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JK and MotS

File Description Author
Exploding Door This cog makes a door explode when it receives damage. Michael Kyle
Sector Text When you enter a sector, 3 strings from the cogstrings.uni will be printed on the screen, with a small pause between each line. If you want 1 or 2 strings to be displayed, just create a string with nothing in it or else you will see something like \<COG_01001> displayed. Sergio Andrik Rodriguez Ruiz
Advanced Flyby Camera Give your level a cool, more modern look. Great for cutscenes with flying starships, saber fighting, or simply a player running down a corridor. Lord Nader
Flyby Camera Allows you to change the player's view to a camera that will follow the player's position at all times. Lord Nader
Rain This cog will create quite realistic rain in jedi knight that will splash when it hits the ground, and falls randomly.  Fully customizable if you know how to edit cogs/mats.  This cog doesn't noticeably affect framerate or lag.  Included in the zip is the cog, an installation.txt file, and the mat and sprite to get you set up in minutes! EL3CTRO & Oberfeldwebel
Broken Light In this cog you specify a thing as a light, and it will make that thing flash on and off at random intervals, making it seem broken. EL3CTRO
Easy Fog Will create realistic, reliable fog in any colour with colour mixing for tinged fog. Chris Swan
Glass Alert This cog will play an alert sound at a ghost when glass is broken. Cave_Demon
Easy Particles A COG to easily add up to 10 particle fields to a level. Dustino
Easy Sprites A COG to easily add up to 10 sprites to a level with the option of animating them. Dustino
Wave Effect Creates the effect of rolling waves over a body of water. Obsidian
Auto Elevator This cog is just a revised 00_std_elev.cog to make it easier to make a working elevator. DrkJedi82
Disco Flash Flashes RGBs in a sector on and off Pele
Scrolling Sky Creates a scrolling sky for horizons (200) and normal skys (400) Raptor
Local Thrust Simple thrust which handles multiple vectors/sectors Code Alliance
Scream Plays a sound at a one or more locations. Local so not just the host hears it. Pele
Custom Elevator 2 frame elev that responds to the player walking onto the thing as well as adjoins or switches Code Alliance
Trap Door Trap door that activates when a surface is activated Pele
Trap Door 2 Trap door that activates when a thing is activated Pele
Anti-Grav Shoots the player upwards on a burst of air LEC
Auto Door Opened by stepping on "pressure plates". LEC
Camera Works like a security camera LEC
Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt LEC
Dual Elevator Will simply move an elevator between two frames LEC
Dual Forcefield Handles 2 forcefields LEC
Damaging Fan Fan from Blades of Death LEC
Fans Puzzle Fan puzzle from Nar Shaada CTF LEC
Force Field Switch Force Field controlled by switch LEC
Flashing Red Light Flashing Red Light LEC
Trigger Elevator Handles up to four trigger plates and 4 adjoins LEC
Bacta Tank When player enters sector, recieves healing Red
Heal Warning Warns other playrs when a player is in a healing sector Tazz
JED Door Generic Door Code Alliance
Switch Door Generic Door opened by switch Code Alliance
Simple Sparks Creates sparks at a ghost position Red
Simple Elevator This elevator will go up to frame one, sleep, then come back down to frame 0 when player enters elevator Code Alliance
Teleporter Teleports player to a ghost position Davin
Trick Button Appears to be activated, but doesn't do anything Tazz
Waterfall Creates splashes at 4 ghost positions Red
Sector Output Displays text when a player enters a room.. Only plays first time player enters the room. Code Alliance
Ambient Sound Plays the same sound at up to 8 different positions Code Alliance
Fake Door You assign it to a fake "door" that is really just a surface textured with a door texture. You then assign a clicking sound to doornoise= and a voice line like "Locked!" Ted Thompson
1 way door Player can only go through door one way, ai can go through either way. Ted Thompson
Red's Camera Prints a description from your jkstrings.uni (cogstrings.uni too) of what the camera shows Red
Delayed Elevator a elevator activated by 2 switch esthat has a small delay before it starts to move Red
Start Text Prints 2 Lines of Text from your jkstrings.uin (cogstrings.uni too) and then plays a sound on start Red
Grav Switch Changes the gravity to normal, low, or high when a thing is activated. Zero
Console Sound Plays up to 11 sounds when a thing is activated Zero
Ladder As seen in Warzone 2, a ladder that you can climb up Magi
Cargo Lift So complicated, just click here for a description Galadriel
Clock Displays a digital clock displaying time elapsed in the level or actual time Joshua Knudsen
ToggleCam A toggable camera, not much more to say :) Calvin
Text/Voice Plays text and a .wav when an adjoin is crossed Lee Howett
Locked Door Handles 2 doors opened by up to 3 switches.. A 4th switch can be used to lock and unlock the other 3 switches and doors. Nightmare
Non-Ajoined Door An easier to install (but consequently more resource-intensive) door.. Removes HOM from incorrectly-installed doors, a common problem. Hemlos
Teleporter A teleporter tweaked for multiplayer use Nightmare
Particle Stream Releases a stream of particles Nightmare
Lightning Generates lightning at a ghost position FLC_Jibba
Respawning Grate a respawning slashable grate JED_Master
Forcefield Switch a forcefeild with a switch JED_Master
Shoot Panel Door door triggered by a shoot panel JED_Master
Transporter A star trek type transporter. Has eight destinations and one 'mother' board. Hub-like system. JED_Master
Light Switch Toggles the extra light value for up to 15 sectors on the activation of a switch Nightmare
Shield Regenerator Slowly recharges the player's shields when he is in a defined sector Fantom Jedi
MotF Cogs A pack of cogs used in Mechanics of the Force. You can d/l them individually at the Homepage. Matt Chapman
No Guns Sector Cog A cog that renders guns useless in designated sectors Obsidian

JK Only

File Description Author
Random Powerup A custom powerup. If you collect it, it will randomly give you an MP gun or item or ammo, It's different every time! Includes a custom 3do. Optimized for MP. The Mega-ZZTer
Bounce Pad Accelerates the player upwards upon walking over the specified surface. Optimized for MP. GuNbOy
Blinding Sun Add some flare to your level to blind the player while looking at a ghost position. GuNbOy and SaberMaster
Cave_Demon's Advanced Teleports Takes teleports a step further with camera swtiches and ghosts. Help doc included. Cave_Demon
River Thrust A cog for a simple river. Handles sector thrust and slide info in one cog. Each supports ten rivers/sectors and twenty surfaces. Gandalv the Gray
Rotator rotates a thing on frame 0 continusly JED_Master
Energy Ribbon Standard lighting script with customizable sound, pulserate and template. Sven Solo
SpawnSound Plays a sound when player (re)spawns. Sven Solo

MotS Only

File Description Author
Ridler's Building Tools Five modified weapon cogs that create 3dos in levels. Josh Gomes
Cameras A significant modification of the MP cameras cog from MOTS Nightmare
Lava A number of people have requested this COG from some unfinished work I did on a MotS SP level. This cog allows you to create the illusion of lava, with hissing sounds and spitting bits and smoke. Antony Espindola
Rotator rotates a thing on frame 0 continusly (mots version) JED_Master