deform along with the other parts. For example, say you link the lower cape to the femur and tibia bones, that part of the cape will animate with the femur and tibia bones, same as the legs. Limitation, yes... hindrance, no.

As for more rigid items, you can simply bind them to a single bone, instead of multiple bones, to give it a more solid look. Example: Exar Kun's shoulder armor plates. They rest on each shoulder, and are only bound to one upper arm bone.